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Introduction to JustGiving's API for Hack4Good 2014 attendees

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An introduction to the JustGiving platform for those wishing to develop against our APIs at the 20124 Hack4Good event

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Introduction to JustGiving's API for Hack4Good 2014 attendees

  1. 1. JustGiving Hack4Good Introduction
  2. 2. People around the world want to give
  3. 3. Generosity to inspire change On JustGiving, the #icebucketchallenge has led to •247 different charities worldwide receiving donations. •People donated from 50+ countries •> 750k donations made •Over 4m raised to date
  4. 4. Why we support Hack4Good • We know that inherently we humans want to give • We know that emergencies need funds (and quickly) • We know that people want to inspire others by sharing their generosity • We have a platform that supports these needs
  5. 5. Who Am I? • Jamie Parkins • API Product Manager at JustGiving • > 5 years at the company • Overseen the development of our consumer API service
  6. 6. • Software Developers at London, Dublin & Melbourne • 24 hour support available • APIs documented at www.justgiving.com/developer
  7. 7. Who are JustGiving? • Video • JustGiving is the world’s fastest growing social platform for giving. • Founded in 2001 • 24 million users, across 164 countries • >100,000 new registrations a week • 1 million fundraising pages will be created in 2014 • $3 billion raised for global causes since launch • >14 million sessions a month
  8. 8. JustGiving API Our APIs replicate most desktop behaviours •Creating Fundraising pages •Creating new users •Getting donation history •Searching for charities •Getting fundraising activity •Driving donations •Free to use, soft limits, no restrictions
  9. 9. Charities Need Funds • That’s why they tend to use JustGiving! • People want to give to causes close to their heart or need. • People tend to fundraise in support • Or Give directly • Often when timely
  10. 10. YYoouurr w weebb s sitiete JuJusstGtGiviviningg
  11. 11. Philippines Typhoon Appeal app • Outcome of 2 Hack4Good collaborators • A donation journey that enabled people to share their £5 gift to Facebook and encouraged friends to donate • Simple message, simple journey • Tech utilized: JustGiving APIs, Facebook Apps, Heroku (cloud hosting) • Built in 5 days, raised £30k • 54% of people who donated shared to their Facebook friends
  12. 12. Idea suggestions • Emergency Relief Fundraise towards a common goal. Set a target, create a page, use the SDI to generate giving. Emergency app for direct giving • Unlocking benefits Reward giving by unlocking (use API to query status of a donation) • Calculator Offset your climate change footprint by donating to causes (calculator) • Charity Data & Information Get data on charities that specialise on climate change
  13. 13. API Keys • Free to set up • No API limits • Sign up at http://pages.justgiving.com/developer
  14. 14. Libraries • C# SDK • PHP SDK • Samples on GitHub
  15. 15. Sandbox
  16. 16. Test Cards for Donations
  17. 17. Support we will provide • On site in London, Dublin & Melbourne • 24 hour twitter support via @jghackers • Dedicated Hipchat room • Google Forum • Or last resort email us at apisupport@justgiving.com
  18. 18. Helping Hand? • Got an idea? • Want to some pre hack advice? • Tweet us @jghackers #hack4good