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6 trends in social media 2011 by john bell



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6 trends in social media 2011 by john bell

  1. 1. October 2010 Trends and Opportunities in Social Media in 2011+ John Bell Managing Director 360 Digital Influence | Ogilvy
  2. 2. Not only is social content filling search results; but social networks are challenging the supremacy of Google as top source SOURCE: Hitwise 2010
  3. 3. > So, where do we get information? People (US & Europe) get their news through the filter of their friends via Facebook and learn more via directed search So what: SEO will remain an essential tool that brands will expand and apply to all their content not just Website content. The importance of “earned media” (literally to earn a position in people’s Facebook walls) will grow as well
  4. 4. > Where is social sharing going? More people share via Facebook BUT twitter drives a higher rate of click through…. http://tellafriend.socialt wist.com/sharing- trends-2010 So what: Facebook appears to have the largest reach potential but other social platforms have their own strengths. Brands will continue to adopt a 4-5 platform social strategy (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr & social network #2) and differentiate how they use each.
  5. 5. > What comes after Facebook? Brands are developing a balanced portfolio of social Web sites & tools + Coke’s KO Social Hub platform allows 3500 global marketers to publish across all of their social Web So what: Facebook will remain a “must-win” platform yet B2C and B2B brands will maintain a more balanced social network investment and learn to stitch together their social Web publishing effort for efficiencies (especially global brands)
  6. 6. > No, really, what comes after Facebook? Brands will need more control of their data and will embrace (re-embrace?) social CRM ADVOCACY + + & SALES So what: One day soon, brands will become dissatisfied that Facebook owns all of their fan data. They will re-position their crm strategy as a social crm strategy to drive customer advocacy and use their social networks to drive people into a deeper relationship that combines email, mobile and social networks.
  7. 7. > What comes after the Web? Mobile. So what: The growth of mobile accessed Internet will finally break the tyranny of the corporate Web site team on communications. Chief Content Officers will look to all sorts of ways to connect people with “owned” content wherever and whenever they want it especially via mobile.
  8. 8. > How are brands scaling? Increasingly big brands are establishing “Centers for Excellence” A forum for “best practices” Guardrails and Training rules for use of program s branded social web CE Definition of Policy and relevant governance m etrics Shared resources like Listening & Social CMS So what: Enterprise brands will see greater value and impact on their business from social media and insist their organizations manage adoption and change. They will go beyond the “social media guy” to form a federation from across the enterprise for 6 key functions
  9. 9. CONTACT John H. Bell Global Managing Director | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy MOBILE +1 202.729.4166 EMAIL john.bell@ogilvypr.com BLOG http://johnbell.typepad.com TWITTER @jbell99 FACEBOOK JohnHBell