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Juggalos: Rabid Branding, A Case Study

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Audio here: http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_IAP8680

This lecture was given as part of the branding track at SXSW Interactive 2012.

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Juggalos: Rabid Branding, A Case Study

  1. 1. juggalos: rabid branding, a case study jenny benevento @jennybentohttp://www.jennyjenny.org
  2. 2. #sxjuggalos
  3. 3. FIRST RULE OF ICP LECTURE!• we’re not gonna talk about the quality of the music.
  4. 4. miracles
  5. 5. gathering of the juggalo
  6. 6. list of things at gotj wrestling juggalo court hayrides bouncy castlesladies oil wrestling helicopter ridesopen mic rap battle carnival ridesmiss juggalette contest freakshowautograph & photo sessions midwaywrestling tryouts burning manwet t-shirt contestsdating gamemovie screen photo by Derek Erdman
  7. 7. George Clinton &Parliament FunkadelicPowergloveKittie acts at gotjBobby BrownYing Yang Twins Scarface EshamAfroman Method Man & Red Man ol dirty bastardAndrew W.K. Naughty By Nature Bone Thugs-n-HarmonyGWAR Warren G Digital UndergroundRon Jeremy Tone Loc Too $hortBrian Posehn Coolio Ice-TPauly Shore Twiztid XzibitTom Green Rob Base 2 Live CrewDustin Diamond MC Chris Tech N9neGhost Hunters Busta Rhymes Three Six MafiaHarland Williams Flava Flav Chuck DJimmie JJ Walker Mystikal e40Charlie Sheen Juvenile Kottonmouth KingsThe Iron Sheik Lil Jon Ice CubeRowdy Roddy Piper Vanilla IceMick Foley ChynaJerry Lawler Colt CabanaCowboy Bob Ortin photo by Derek Erdman
  8. 8. why should we care?
  9. 9. best sellingindie band of ALL TIME
  10. 10. 20 years, 23 albums ~$10 million/year100,000 peopleattended GOTJ, inthe middle ofNOWHERE
  11. 11. longest running hiphop album onbillboard gold/platinum albums that debut at #1
  12. 12. no radio playwho buys more fans records nowanymore? than ever
  13. 13. kings of all media albums merchandise energy drinks music videos comic 2 record radio station books labels & podcasts feature filmswrestling league sports videos
  14. 14. Independent
  15. 15. t h a t ’ s some n ic h e
  16. 16. d o youma keaju g g a lo fo ryo u rbra nd
  17. 17. stand for somethingsomething specific something obvious by looking at you 23
  18. 18. “Everybody we kill is either a racistbigot or theyre somebody whobeats their wife, or they’re a drunk.Thats who we kill--were likevigilante superheroes. But I dontjustify my lyrics. We are just plainfun." Violent J, MTV News 1997
  19. 19. “If you’re a juggalo, you ain’t one ofthe cool kids in your high school,and if you are, so the fuck what? Ifyou’re into that, you shouldn’t belooking down on other people.”--Shaggy 2 Dope, G4TV interview
  20. 20. something tha t’ s no tfo r e v e r yo n e
  21. 21. “The thing with ICP is there arevery few sort of ‘casual fans.’I’d say people who like themusic but don’t considerthemselves Juggalos make upmaybe five to ten percent oftheir overall fanbase.” Vice, “In the Land of the Juggalos”
  22. 22. ed if f e re nt,ju s tlik ee ve ryonee ls e
  23. 23. different,but part ofsomething
  24. 24. find an enemy“The World’s Most Hated Band” Disneycorporations normals Eminem mainstream TRL
  25. 25. haters reinforce yourcommunity embrace being underground
  26. 26. communitybeforeproduct
  27. 27. “I dont care if youvebeen down 1 day or 10years, youre all thesame to me. youre myfamily.” American Juggalo
  28. 28. "Its a lifestyle, it ainta music choice. Itsa lifestyle." “Why am I a juggalo? cuz thats how I was born.""This is home." taken from American Juggalo
  29. 29. "I dont come here for theparties, i dont come here forthe music or the rides, I comehere for the family. Andeverybody just accepts who Iam and what I do. and I love ita lot--I couldnt ask for a betterlifestyle." American Juggalo
  30. 30. "Ill tell you for real aboutbeing a fucking juggalo thatshit made me themotherfucker i am today....Igrew up to be a fuckingdecent fucking good heartedgood natured motherfucker." American Juggalo
  31. 31. take careof eachother
  32. 32. But my homies are family tooWho was you with when you got tattoos?Who was you tripping with when you did themmushrooms?Who the fuck threw up all over your car?And then felt worse then you about that shit in themorning? (Friends yall)Who loans ya money, homie?Who owes ya cash?Who taught you how to use the bong for the grass?We worldwide, were homies around the planetSticking together like zippers on Michael Jacksons BeatIt jacketThey got my back like a tat for that, I love yallHanging till we old and grey like grandpa
  33. 33. don’t bust your community.help them.
  34. 34. let them saywhat youcan’t
  35. 35. give them placesto meet
  36. 36. be one “They’re more fans ofof them their fans than their fans are of them.” --MTV News, “All these 1999 motherfuckers be me.” -Shaggy2Dope
  37. 37. let them run it“We don’t leadthem, Juggaloslead us.”-Violent J, Wired11/2010
  38. 38. have a mythology
  39. 39. “When we speak of Shangri-La, what do you think we mean?/Truth is we follow God/We’ve always been behind Him/The Carnival is God/May Juggalos find Him” "The Unveiling"
  40. 40. piggyback on anestablished brand
  41. 41. Require physical cues
  42. 42. merchandise!
  43. 43. be sincere 73
  44. 44. hard work 74
  45. 45. “Every damn day! Every day we don’t stop...Youhave to keep banging on these pots & pans. Ifyou don’t you won’t have their attention. They’llstop looking at you if you’re not making nonoise. You better keep their attention, and thenwhen you got their attention you better stand upand fucking dance...better believe to the right ofyou and to the left of you there’s guys dancingall over the place. If you want it, it’s right there.If you want to get to the top of thatmountain....you can slowly but surely startwalking that motherfucker...It may suck...that’show you make it. Your destiny is in your hands.” Violent J, The Adam Carolla Show, 08/08/2011
  46. 46. Believe in something that’s unlike anything else emphasize the weirdness to the alienation of some Making a community that people want to join give them free reign let ‘em do all the work Have a mythology Have a visual indicator for joiners Preferably one they boughtDo it every day from you
  47. 47. #sxjuggalos jenny benevento @jennybento http://www.jennyjenny.org 77