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Find the Right Partner & Managing Expectations | Amy Huang-Lee

Delivered at Casual Connect USA 2016. Fundraising is very important to the success of a young start up. The right investor can not only bring you the right user platforms, but also the right relationships to other potential partners. How do you raise money successfully as an indie studio? What expectations should you have? Which type of investor is right for your stage? Amy Huang, AVP of NetEase Capital, whose portfolio consists of top game studios which span the world, will dive into these questions and more.

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Find the Right Partner & Managing Expectations | Amy Huang-Lee

  1. 1. Amy Huang NetEase Capital Finding the Right Partner and Managing Expectations
  2. 2. Consolidation - Top 20 grossing games dominated by 10 publishers* - ~340M USD generated by top 20 games in June 2016 (~60% of total iOS market) - Monthly revenue ranges from 60M US to 7M US /game - NetEase and Tencent taking away over 70% of the top 20 revenue - Genres dominated by 50% MMORPG or MMOARPG games, 25% card battle games Sky high production and marketing costs - $5-10M production cost /game, developed under 12 months - Big IP attached, from PC games, Japanese anime, or TV series - Huge marketing budget Current market in China *June 2016 China iOS Appstore data
  3. 3. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1-2M 2-2.5M 2.5-3M 3-5M >5M Others MOBA MMORPG ARPG SLG Card battle Monthly Gross Revenue (M US$) 9 3 4 3 1 Only 20 independent games made into top 50 grossing in 2015
  4. 4. Compared to 39 games by independents in 2014 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 1-1.5M 1.5-3M 3-5M 8M* 30M** City builder FPS Autoplay MMORPG ARPG Casual Card battle 18 11 8 1 1 Monthly Gross Revenue (M US$)
  5. 5. 7 games 1 game 1 game • Clash of Clans (SC) • Hearthstone (NetEase) • Boom Beach (SC) • Plants vs Zombies (EA) • SimCity (EA) • Dungeon Hunter (Gameloft) •Million Arthur (NetEase) •Summoner’s War (Com2us) Only 9 non-Chinese games made into top 50 grossing in 2015
  6. 6. #1 #3 #3 #6#5 #15 #15 #17 #18 #19 #21 #23 #27 #29 #31 #36 #36 #41 #44 #45 #49 #50 #13 #18 #21 #32 22 games 4 games #8 #46#93 games Compared to 29 games in 2014
  7. 7. Opportunities for independent studios IP building - For studios with existing self-developed original IP with loyal audience - Find partners with expertise in new markets and platforms to build the IP franchise Publisher financed games - Mature, experienced studios with robust game engines, solid game design, and timely execution capabilities - Find publisher with strong IP and create partnership; or find IP and pitch to publisher
  8. 8. Build your value proposition Core expertise - Be focused in your game development, build expertise in a genre and continue to grow that expertise Proven metrics - Build complete system (social, meta, economy), prove your metrics - Find the publishing partner with know-how in your game genre Do the math - Build realistic financial models - Align expectations - Show me the ROI!
  9. 9. We continue to invest and build value -Mobile attribution, aggregation, and analytics company - Helping mobile advertisers optimize their marketing spend and get better ROI, all in one platform - Ad network company that started out in SE Asia market, and now expanding rapidly into the global market - Successful IPO in China in 2015 with 1B US market cap - Acquired GameAnalytics and NativeX - Top console team raised millions through crowd funding, building cross-platform global IP franchise through investors and partners - Independent mobile producer launching sequel to his successful original IP game - Top mobile studio building sports game franchise - AAA PC studio building original IP and receiving multiple offers to develop for other platforms AnalyticsAd Tech/ Publishing Game Developers
  10. 10. Amy Huang NetEase Capital Head of Global Games Investments Email: amy_huang@corp.netease.com Thank You