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How Social Media is Changing Design

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JESS3 co-founders Jesse Thomas and Leslie Bradshaw joined the New York Times Social Media Editor Jennifer Preston as keynote speakers for the second annual Nonick Conference in Bilbao, Spain in May 2010 (more: http://www.eitb.com/news/detail/419864/nonick-2010-kicked-jennifer-preston-jesse-thomas/).

The presentation focused on the ways that social media is changing web design, from providing building blocks in terms of content and modules, to influencing how users interact with websites and media. To give the presentation the personal, human touch that we give all of our work, we created a series of original illustrations in Adobe Illustrator before using PowerPoint as a delivery mechanism.

We also presented http://thestateoftheinternet.com at the beginning of the conference to help contextualize the overall growth and universality of social media. To date, the video has received over 1 million views, 300+ media stories, thousands of tweets and has been translated into Spanish and Russian.

Deepest thanks to Lontzo Sainz (of EITB and Nonick) for including us in this keynote and conference. We were touched by the opportunity to learn from, share and experience social media in a new country and context.

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