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The Walking Data

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The Walking Data

  1. 1. MY PHONE! All we can do now is figure out how to survive as we are crushed by wave after wave of this fast populating monster!
  2. 2. Traditional approaches and applications are becoming useless - resulting in lifeless ‘Zombie’ data piling up and devouring resources!
  3. 3. The sheer amount of data out there is enough to overwhelm a company of any size and without the proper Big Data solution you will be unable to drive intelligent business actions.
  4. 4. Big Data is coming from every direction Log Sensor files data And it’s getting harder to manage and leverage (But don’t fear...).
  5. 5. With MapR you can master Big Data with ease. Identify, process, and analyze massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye (yes, in real time).
  6. 6. With MapR advanced backup and recovery, even when your systems are dead, your data lives!
  7. 7. Cisco Teradata SAP Tableau HP SAS Amazon Splunk Voltage Dataguise Protegrity MicroStrategy Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and security using standard interfaces (not ‘Frankenstein’ deployments).
  8. 8. Apache Drill’s self-service data exploration allows you to access & analyze the data you need, fast.
  9. 9. www.mapr.com brought to life by