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Digital Transformation and DITA

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A presentation given the Center for Information Development Management (CIDM) Content Management Strategies and DITA conference in San Diego 2017. This talk looked at DITA in context of Digital Transformation - so as to consider what this new and changing context means for DITA and what it is that DITA can contribute that is both needed and unique.

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Digital Transformation and DITA

  1. 1. Digital Transformation & the Business of DITA Joe Gollner | @joegollner Managing Director Gnostyx Research Inc. info@gnostyx.com
  2. 2. Digital Transformation & DITA Digital Transformation (DX)? Digital Experience What does DX potentially mean for DITA? What can DITA bring to the table for DX? @joegollner 2
  3. 3. Digital Transformation (DX) Where the action is @joegollner 3
  4. 4. @joegollner 4 Digital Technology Digital Strategy Digital Disruption Digital Economy Digital Society Digital Natives Digital Competitors Digital Skills Digital Entrants Digital Agility Digital Talent Digital Traction Digital Metrics Digital Operations Digital Product Lifecycle Digital WorkforceDigital Process Digital Design Digital Literacy Digital Maturity Digital Impact Digital Transformation Digital OfferingsDigital Channels Digital Information Digital Platforms Digital ServicesDigital Unicorns Digital Organizations Digital Innovation Digital Lifecycle Digital Monetization Digital Capabilities Digital World Digital Awareness Digital Consumption Digital Leaders Digital Business Digital Culture Digital Capital Digital Differentiation Digital Flexibility Digital Governance Digital Partners Digital Customers Digital Industry Digital Future Digital Ecosystems Digital Jobs Digital Infrastructure Digital Value Digital Supply Chain Digital Mind Digital Laggards Digital Content Digital Competence Digital Era Digital Framework Digital Revolution Digital Media Digital Networks Digital Communities Digital Tribes Digital Ventures Digital Experiments Digital Enterprise Digital Nomads Digital Crowd Digital Humanities Digital Manufacturing Digital Landfill Digital Experience Digital Landscape
  5. 5. The Evolution of Digital Technology 5 Everything becomes digital & integrated, accessible anywhere, & continuously accumulating for future processing Everyone works in & interacts through the same digital landscape: owners, managers, developers, customers, users, competitors, partners, regulators… @joegollner Information 1.0 Information 2.0 Information 3.0 Information 4.0 Empire of Documents Document Exchange Electronic Business Business Ecosystems
  6. 6. See: The Barnaclization of Systems http://www.gollner.ca/2008/12/the-barnaclization-of-systems.html Digital Disruption & Barnaclization Barnaclization The accrual of individually beneficial innovations that progressively degrade overall system performance Universal fate of all systems • Organizations, processes technologies, economies, ideas Calls for disruption Legacy practices & investments Cannot survive (without change) 6
  7. 7. See: Content 4.0 http://www.gollner.ca/2016/12/content_4-0.html The Digital Enterprise End-to-End Digitization Human-Cyber-Physical Systems Human guided automation Completely virtualized Technology becomes a marketplace commodity 7
  8. 8. @joegollner 8 Digital Enterprise Digital Operating Models Digital Transformation Initiative World Economic Forum – 2017
  9. 9. Authoring Experience becomes Customer Experience See Conway’s Law: “organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations” Melvin Conway (1967) Digital Workforce Distributed & Mobile Diverse, on-demand & multi-generational Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Standardized & interchangeable tools 9
  10. 10. Digital Information Growing system complexity leads to: Less end-user documentation More real-time support service More design & development documentation More collaboration @joegollner 10 Tighter integration of technical, marketing & business communication practices
  11. 11. @joegollner 11 Technology infrastructure & its managers are facing some of the biggest changes All IT functions moving to the cloud & being based on services supported by open standards & technologies Digital Infrastructure Dion Hinchcliffe ZDNet Dec 2016
  12. 12. Endless Computing & Content @joegollner 12 Computers for Everyone, Everywhere Case Study endlessos.com
  13. 13. What DX Calls For in a Nutshell Technology Absolute portability, interoperability, scalability Plug-ability into unlimited range of environments Configured, managed, & used by non-specialists Organizations Continuously reconfiguring to meet customer needs Maximally efficient in leveraging talent & knowledge Information “Relevance is the new currency” (McKinsey) Omni-Channel Customer Information Experience @joegollner 13 Digital Transformation
  14. 14. @joegollner 14 Tweetable Moment Under #DigitalTransformation we want to capitalize on what has worked well while we leverage what is genuinely new. Trans-Form.
  15. 15. DX + DITA What does it change? Anything? Everything? @joegollner 15
  16. 16. And DITA was born 2003 – Content Technology Vendor came to my office with one burning question: “How much DITA experience do you have?” Sounded strange at the time What does this question really mean? DITA struck a chord Offered the promise of a shared solution Similar to, but not the same as, a standard Vendors & customers wanted the same thing @joegollner 16
  17. 17. The Source of the Attraction DITA provides something unique A compilation of core content & solution patterns inherited from past investments • Putting its arms around the whole problem • Treating content as content • Respecting the texture of technical knowledge A practical combination of • Markup standard • Working behavior (DITA OT) • An active community of practitioners • An engaged community of product vendors @joegollner 17
  18. 18. See: Putting Content in its Place http://www.gollner.ca/2014/04/putting-content-in-its-place.html Putting Content & DITA at the Center DITA as an open standard & shared solution for content Content is potential information Published as information products Content connects Data representations Information transactions Knowledge assets 18 Information Data Knowledge Content
  19. 19. See: The Anatomy of Knowledge http://www.gollner.ca/2010/10/the-anatomy-of-knowledge.html An Old Lesson Gets More Important Knowledge is what persists Can be reused & reapplied when everything else changes • Business models • Technology landscape Digital Transformation Drives this lesson home Content is the executable form of enterprise knowledge assets 19 Technology Business Knowledge Variability Variability Partners ToolsIntent Result Content
  20. 20. See: The Content Lifecycle http://www.gollner.ca/2013/09/the-content-lifecycle.html Digital Content Lifecycle Adapting the Content Lifecycle in light of Digital Transformation Balancing concerns • Internal / External • Efficiency / Effectiveness • Content / Metadata Connected to main objectives of Enterprise activities • Role of Content Strategy 20 Content Acquisition Content Management Content Delivery Content Engagement Content Strategy Internal External Author Experience Customer ExperienceEfficiency Effectiveness
  21. 21. Digital Enterprise Content Solutions Consequence DITA finds itself in unfamiliar territory DITA has to work with new players • Technology: mainstream, digital platforms • Business: customer-centric value-chains Questions Can DITA make this transition? What needs to change for it to happen? Are we ready to step onto this stage? @joegollner 21 Knowledge Integrated & Executable Agile Development Digital Content Solutions
  22. 22. The Future of DITA Roadmap for DITA needs to reflect Strategic Positioning of DITA in this context Continued focus on content challenges • Where DITA & content technologies are alone in being able to provide working solutions Sustainment of the synergistic relationship between the standard & the Open Toolkit Constant refactoring of standard & toolkit • Applying lean patterns for managing complexity • Aligning with mainstream digital tools & techniques @joegollner 22
  23. 23. What does this mean – short term? @joegollner 23 The focus falls on solution deployments DITA as part of digital ecosystems Online authoring & collaboration Heightened emphasis on • Authoring experience • Dynamic delivery • Engagement metrics DITA configuration & management tools • Encapsulating the irreducible complexity of handling content properly
  24. 24. What does this mean – long term? @joegollner 24 Evolution of core architectural aspects Patterns for addressing full range of content requirements Supporting processing mechanisms to enable content services for ecosystems Evolution of expanded type libraries The future holds more content models Emphasize a selection “pull” design approach versus constrain/tailor
  25. 25. Models encompass Architectural Patterns, Content Structures, Representation Syntaxes, & Vocabulary Semantics with all having an intimate relationship to behavior DITA as a Solution Platform DITA emphasizes Standing as more than a standard • Solution platform Core Architecture • A robust handling of modular, interlinked, versioned, reusable content Expanding array of information application types Complexity encapsulation 25 DITA Enterprise Content Solution Business Strategy Mainstream Technology Customer Value Specialize Models Extend Behavior Create Behavior Standard Behavior Select Behavior Create Models Standard Models Select Models
  26. 26. Realities Community Resources Volunteer effort Herculean contributions by a small core team Escalating Demands Patterns supporting core content requirements New markup & OT behavior requests Backwards compatibility Business Visibility “Content” not understood • Only indirectly appreciated Solution Venues Mainstream technology platforms (changes every 5 years or so) Very diverse range of users Very diverse range of content types & applications @joegollner 26
  27. 27. @joegollner 27 Looking into the Distant Future With “DITA 4.0” the focus of the standard will settle on the Architecture Providing all content-enabled applications with a way to handle the complexity of content. This addresses the risk posed by alternative approaches, both standards-based and proprietary, that do not reflect or support the true nature of content. DITA 4.0 In a 4.0 world, enabling & sustaining human-cyber-physical systems will call for content to be the interface between automation and the people who must be accountable for it. The same will be true for the behavior enabled by DITA. DITA configuration & customization will itself be driven by declarative (DITA) content. from DITA Europe 2017
  28. 28. Reflections @joegollner 28 The Digital Revolution is being hyped There is a lot of business posturing There is a good reason though • Inescapable forces are at work • Sitting this one out is not an option DITA must join the party • DITA brings a unique & fundamental element • DITA can provide the missing ingredient • Digital Transformation depends on it Joe Gollner | @joegollner | www.gollner.ca Managing Director | Gnostyx Research Inc. @gnostyx | www.gnostyx.com | info@gnostyx.com