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LeWeb Deck: 2015 The Year of the Crowd

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LeWeb Deck: 2015 The Year of the Crowd

  1. 2015: The Year of the Crowd LeWeb | Dec 2014 | Jeremiah Owyang | @jowyang
  2. The Collaborative Economy impacts all areas of society
  3. The movement has been funded over $8 Billion 14
  4. Most funding is in the Transportation Sector 15
  5. Disruption, Liability Risks, and Hubris Abound “…65 percent of their business migrate to ride services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar…”
  6. Large corporations also ramp up adoption 17
  7. Crowd Companies Update • Launched one year ago, here at LeWeb • Now, 48 Corporations • 100% member growth • We’re accelerating European expansion
  8. FIVE PREDICTIONS: 1. Startups will emerge and overcrowd each hex in the honeycomb –yet funding and execution will dictate winners. 2. Mature platforms launch APIs –beyond Uber-- resulting in a flurry of growth, analytics, and Collab Economy software suites. 3. A global debate about user safety, online privacy, sharing of data will wage. 4. The crowd demands startups share value with people –new “open source” software and coops, emerges to offer a solution. 5. Disrupted governments and large corporations, realize they must adopt –mainstreaming the movement
  9. Welcome our panelists: Frédéric Mazzella Founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar Olivier Gremillon Director of Europe & Africa at Airbnb David Estrada VP of Government Relations at Lyft