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Professional Branding for Private Practices

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A presentation on professional practice branding by author and business adviser James D. Roumeliotis

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Professional Branding for Private Practices

  2. 2. Sample List of Professionals/PrivatePractices Accountants Optometrists Actuaries Therapists Architects Veterinarians Chiropractors ETC. Consultants Dentists Engineers Financial Advisors Interior Designers Naturopaths James D. Roumeliotis
  3. 3. What is a Brand? A brand is NOT just a logo or tag line. A brand is a promise of something that will be delivered by you and your practice/firm. This promise comes in a form of : Quality, An experience, A certain expectation in mind. Brands that stand for something connect with customers. James D. Roumeliotis
  4. 4. How Do You Create a Brand for Your Practice?You actually don’t create a brand at all.Your brand is, in fact, created by the public –- by their perceptions,- thoughts, and experiences- by how they define you.The professional practitioner and the practice brand are synonymous.Your brand is the exhilaration (or disappointment) a client/patient feelsfrom the experience he/she had at your practice and service offering. James D. Roumeliotis
  5. 5. Image blunders Faux pas! James D. Roumeliotis
  6. 6. Personal Brand = Your Image =Perception In order to be successful with your practice , it is critical to set yourself apart.Think about the following questions: Do you know your unique differentiators (USP)? Can you define your personal brand? How easily can you articulate that brand? Do you actively work on enhancing your brand? Do you have a brand strategy? “Values & Vision” James D. Roumeliotis
  7. 7. Character vs. ReputationReputation is what people say andthink about you.Character is what you really are.It is said that character is like a treeand reputation like a shadow.Always deliver on what you promise.If you look after your character,your reputation will look after itself. James D. Roumeliotis
  8. 8. Package Yourself As “The” Entity Hire for attitude and train for skills – Craft a marketing, Staff are a reflection advertising and of your image/brand. publicity campaign Create awareness and „buzz‟ that focuses on with PR (online/offline – articles/blogs, radio/TV talk helping you achieve shows etc.) – to demonstrate your vision. you‟re the expert in your field of specialization. James D. Roumeliotis
  9. 9. Marketing & Branding Material Business Cards Stationary Brochures (testimonials) Website (testimonials) Social Media Pages A PR plan to execute James D. Roumeliotis
  10. 10. The Total Customer/PatientExperienceBased on: Perceptions and experiences at every touch point (interaction) Relationship based Service oriented James D. Roumeliotis
  11. 11. The Appointment Whether by email (response within 24 hours)…or by phone (no more than 2 rings – professional greeting, no placing on hold and effortless appointment setting) James D. Roumeliotis
  12. 12. The Office AmbianceFirst impressions do matter James D. Roumeliotis
  13. 13. The ReceptionIt is the first impression – reflects your image. Area should be tidy and attractive/welcoming The person at the reception desk should:- Smile;- Be neatly dressed and groomed;- Make the visitor/customer feel appreciated.Client/Patient should not have to wait morethan 10 minutes for his/her appointment. James D. Roumeliotis
  14. 14. Waiting Room Ambiance  Conveys the image of the firm with a touch of sophistication.  Should exploit the 5 senses and be a place one doesn’t mind waiting in. – Soothing colors with elegant décor – Relaxing music playing in the background (discrete volume); – The air should have a pleasant scent; – Comfortable couches in good/clean condition; – Perhaps offer a beverage (coffee, tea, bottled water or juice); – A variety of lifestyle magazines in good condition (no tears etc.) – coloring books for the kids – A TV with a news channel (or a video about the practice) – Other amenities to keep busy during the wait. James D. Roumeliotis
  15. 15. Post Visit Follow-up As an unwritten protocol, in order to demonstrate courtesy and care, as well as to show additional appreciation for the business, either the person who provided the service or an associate should call the client/patient, thank him/her and ask if there are any questions and comments. James D. Roumeliotis
  16. 16. Three Professional Practices That “Get-It” They have nurtured a client/patient-centered environment, and have succeeded in attracting and keeping them by adding value and satisfaction to their lives. As a result, they can justify billing higher fees which their clients/patients are willing to pay. Dr. Robert Rey Raymond Chabot G. Yabu & Pushelberg Thornton www.yabupushelberg.c www.raymondchabot.comomwww.drrobertrey.co James D. Roumeliotis
  17. 17. Summary- Brand is created through public perceptionsand experiences with the firm.- The professional practitioner and the practicebrand are synonymous.- Brand is image, while reputation is reality- The practice should deliver a consistentmeticulous and thorough work/services.- Cheery and soothing office ambiance.- Post visit follow-up- Think Total Customer/Patient Experience James D. Roumeliotis
  18. 18. James D.Roumeliotis Montreal, Canada T: +1.514.715.7785 jdr@affluencemarketing.ca
  19. 19. This is a book about implementing refreshing business strategies in the marketplace including: • Strategies every successful leader must know. • Sales Management Tactics for the goal- oriented executive. • Executive Leadership. • Effective Marketing and Branding techniques. • Design, Innovation, and the Luxury Domain. • What you don‟t know could hurt your business – Food for Thought. • Additional thoughts about post-recession marketing. • Effective political campaign strategies by utilizing marketing techniques along with the personal brand.James D. Roumeliotis www.entrepreneurialessentials.com