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F-Commerce turning “Like” into “Buy”

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Social Media Week Toronto 2011. JWT Retail Slam presentation. Horizon Studios Janice Diner

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F-Commerce turning “Like” into “Buy”

  1. 1 Turning“Like to Buy” F-CommerceSocial Media Week 2011 - JWT Retail Slam Janice Diner
  2. 2“If I had to guess, socialcommerce is the next areato really blow up” Mark Zuckerberg, August 2010
  3. 3
  4. 4 1 F-COMMERCE Purchasing real goods with real currency without leaving Facebook4 FACEBOOK 2 OPEN GRAPH DEALS F-COMMERCE Check in on Facebook on Facebook influence on a smart phone and see the e-commerce websites - special deals from nearby Like’s, sharing & businesses. recommendations 3 FACEBOOK CREDITS Facebook Credits is the virtual currency used to purchase items in games and non-game applicationsJanice Diner
  5. 5Product Trial, Sampling and MonetizingIn 2010 P&G brands,Pantene and Pampersstarted selling samplesdirect to consumers insideFacebookPampers sold 1000packs @ 9.99 inunder an hour. F-COMMERCE facebook.com/pampers - 483,348 Likes facebook.com/pantene - 367,427 Likes Photo Credit: Pampers & Pantene Facebook page
  6. 6Loyalty, Sharing and MonetizingYour Starbucks Cardcan now be managedinside Facebook Check card balance, buy more credits, and buy coffee for a Facebook friend F-COMMERCE facebook.com/starbucks - 19,493,123 Likes Photo Credit: Starbucks Facebook page
  7. 7Movie Launch - Invite & BuyDisney Facebookusers bought advancetickets to Toy Story 3and invited theirfriends to join them F-COMMERCE facebook.com/toystory - 13,768,859 Likes Photo Credit: Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Facebook page
  8. 8 Brand Utility - Multiple Channel CommerceDelta is the first airlineto offer a flight bookingengine within Facebook F-COMMERCE facebook.com/delta - 49,555 Likes Photo Credit: Delta Facebook page
  9. 9Social Commerce with a CauseFacebook gets itsfirst non-profit giftcatalogue WWF’s has a full Gift Center on Facebook that allows supporters to purchase gifts, make donations and select a symbolic animal adoption from a list of more than 100 species. F-COMMERCE facebook.com/worldwildlifefund - 420,695 Likes Photo Credit: World Wildlife Fund Facebook page
  10. 10Retail Gift Cards for Facebook friendsGive a gift instantly to afriend on Facebook andyour friend can redeem itonline or in store F-COMMERCE facebook.com/sears - 388,690 Likes facebook.com/sephora - 1,178,381 Likes Photo Credit: Sears and Sephora Facebook pages
  11. 11CPG Shopping DirectRate, review, share, likeand BUY over 29 P&Gproducts in the Pampersstore on Facebook F-COMMERCE facebook.com/pampers - 483,348 Likes payments and logistics facebook.com/dove - 322,909 Likes Photo Credit: Pampers & Dove Facebook page
  12. 12CPG Shopping DirectUnilever followed with theDove store selling a selectionof Dove products. F-COMMERCE facebook.com/pampers - 483,348 Likes payments and logistics facebook.com/dove - 322,909 Likes Photo Credit: Pampers & Dove Facebook page
  13. 13 Retailers Selling Goods in Facebook J Lands’ End ASOS JC PENNY509,934 Likes 440,669 Likes 1,463,994 Likes NBA Store Heals.com 7,360,197 Likes 8,411 Likes
  14. 14OPEN GRAPHF-COMMERCEHelping customers connect where they buyPhoto Credit: Levis.com
  15. 15 People who click Facebook “Like’s” are more engaged, active and connected then the average Facebook user LEVI’S EBAY AMAZON INCREASED SOCIAL STORE GROUP GIFTING RECO’s SALES Social plugins let you see A group gifting app that helps Amazon is on track to make In the first 12 hours what your friends have liked, Facebook users get together recommendations better by 3,000 likes, increased traffic commented on or share on to buy a gift, integrates plugging in Facebook’s social 300% increased revenue www.levis.com Facebook PayPal and eBay info into it’s own algorithm 10x over previous day** Facebook Stats
  16. 16FACEBOOK CREDITS• Facebook takes 30% on all Facebook Credit transactions• $2.1 Billion is the projected size of the US virtual goods market in 2011*Facebook Credits Mandatory for Game Developers *Source: Inside Virtual Goods: The US Virtual Goods Market 2010 - 2011
  17. 17 Stand Up To Cancer and DONATE with Facebook Credits shopkick Earn Facebook Credits for checking-in at retail locations ifeelgoods platform allow retailers to offer Facebook Credits as an incentive in their online storesFacebook Credits Integrate into the Real World
  18. 18 Facebook launches Deals in Canada through Facebook Places Indigo H&M Dynamite Garage Joe Fresh Wind Mobile TELUS Kiehls Town Shoes Toronto Pearson International Airport IMAX/AMC TheatresFacebook lets Canadians ‘check-in’ for discounts
  19. 19 Turning“Like to Buy” F-Commerce
  20. 20Every industry and vertical is going tobe rethought in a social way.The real opportunity is about peopleredesigning these spaces.
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