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Quotes for tims

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Some comments from our schools regarding CFF

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Quotes for tims

  1. 1. Quotes from the SurveyWhat impact did CFF have in your district?
  2. 2. Most Successful Part of CFFGetting students to be morecomputer literate. Increasingcollaboration time amongstudents and teachers
  3. 3. Most Successful Part of CFFThe most immediate andrecognizable impact came via theincrease in student engagement.
  4. 4. Most Successful Part of CFFRaising the learning levels andchanging the role of teacher tofacilitator.
  5. 5. Most Successful Part of CFFThe culture has changed andteacher and student use themdaily in their classes.
  6. 6. Most Successful Part of CFFAllowing the teachers to berejuvenated by other means ofteaching. Learning/teaching isbecoming exciting for both thefaculty and students.
  7. 7. Most Successful Part of CFFThe entire district now thinksabout integrating technology.
  8. 8. Most Successful Part of CFFCulture of change in recognizinginteractive classrooms aseffective alternatives to teacherled classrooms.
  9. 9. Most Successful Part of CFFOpportunities for students tolearn and use 21st century skills:creativity, collaboration,communication, decisionmaking, critical thinking skills.
  10. 10. Most Successful Part of CFFThe coach has been the mostsuccessful part. However,without funding for the coach, Iam not sure if the district will beable to fund the position in thefuture.
  11. 11. Most Successful Part of CFFStudents engage with content bycreating, collaborating, andcompeting.
  12. 12. Most Successful Part of CFFThey have been transforminginto more modern classroomswith 21st Century skills beingseen in the instruction andlearning.
  13. 13. Most Successful Part of CFFWe are keeping him (the coach)in the coaching capacity and Iam so glad to be a part of CFF.
  14. 14. Most Successful Part of CFFThere is more awareness of thepower of technology in teachingand instruction.
  15. 15. Most Successful Part of CFFThe most successful aspect of CFF was theCFF Coach. Our Coach took initiative toeducate himself beyond the call of duty withevery possible gadget that came along. Notonly did he make himself absolutelynecessary for our daily technologicalexistence, he was an irreplaceable member ofthe faculty and classroom...
  16. 16. Most Successful Part of CFFSadly, his position was notsustained by the *** SchoolBoard of Education
  17. 17. Most Successful Part of CFFHelped to change the culture ofhow we think about usingtechnology.
  18. 18. Most Successful Part of CFF The collaborative learningenvironment- less lecture andmore group work and discussion.More project based assessmentsand assignments. Experiencedteachers embracing technology.
  19. 19. Most Successful Part of CFFThe CFF initiative began a discussionabout leveraging emergingtechnologies in education to facilitateauthentic collaboration, engagelearners in higher order thinking, andfacilitate a pedagogical shift to a morelearner centered practice.
  20. 20. Most Successful Part of CFFThe Coach was extremelysuccessful in assisting teachers tofully incorporate technology intodaily teaching and learning.
  21. 21. Most Successful Part of CFFThis may sound terrible, but it meansthat technology is not just somefrosting on the cake, it is part of theingredients of the cake itself and is aneeded component of the lesson.That is fantastic.
  22. 22. Most Successful Part of CFFThe cultural change amongteachers and administrators.Teachers are much more open todiscussing and sharing theirpractice with one another.
  23. 23. Most Successful Part of CFFThere is not one classroom that hasnot been impacted by this technologymodel which has been adopted acrossthe district, and the students cant waitto get to school to work in classroomswhere they feel truly comfortable intheir new learning environment.
  24. 24. Most Successful Part of CFFAccess to technology hasenabled our teachers to engagestudents in project based learningactivities that prepare them forthe 21st century workplace.
  25. 25. Most Successful Part of CFFWeve become less teacher-centeredand more student-centered.
  26. 26. Most Successful Part of CFFThe most successful aspect was that ofthe CFF coach. With the coach in thebuilding there was a real role model andvisionary for 21st century technology atthe high school. However, due to budgetcuts, all technology coaches have beeneliminated.
  27. 27. Most Successful Part of CFFThe technology coach. We wereable to show the value in a coachat the secondary level and thushave been able to maintain thatposition with district funds.
  28. 28. Most Successful Part of CFFWe have finally begun to seeactual technology integration.
  29. 29. Most Successful Part of CFFThe coaching support. Without aCFF coach, integration wouldnot have taken place.
  30. 30. Most Successful Part of CFFThe CFF program hascompletely changed the wayinstruction occurs in our district.
  31. 31. Most Successful Part of CFFThe technological literacy of ourstaff and our students hasdramatically increased with theCFF initiative.
  32. 32. Most Successful Part of CFFI believe the most successful aspectwould be that it has transformedthe way teachers teach and studentslearn for the better.
  33. 33. Most Successful Part of CFFThe Coach has had the mostimpact as well as theprofessional developmentassociated with technology.
  34. 34. Most Successful Part of CFFThe students are more engagedand enthusiastic about learning.They are experiencing more ofthe world and taking morechances with their individuallearning experiences.
  35. 35. Most Successful Part of CFFThe district model professionaldevelopment has evolvedsignificantly. Now that many ofour teachers are technologysavvy a vast majority of our PDfocuses on teacher trainers.
  36. 36. Most Successful Part of CFFA coach that focused on solidpedagogy instead of the newtechnology.
  37. 37. Most Successful Part of CFFIt is very common to see laptopsopen and used day to day in theclassrooms with white board onand projecting. Our students cancreate a wiki, blog, email, useGoogle Apps, all because of theimpact of the technology itself.
  38. 38. Most Successful Part of CFFWithout the coach, thetechnology and related pedagogywould not have beenimplemented to the degree it hasbeen.
  39. 39. Most Successful Part of CFFI can absolutely say that someteachers have indicated that theyhave undergone tremendouschange, and their students aremore motivated and moreengaged.
  40. 40. Most Successful Part of CFFOne teacher said, "This hasresulted in a complete teachermakeover for me. I think back fouryears, and I am amazed at howdifferent my classroom is now. Icould never, ever go back."
  41. 41. Most Successful Part of CFFHaving a CFF coach funded towork with our teachers hasprovided immeasurable benefitsto teachers and students.
  42. 42. Most Successful Part of CFFCommunity members arebeginning to recognize thatstudents are more effectivelearners when they areempowered with accessibility.
  43. 43. Most Successful Part of CFFThe Coach is the key and wehave the best!
  44. 44. Most Successful Part of CFFLocal districts can not fund upgrades andrefreshes to meet the needs of students. I fearwe will quickly slide back as local funding hasdried up and our CFF hardware will not berefreshed. Another great initiative that will notreach its full potential for change due to schoolfinances.
  45. 45. Most Successful Part of CFFI can absolutely say that someteachers have indicated that theyhave undergone tremendouschange, and their students aremore motivated and moreengaged.
  46. 46. Most Successful Part of CFFI cannot envision our schoolwithout the technology. It wouldbe like going into the dark agesafter the Renaissance. Ourstudents and teachers have cometo rely on having the technologyat their disposal.
  47. 47. Most Successful Part of CFFWhere we were 3 years ago, towhere we are today isastounding. We have adoptedMoodle & Google for Educationand have over 3000 students ineach!
  48. 48. Most Successful Part of CFFOur students now do not viewtechnology as separate fromeducation, but as an essentialpart of it.
  49. 49. Most Successful Part of CFFThis is causing budgeting issuesnow that we have to replace thelaptops that were provided for free. r pri se? as a su is ca me uh? Th H
  50. 50. Most Successful Part of CFFTeachers voluntarily attended the(summer) sessions and came awayready to begin a new school year withnew ideas and excitement. Prior toClassrooms for the Future and theimplementation of the coaches,voluntary meant very few or no onewould show up.
  51. 51. Most Successful Part of CFFIt has helped this district movebeyond an antiquated teachingmodel and breathed new life intothe activities within the classroom.
  52. 52. For the TIMS...What are the opportunitiesyou see after reading thesecomments?