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2015 JBUG Korea meetup 세미나에서 발표한 내용입니다. 다섯번째 세션 이주호님의 미들웨어 엔지니어 경험에 관한 슬라이드입니다.

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미들웨어 엔지니어의 클라우드 탐방기

  1. 1. 미들웨어 엔지니어의 클라우드 탐방기 이주호 ljhiyh@gmail.com Senior Technical Support Engineer Red Hat 2015 SEMINAR
  2. 2. Index 1. What is WAS? 2. What middleware engineer do? 1. J2EE expert? Java expert? 3. First meet Cloud as a Developer 4. Welcome to Opensource world! 1. Survival in Linux company. 5. Needs provisioning 1. Middleware engineer look for tools to set up test environment. 2. Automation with IaaS 3. Change the world with Docker 6. Why should we know PaaS? 1. What is PaaS? 2. Why can Openshift v3 be the top of Paas?
  3. 3. What is WAS? • 대학교에서 우리는 이렇게 배웁니다. Web Application Server • 하지만 외국 친구앞에서는 WAS를 하지마세요. Websphere Application Server • JAVA 를 하는 곳에서는 WAS를 이렇게도 말하죠 Middleware
  4. 4. What is WAS? Platform (Network, OS and so on) Web Application Server WAR/EAR
  5. 5. What middleware engineer do? • 보통 middleware는요..
  6. 6. What middleware engineer do? 그러나 더 중요한 일은…
  7. 7. What middleware engineer do? 내 문제 아니예요~!!! Platform/개발은 그들에게 주업이 아니다. Conclusion :
  8. 8. First meet Cloud as a Developer • IBM Korea Lab – J2EE Developer. – One day in 2011 – Joined cloud session with IBM product( it may be the previous version of BlueMix) – Notice!!! • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS etc. => Don’t understand • The more important thing, èThe speaker EVEN could NOT explain it clearly.
  9. 9. Welcome to OpenSource world! New Environment (The opposite of IBM) Linux for desktop (Say goodbye to Windows) Middleware Product(Contained more than 45 modules) Jgroups(Network debugging is necessary)
  10. 10. Survival in Linux company. 고민…랜선을 꼽았는데…인터넷이 안되요…
  11. 11. Survival in Linux company. RHCSA RHCSA in openstackRHCE Beginner à Finally, I can use internet now ^^
  12. 12. Needs provisioning. • How easy to install EAP? – Extract zip file • How easy to configure apache and EAP? – Extract apache zip file – Add virtualhost – Start EAP with ha profile • What is the most difficulty? – Finding out where the test environment was
  13. 13. Automation with IaaS • What VM do you prefer? – VMWare/KVM • Process for automation with VM – Create VM – Set Up Test Environment – Snapshot – Rollback anytime. • Demerits – Too many versions – Need big storages • (1 test env needs 3vm(50G))
  14. 14. Provisioning tools • Top 3 tools – Chef/Puppet/Ansible • Choose “Puppet”. – Why? NA use it the most • Merit – Can do Everything with Ruby • Demerit – Annoying to create script one by one. – High learning-curve.(Have you used ruby?)
  15. 15. Docker This is what I look for Merit - Easy to create image - Syntax easy (bash) - Small size (under 1G) - Clear all data after removed a container - Provided Registry image and rpm Demerit - Too much change between version. (Now it becomes stable) - libcontainer is not completed (Now it support a lot of features) - Many bugs (Now it is ready for production)
  16. 16. Kubernetes Docker in realMinimal Docker Handle network complexity (OVS, flanneld, etc) Management module for bigger infrastructure.
  17. 17. What is PaaS?
  18. 18. Openshift v2
  19. 19. Openshift v3
  20. 20. Why PaaS(Openshift) • How do you take to configure Dev Env for development? – It takes just several mins. • What kind of languages do it provide? – Java, python, nodejs.. If it is not provided, you can make it. • Who will build source? – PaaS build your code and deploy.
  21. 21. QnA
  22. 22. 감사합니다 Thank You! 2015 SEMINAR