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Findability is As Important As Content

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Findability is As Important As Content

  1. 1. findability is as important as content jenny benevento @jennybento [email_address] Henry Stewart DAM 2011, Chicago
  2. 2. librarian & taxonomist previously: The Associated Press public, academic & special libraries Sears.com & Kmart.com
  3. 8. content metadata vs. file metadata
  4. 13. 50%+ site purchases are made by consumers who will never use a search box (i.e. they browse our taxo). That means hundreds of millions of dollars. I don ’ t need to justify our department as vital to my company, because it ’ s how we get millions of dollars.
  5. 14. The CEO of a Fortune 50 company knows & cares about the words metadata & taxonomy because it makes money. The defense “ this will sell more things ” wins most arguments. Good metadata & taxo will always sell more things.
  6. 15. Findability is as important as content.
  7. 16. What ’ s important to the people who run your institution? notoriety? content reuse? getting info out? selling things? R&D?
  8. 17. There ’ s no reason to keep an asset if no one ’ s going to ever find it again
  9. 18. are sometimes opposites Safety & user friendliness
  10. 20. does your business unnecessarily buy new scotch tape?
  11. 21. You keep assets safe so people can find them. Unfindabilty makes content useless. Find the driving motivation of your org & its reasons for archiving assets. Show how people finding & using things in your DAM accomplishes that motivation. Balance asset security with asset usability.
  12. 22. jenny benevento @jennybento [email_address] jennyjenny.org presentation available at jennyjenny.org & Slideshare in a few hours