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Daily Presentation [5 of 9]

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Daily Presentation [5 of 9]

  1. 1. SHORT STORY Daily Over 50,000 Division A SEASON FOR EARLY BLOOMERSFIRST PLACE: The State Dawn Hinshaw PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM DOMINICK/TDOMINICK@THESTATE.COM GARDENS SPRING INTO ACTION By DAWN HINSHAW ONLINE: dhinshaw@thestate.com View photos for the spring season at thestate.com R odger Winn sees blooms just beyond his porch railing that are proof of a capricious place, looking to buy tomato plants. spring. They leave empty-handed. “I don’t quite “I’ve never had roses and azaleas have any ready,” he said. blooming at the same time,” said Winn, Winn has not fully succumbed to the who was outside at sunrise late last lure of these 80-degree days, remember- week to clean out and fertilize the flower ing a hard freeze at Easter four or five beds that encircle his farmhouse in Lit- years back. tle Mountain. “I’m still a little leery,” he said, squint- Rodger Winn works for SCE&G Spring arrived a month early. ing in the sun, mud on his work boots. but in his off time, he is an Lilacs and tulips are blooming. Winn, 52, has spent the past 15 years accomplished gardener. Winn Bluebirds are nesting. enjoys the morning sun, above … And folks are dropping by Winn’s SEE GARDEN PAGE A8 and so does his rooster.
  2. 2. COLUMN WRITING Daily Under 20,000 Division THIRD PLACE:The Beaufort Gazette Patrick Donohue
  3. 3. COLUMN WRITING Daily Under 20,000 Division Techy Ten: Online tools for the new school year BY STACEY MOSIER help keep everything ferently, and all features are entirely 9. Grades 2 smosier@aikenstandard.com synced between all free. Viewing tasks by due date is a http://www.gradesapp.com/ devices, and offers great way to keep up with what’s due “What do I need to score on my next School begins later this month, and collaboration solu- for the upcoming week. test to be on track for an A? There’s an high-schoolers and college students tions for team proj- app for that.” KeepSECOND PLACE: alike will begin cramming for exams and making outlines for research papers as the days get shorter. Check out this list of 10 online tools to im- prove study habits and perhaps spend less money on paper this year. ects. Collect sites, screenshots, images, audio and more to organize every- thing with just one tool. http://quizlet.com https://www.dropbox.com Gone are the days where we can claim we left things on a home computer or didn’t bring in a thumb drive. Drop- box is a free cloud track of quizzes, tests, extra credit and upcoming projects to have a clear idea of how you are perform- ing in your classes. This GPA tracker does all the math for 1. Study Blue: Make. Find. Study. cards by topic, and take quizzes to storage solution to you – just not the math your Algebra II Aiken Standard http://www.studyblue.com More than one million students are already taking advantage of this multi-platform well- designed tool. With Study Blue you can learn the terms. The site asks you to re- don’t answer cor- rectly, which helps save all school docu- teacher will expect you to master. ments so that they are accessible from type any answer you any computer or mobile device. If your home printer is out of ink or your paper falls in a puddle on the you to recall the term way to class, having access to your at a later time. Col- endar If you have a Gmail account that you use on a daily basis, take advan- tage of Google Drive, Docs and Cal- endar to have easy - lections are available for languages, still print it out when you make it to Stacey Mosier them either online or geography, biology, history and other school. on your smartphone. topics. If you’re taking on a new Take a quiz of your notes to see your language this semester, Quizlet is for weak areas, or email your notes to a friend who missed the class. Extra features are available at a monthly price. you. Available for iOS at http://bit.ly/ ScuLed http://dictionary.reference.com/apps Never second-guess a word you’ve quickly by having a dictionary app and keep up with due dates. Google offers tools for many needs, so you don’t have to keep up with several other apps to get the job done. Once you’re logged into your Gmail Browse 50,000 free works of litera- installed on your account, visit drive.google.com, docs. Techy Ten: Internet buzzwords to know brain ture available from Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks. Be- smartphone or tablet. google.com and calendar.google.com to begin organizing your digital life. BY STACEY MOSIER 4. YOLO and is still going strong. To Rick Roll This is a perfect tool to create fore you buy a paper- “word of the day” to smosier@aikenstandard.com Here we have a popular hashtag and someone is to link to the 1987 Rick outlines for research papers and to back copy, look for grow your vocabu- Stacey Mosier is the web content meme that you may have heard if you Astley song “Never Gonna Give You keep the information a free digital version lary daily to impress your English manager for the Aiken Standard and What do you do when someone listen to today’s hot music, and it may Up” music video, and it happens when uses a word you’ve never heard be- be the most overused word this year. least expected. It’s a way to disrupt a stored online. The with this app. Any teacher. joined the staff in early 2011. fore? Do you play along as though It means “You only live once” and serious or boring topic or only to just website is optimized previously down- you understand, but as the person walks away, you quickly search for the word online? mostly serves as a motivator to try new things in life, but it is used also as an excuse for criminal or childish catch you someone guard. The link is often masked by using link shortener services like TinyURL or BitLy. for smartphones and tablets, so just visit loaded eBooks of other formats can be added to Stanza Techy Ten: Get the most out of your iPhones Healthy Living Anagrams, slang and hashtags used on the Internet or in text conversations aren’t always easy behavior. Are you ready to go skydiv- ing? #yolo. Stacey Mosier is the web content manager for the Aiken Standard and the site in any brows- to keep everything in one digital er. You can also use library. Tasty and healthy BY STACEY MOSIER autobrightness your phone - perhaps in a black hole Remember multitasking 5. Troll, Trolling it to take notes during class, make 6. Wunderlist smosier@aikenstandard.com control the in your car or you left it at a friend’s The only button on the front face of joined the staff in early 2011. She thankfully online slang dictionar- When a person harasses an online graduated from USC Aiken in 2010 to-do lists and to organize any other http://www.wunderlist.com brightness of house - you will be able to visit your phone - that’s called the home ies are here to help us keep up with user, either in a serious or joking man- with a Bachelor of Arts in visual arts. projects during the school year. Make master to-do lists, set due There are some improvements your screen. iCloud.com and locate your phone button. Click the home button twice coming later this week to the Antioxidant count If you have on a map, but only if it is powered on and a row of apps will appear at the the trendy web world. ner, by taking part in a thread solely 3. Evernote: Remember every- dates for tasks, keep a digital cal- iPhone with the release of the iOS your screen and has location services enabled. bottom of your screen. to disrupt the conversation or to get a PHOTO COURTESY OF endar and more 1. Meme reaction out of the trollee. Trevor only THISISPHOTOBOMB.MEMEBASE.COM 6 software upgrade, but let’s not at 100 percent Other tasks possible at iCloud.com These apps are all “open,” and are The word is French for “same,” signs into YouTube to troll other com- http://evernote.com all within this one forget about the small things that brightness all include forcing your phone to play using background services or possi- and if you use Facebook or Twitter, menters. Evernote has won several awards, well-designed tool the past few iPhones can do to the time, your a steady noise, wipe your personal 1,100 mg then you most likely have seen one. 6. Photobomb Mosquitoes and West Nile virus including The New York Time’s “10 Must Have Apps,” and Apple’s “App for all platforms. It’s much like Evernote makes our lives easier. If you have an iPhone, follow these 10 battery drains at information, or set a passcode so that a faster rate than others cannot unlock it from the lock on one until they wiggle, and press the X to close them. behavior or style that spreads from This is when something or someone tips and learn more about them necessary. Your screen. Remember to close apps often, es- person to person within a culture, in the background of an image or Hall of Fame” lists. This tool that can but styled quite dif- 600 mg by visiting www.apple.com/ phone has sensors pecially before restarting the phone. and the word is now used in the web video clip takes the focus away from iphone/tips. that can detect world to describe images or video the main subject. Visit http://thisispho- Transmitted only by insect bite Virus causes infection light and decide Set up text shortcuts clips, often sarcastic or silly, that are tobomb.memebase.com/ for examples. Lock screen orientations 1 the level of bright- Set up shortcuts to save time from and again. Visit memebase.com for 7. Meatloaf Copy/Paste Pictures ness you need. To typing the same phrases again and Since the screen changes on rota- examples. trick the setting, again. tion, sometimes the phone will not family that seems too much like spam. quite simple and yet not ob- cover the sensors Type a few characters and your stay in the orientation that you need 2. The Cloud - vious. You can copy an image simply near the front camera iPhone can replace the text with a it to. The imaginary place referred to ly deal, asking you to join a website or 2 before you press the power button to longer, more descriptive phrase. A Set an orientation lock so that no when storing data, such as images, for a text-bubble command “Copy” turn on your phone. The phone will default text shortcut, “omw,” changes matter how you hold the phone, the documents and video, in an online to appear. Touch the word “Copy” think it’s in a dark room. text to read “On my way!” (which screen will be locked vertically or storage service so that the content is 8. Viral 3 to save the picture to your clipboard. you can edit to remove the “!” in the horizontally. Double click your home available from any device with an When online content is shared via Return to an email in progress or a times you don’t want to seem so ex- button, and slide the screen to the Internet connection. Since Karen email and social networks that the - Grouped Apps cited.) Set up your own shortcuts for right. uploaded her resume to the cloud, popularity grows exponentially in ger in the input area until the “Paste” To rearrange, delete or group your other things such as email addresses A control bar will appear for your a very short period of time. When a 4 smartphone and mail it a potential Youtube video gets several million option appears. - (try “eml”), business acronyms or iTunes library and a button will be employer. hits within a few days because of the ger on any app icon until it begins to other phrases such as “oot” for “Out available to lock your screen orienta- amount of people sharing the link with wiggle. Pick up an app and drag it of town” or “gc” for “Go, Cocks!” tion. 3. Hashtag their friends, it has “gone viral.” Severe cases, deaths Screenshots as notes on top of another app to group them Although the term hashtag was There’s a way to capture the screen together. Useful apps, such as the around before Twitter, it’s now a 9. Pwned and n00b of your iPhone, called a screenshot, - Use the search for emails, Emoji keyboard common word, thanks - which will be stored as an image in culator or whatever you may use on a conversations Customize your default keyboard # to the social network. A hashtag is a string of characters with a “hash” or “pound” symbol before it and is used to connect tweets of the same topic. Unique hashtags can be a very success- ful way to keep up with people all one has been “owned,” and that hap- pens after someone is proven wrong or has been outperformed. The second word is a way to say “newbie” in a joking or demeaning manner about a person who is a beginner or isn’t as skilled at something. Symptoms great song on Pandora, take a screen- shot to remember the band. When you get important information in a text message, take a screenshot and rest assured you will have it even if the message is deleted. daily basis, can be grouped together and dropped onto your dock for im- mediate access. Find my iPhone If you have an iPhone and you Slide your screens to the left until you land on the Search screen. Ac- settings, you will be able to search for keywords for names of apps, recent emails, text message conversations, by adding a package of emoticons. Go to your settings, and under “Gen- Add a keyboard, select “Internation- al” and select the “Emoji” keyboard. A globe icon will be available when you text to add emoticons to your around the world who are sharing 10. Rick Rolled haven’t heard about this service, events and a few other types. Search conversations. thoughts and experiences. @aiken- This is a viral meme that can be used you may want to look into it. Use for a contact’s name and see different standard tweeted: It’s a great day in to troll someone – are you staying Autobrightness your Apple ID to activate an iCloud instances of conversations with the Stacey Mosier is a web developer South Carolina! #sctweets. with me? – that took off in early 2008 Extend the battery life by letting account at ICloud.com. If you lose person. and graduated from USC Aiken.
  4. 4. COLUMN WRITING Daily Under 20,000 Division TEACHINGFIRST PLACE: heart h The Island Packet Amy Coyne Bredeson Charlotte’s SECRET: I W
  5. 5. COLUMN WRITING Daily 20,000 - 50,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Gardener Steve Willis recently showed columnist Linda Cobb around his property. From left, yellow cane dogwood, an ornamental frog and a sewing machine are used to decorate his garden, which peaks in the fall. Herald-Journal Steve Willis’ garden is a rewarding reminder that growing things outside is a year-round job Winter grows on you Linda Cobb S ometimes I save the best shrub bed nest. As a child, Willis was used to plants, for last when I write this as his father was a gardener, but more of a farmer. He set up house on one acre column. You have to be a of land. When his dad died, Willis inher- ited three more acres. The Willis land is true horticulturalist to let flanked on both sides by fellow horticul- turalists, a real bonus. me photograph and write about the gar- “They are both lovers of nature, and I get to count that land as part of my den in winter. view,” Willis said. “It enhances the gar- den so much. Many of the trees on my This is the story property were given to me by my friend of an excellent Dr. John Simmons.” plantsman, a lover One can see that it’s a good thing Wil- of nature and the lis doesn’t own all the land, as he would garden he created surely try to plant it all. over the past 40 When Willis worked on the grounds years. crew at Converse College, his interest in As you drive up horticulture grew. He eventually gave to the entrance of up that job and enrolled in the horticul- the garden of Steve ture program at Spartanburg Commu- Linda Cobb Willis and Wayne nity College. Brown, you are Upon completing the program, he got Garden Cameos greeted by a stand a four-year degree with an emphasis of silver Arizona on early childhood development. He cypress. It lets you At top, Willis, who shares his garden with taught at the University of South Caro- know you have arrived at a plant para- Wayne Brown, worked on the grounds crew at lina Upstate’s Lab School. From there dise that is years in the making. Converse College, then learned horticulture at he went to the McCarthy Teszler School Your mind races as you look at all the Spartanburg Community College and taught and taught while he got his masters in winter interest going on in this garden. horticulture at McCarthy Teszler School before special education. What must it be like in its peak season retiring in 2007. When the horticulture teaching posi- of fall? The Willis garden is living proof tion there came open, he took it and ran that gardening happens 12 months out of dogwood punctuated by a backdrop of with it. It fit him perfectly. He taught the year. an evergreen, I see the house that Willis As I pass the stand of yellow cane built in 1970 resting in an ornamental ◆ SEE GARDEN PAGE D2 Photos by GERRY PATE / GERRY.PATE@SHJ.COM
  6. 6. COLUMN WRITING Daily 20,000 - 50,000 Division Catawba chief to lead withSECOND PLACE: purpose CATAWBA INDIAN NATION — Bill Harris The Herald stood in the center of the Round House, looking at the circle’s empty seats, envisioning them filled with his fellow Catawba Indians. Nothing, he said, can prepare you to be chief of the Catawba Indian Nation. Nothing he learned at Rock Hill High School – from which he graduated in 1972 – prepared him for the job, he said. While his grandfather, Douglas Harris, was Don Worthington chief when he was a baby, Harris said, he never dreamed of being chief. If anything, he said, it was the lessons learned from his grandmother, acclaimed mas- ter Catawba potter Georgia Harris, that helped prepare him to lead a nation. After high school, Harris studied the centuries-old ways of making pottery with his Don grandmother. He came to turn Worthington Catawba riverbank mud into stunning works of art. His Business Editor grandmother, however, had a captive audience. As he worked the clay, she spoon-fed him the history of the Catawbas. She talked about the people, about the heritage, about what it meant to be a Catawba. “My grandmother was a proud woman,” Harris said. “She showed me how proud a peo- ple we were. It gave me a center of what it’s like to be a Catawba.” Standing in the center of the Round House on Aug. 1 as he was sworn in to a four-year term as an elected chief, Harris said he was frightened, humbled and vastly overwhelmed by his new ‘Part of the magic of Christmas’ job. “Standing in the center of the Round House, Rock Hill Galleria’s you feel almost naked,” he said. “All you have is your wit – if you have wit.” Santa Claus shares Later at his first tribal council meeting, Harris paused before the five-member executive coun- his favorite duties cil went about the nation’s business. He looked around the room and saw friends. The question made Santa Claus cry. He also saw those who once had him arrested As he wiped away tears of joy, Santa Claus reflected on what he likes best about his job. and led off in handcuffs for trespassing because He didn’t talk about toys or flying around the he and other Catawbas disputed how the execu-Inviting visitors south reminds us why S.C. is special world on a sleigh led by Rudolph. Nor did he tive council was governing. mention sampling the milk and cookies left for Harris asked members of the former execu- him. He confided that children are often intimidat- See WORTHINGTON ● 8A ed to talk to him. Using a few tricks of the trade, Santa puts them at ease. Then comes the best part of the job: The moment when a child smiles – and After several months of waiting, our As guests travel between Rock Hill and Santa smiles in return. Maci Conty, a 4-year-oldguests for the Democratic National Con- INSIDE Charlotte early in the morning and late at from Rock Hill, had just shared her list – and love –vention are arriving, and we’re putting on night, they won’t be impressed. The stretch with Santa. The result was a big hug and smile. It’s a sceneour best efforts to welcome them, assist ■ Business this week ● 3A of I-77 from here to Charlotte looks like Don repeated and repeated. “It’s joy and love magnifiedthem and, hopefully, convince them to Anywhere USA with too many signs beck- Worthington and reflected. It’s intoxicat- ing,” Santa said from hiscome back. Don Worthington When our guests depart for home on oning travelers to stop for gas and fast Business Editor temporary home at the Galle- ria in Rock Hill. Members of the media, security person- Friday, there will be a “Peach Stop” at the food. With economic times tight, some childrennel and just-interested folks have filled Business Editor South Carolina Welcome Center on In- Two things, however, stand out. Yes, who visit Santa in his stops around the world are aware of the struggles dad and mom are having to make ends meet, according to The AssociatedYork County’s hotels. Out of the 17,960 terstate 77 from 9 a.m. to noon. While that’s a water tank painted like a baseball, Press. Their wish lists are shorter and sometimes they are asking for help for their parents.available reservations this week, 17,191 tumes from Brattonsville, the cast at Narro- peaches will be the complimentary “fruit of but more importantly, it’s an award-win- In Rock Hill, Santa said, some of the lists are shorter, but mostly “kids are still kids.”were booked, an estimated economic Way Productions near Fort Mill and Cataw- the morning,” there will also be cookies, ning water tank painted like a baseball. The youngest ask for toys or say, “surprise me,” said Santa. Older children offer moreimpact of $2.6 million – a figure local ba Indians will visit nine hotels from coffee, bananas and tea – sweet tea of It also marks the home of the Charlotte specific wants. Yet one young girl stole Santa’s heart thistourism officials caution is conservative. 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and course. Visitors will receive a recipe for Knights, who have played south of the year at the Galleria when she arrived with her list – six pages of carefully cut out pictures of To help our visitors better understand Wednesday to greet those departing for the peach corn muffins, compliments of local what she wanted underneath the Christmas tree. Santa rolled out the list and held it next towho we are, interpreters in historic cos- convention. author Dori Sanders. See WORTHINGTON ● 3A MELISSA CHERRY - mcherry@heraldonline.com Santa plays the harmonica for a child at the Rock Hill Galleria. See WORTHINGTON ● 10A
  7. 7. COLUMN WRITING Daily 20,000 - 50,000 Division heraldonline.com SUNDAY December 18, 2 Sounds like DNC snubs Hoping for a ‘the end of the world’FIRST PLACE: Rock Hill’s holiday The beeping alerts and the weatherman on the TV told Ty miracle McCollum just after 5 p.m. The Herald civil rights Wednesday that a storm was coming to his area, southwest of Rock Hill. Sometimes, Elizabeth Perdue, 25, with two kids ages 5 and 3, So he went out into the yard to cries to herself on the little couch look at the sky. pioneers in the tiny living room of the “And that’s Andrew Dys small single-wide mobile home on a gravel road. when I saw it, It is December, Christmas is the tornado, looming in a week, and Perdue coming right at doesn’t have two nickels to rub together to buy presents – or just me,” said about anything else. McCollum, 39. Her boyfriend and father of the “It stretched No invitation came in the mail or by phone or e-mail. kids, William McManus, 23, is a house painter when there is down from the Nobody sent a limousine for these men to travel just work. Her brother, 21-year-old sky.” minutes to the Democratic National Convention in Char- Benjamin, is unemployed and on Andrew By that time, lotte, where countless times so many talked of justice and parole from a felony conviction. Dys it was too late William equality in America. McManus’s Columnist to get his father, Yet those who went to jail for those sister, Kristian, 21, is Benja- Marvin, next- rights, only a few miles from where a min’s girlfriend door on Skyline Road, and his president and so many others took and is eight mother, Elaine, just home from months preg- bows, didn’t even get a mention. nant. Yet Kris- dialysis treatments, to safety. The Friendship Nine was forgotten. tian still makes “The thing was coming right at it to work at us, across the field it was rush- “I guess they didn’t think about us,” Andrew Ryan’s restau- said Willie McCleod, one of the Nine Dys rant each day to ing,” McCollum said. “It got to from that included eight students from Columnist bake bread and maybe a hundred yards from me rolls. straight across (S.C. 324) and I Rock Hill’s Friendship Junior College, Among the four adults living in who each served 30 days in jail in 1961 this rented mobile home that was ran inside. So I grabbed Momma, Andrew secured for the first month by a and some blankets, and I put her after being convicted of for sitting down Dys at an all-white lunch counter. title loan from Kristian’s old car, they lost three parents to death in the bathtub and put the blan- this year. kets on top of her and told her to Columnist Their “Jail, No Bail” strategy of fight- One to gunshots in April, one hold on for her life. ing segregation by staying in behind bars to natural death in late Septem- “Loud? You never heard noise re-energized the civil rights movement across the country ber, and another natural death just 30 hours later. like this. Thunder doesn’t cover and led to the end of segregation in the South. “This year, it just was terrible,” this sound. The sound was what But nobody said anything about them all week. said Elizabeth Perdue. they tell you the sounds in the William McManus put it even McCleod spent his week digging septic tanks, the way he more bluntly: “This year was Bible are like – the end of the has made his living for decades, while thousands of people heartbreak after heartbreak. world sound.” Death just came and came.” The wind roared and trees who never marched anywhere but out for a big lunch pat- These are two connected fami- ted each other on the back and talked about justice and lies for whom poverty, real pover- from somewhere smashed equality and America. ty, has been a part of their exis- through the roof and the walls tence for so long. They do not Willie McCleod was snubbed. claim to be victims, though. They shook and glass broke and The country’s first black president, asking for a second are just one thing. McCollum held his mother until it term, was close enough at his Ballantyne hotel just across “Broke,” said William was over. McManus. He yelled through the noise the border to reach out and hug McCleod, but he did not. On April 30, Katherine McManus, 43, on probation, the that nothing would hurt her if he If it wasn’t for the Friendship Nine, President Barack mother of William and Kristian See DYS ● 4A See SURVIVOR ● 4A See DYS ● 8A