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Content Marketing In The Era of Infobesity

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Presented at LinkedIn Finance Connect, this talk delves deeper into best practices in content marketing for financial companies.

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Content Marketing In The Era of Infobesity

  1. 1. Content Marketing In The Era of Infobesity Jessica Gioglio Head of Content Lab Sprinklr
  2. 2. We Are Marketing In An Era of Infobesity Every 48 hours
  3. 3. The Volume of Content Shared is Unprecedented Every 48 hours 2003 to Beginning of TimeThe same amount of content is produced - Google
  4. 4. So, How Do You Stand Out?
  5. 5. Embrace a Customer Centric vs. Sales Centric Content Strategy
  6. 6. 89% of companies will compete mostly on customer experience by 2016 -Gartner Why This Matters The right content strategy can create a better, more memorable experience with your company that drives, loyalty, affinity and results.
  7. 7. Develop Thought Leadership That Adds Value 143 pages on Slideshare 106,000+ views
  8. 8. Keep Your Community Updated On Trending Topics Relevant industry breaking news & trending topics
  9. 9. Drive Leads In A Customer Centric Way The ask = email address The value = LinkedIn makeover
  10. 10. Leverage Visuals To Tell Your Story
  11. 11. Visuals Are Processed 60,000x Faster Than Text Alone You only have 2.8 – 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention!
  12. 12. Visuals Drive Higher Engagement With LinkedIn Updates  Videos can increase engagement by 74%  Photos can increase engagement by 147%  100% of the top 50 most engaging status updates on LinkedIn in April included either an image, link, or video
  13. 13. Keep Visuals Original, Eye-Catching & Informative Less stock photos – more original content
  14. 14. Quotes Inspire & Make Your Story Shareable
  15. 15. Visualize Data In A Unique Way
  16. 16. Target Content To Relevant Audiences
  17. 17. YouTube & Slideshare Can Help Tell More Robust Stories
  18. 18. Don’t Just Develop Content – Create Experiences
  19. 19. Citi Connect: Professional Women’s Network 116,000+ views Topic: Why Successful People Ask For Help
  20. 20. L’Oréal: Are You In?
  21. 21. L’Oréal: Are You In?
  22. 22. Key Takeaways  Put customer needs and interests at the center of your content strategy  Shrinking attention spans call for high-quality visuals that tell a story  Content can do more than just marketing – it can help create memorable experiences that drive brand loyalty.
  23. 23. Thank You & Questions Jessica Gioglio Head of Content Lab Sprinklr