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Omnichannel and Multi Channel Customer Experience

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The 360Connext team tackled the multi-channel experience for the month of May. Topics included gamification, Lady Gaga and Android v. Apple!

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Omnichannel and Multi Channel Customer Experience

  1. 1. Is your customer experience still superiorwhen it crosses channels?From desktop to phone to tablet,receiving emails and shopping at yourlocation and calling Customer Service -customers are transcending all barriers fora better, faster and more personalizedexperience. It’s all about connecting thosechannels to make the experienceseamless for all of your customers,wherever they are.
  2. 2. Is it multi-channel or omnichannel? That is the question. Inthis ever changing and speediest of worlds, we aretweeting from our phones, planning playdates on ourtablets, and presenting via webcams on our laptops.
  3. 3. In her new book, Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga TurnsFollowers Into Fanatics, author Jackie Huba discusses justhow Lady Gaga built her legions of intensely loyal fans andhow businesses can learn from her.
  4. 4. How many meetings have you sat in recently where theterm “gamification” has come up? It’s often waved in frontof an executive as either a magic elixir or a battle cry.Gamification, it is stated, is the answer to engagingcustomers.This article was written for and a version was first posted on Sensei Blogs.
  5. 5. After speaking at SOBCon 2013, I was able to receivepowerful feedback about my presentation. I had to take myown medicine. I had to check my emotions at the door andhear the honesty people were providing.
  6. 6. Thanks to early access to the findings of a new study andan interview with Scott Robinson and Bob Macdonald fromMaritz, I thought I’d share interesting findings which mayhelp organizations navigate the shifting landscape ofcustomer satisfaction and loyalty.
  7. 7. We have a special video for you! Are you an Android useror an Apple user? Sometimes the answer is not so simple.We’ll be performing our own operating system comparisonand we’d love to hear about your cross- channelexperience.
  8. 8. During the Customer Experience Professionals Association(CXPA) Member Insight Exchange, Brian Bolten, VicePresident/Director, Engagement Strategy of True Action,taught us how eBay is unlocking the customer journey.
  9. 9. Ben Hart, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty atRackspace, was the Keynote Speaker for the CXPA MIE.According to Hart, “fanatical support” happens anytime,anywhere, and any way imaginable at Rackspace.
  10. 10. No customer will ever be as obsessed with your brand asyou are! They are carrying on and fitting your brand intotheir lives. Today, consider how and where your customersmight be interacting with your company.
  11. 11. These last few decades have been dominated with theintroduction of technology into the shopping experience.One of the biggest changes: Your customers will shop ontheir terms and not yours, thank you very much.
  12. 12. Your bottom line isn’t dependent solely on your productsor services. Your employees are your biggest asset. Guestblogger Bridget Webb offers three insights to keepinghappy customers through happy employees.
  13. 13. Customers are seeking your attention in immediate anddemanding ways. What’s worse is when it’s obvious thevarious channels aren’t connected. (Psst…your silos areshowing!)
  14. 14. I love when we get microinteraction submissions frommembers of our community! It shows that these smallmoments really matter and that our readers really get it!Send us your favorite microinteraction and maybe it will befeatured!
  15. 15. While multi-channel is important, it won’t changeeverything. A seamless experience between all my deviceswon’t matter if your product is lacking or your service isterrible.
  16. 16. You gotta click for a closer look!
  17. 17. @jeanniecw360ConnextJeannie WaltersPinterestInstagramRSSGoogle+CXI® Club360Connext.com@360ConnextCXI®Club NewsletterThanks to our community for joining us in our discussions about Multi-Channel Customer Experience all month. Want to join in? Fire up thosechannels! We’d LOVE to have you.