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L'oreal mexico

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L'oreal mexico

  1. 1. Marketing in Mexico: LOréal GrowsVideo ProgramAN INTERVIEW WITH:Jimena SainzCorporate Digital Manager, L’Oréal MexicoFebruary 26, 2013Jimena Sainz manages digital marketing and online video for L’OréalMexico. She spoke with eMarketer’s Tobi Elkin about L’Oréal’s effortsat spreading online video content via social media channels.eMarketer: How is L’Oréal using online video?Jimena Sainz: We have video channels for the main brands—Maybelline, Garnier and L’Oréal Paris. We also have channels tosupport our smaller brands. We use a lot of TV commercials on ouronline video channels, but we are now trying to generate digital videoexclusively for the internet and not just replicate what we do on TV.Sometimes we have a lot of content that we haven’t used in our TVcommercials, so we use it online. We’re also trying to create someoriginal video content. We have a lot of video content and are tryingto take advantage of it this year, since it’s showing good results.“We are looking for vendors to give us goodprices that guarantee us that the target iswatching the whole video and getting moreengaged with our content.”In the past, we didn’t invest a lot in video campaigns even thoughMexico is among the top countries in terms of video consumption onthe internet. But this year, we plan to do a lot more.For Maybelline, we’re making videos using our spokesperson. We arelooking for vendors to give us good prices that guarantee us that the
  2. 2. target is watching the whole video and getting more engaged with ourcontent.eMarketer: What kind of social media hooks do you want to build intovideo campaigns?Sainz: We are looking at growing our communities on Facebook. InMexico, the main social media is Facebook. But we’re also looking togain more subscribers to our YouTube channels and for moreparticipation in terms of sharing opinions about the products on thevideos. We also want people to share the videos. We are trying to linkthem with Google+ and Twitter.For example, we have created some hangouts for Maybelline onGoogle+ and they’ve worked pretty well. We have a lot of views andsubscribers on our G+ from these hangouts. They are working.eMarketer: How would you describe your business objectives in usingonline video?“We are trying to develop tutorials where aspokesperson shows consumers how to use theproduct.”Sainz: Our main objectives are to create awareness and engagementwith our brands. Some people don’t know that we have all theproducts that we have.eMarketer: What social media tactics are you using in conjunctionwith digital video content?Sainz: We are trying to develop tutorials where a spokespersonshows consumers how to use the product and then consumers canshow how they follow the steps and create their look. These tutorialswill be shareable.eMarketer: Do you have an estimate on the percentage of your adsand content that are being viewed on mobile devices?Sainz: I think about 20% of our ads this year are viewed throughsome type of mobile device. But that doesn’t extend to all of thebrands because some of our websites aren’t mobile-enabled.Interview conducted by Tobi Elkin on February 26, 2013.©2013 eMarketer Inc. All rights reserved. www.emarketer.com