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Rebranding Naurus---- Organization based in Pakistan

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This presentation is a sample and should be taken as such and only to be used as a tool or reference.
This presentations entails the details of rebranding a product in this particular situation a Pakistani beverage manufacturer.

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Rebranding Naurus---- Organization based in Pakistan

  1. 1. Authors: Jazib Iqtidar Uzair Ghani Shiraz Manzoor
  2. 2. Introduction • Naurus (Private) Limited, NPL, as a company was established in 1979 • Its Products include, besides Naurus Syrup, other food items like Jams, Spices etc. • Positioned as the national drink of Pakistan • Leading food and syrup manufacturers. • 1997 Naurus launched a wide variety of food products under the name Sundip. • ISO certifications of 9001.
  3. 3. Guiding Principles • People • Product • Innovation • Ethics Website old Naurus : www.naurus-sundip.com
  4. 4. Introducing The New Naurus
  5. 5. Advertisment
  6. 6. The Branding Process • Naurus juices being rebranded with a more modern approach. • One great flavor; Mango. • Idea behind choosing mango flavor. • Healthy. • 100% original ingredients.
  7. 7. Points of Parity & Differentiation Points Of Parity Points Of Differentiation • It is a beverage like any other. • Delivered to consumers through the same channel. • Similar flavors in the market. • 100% natural ingredients. • No added sugars or other additives. • No chemicals.
  8. 8. Target Audience • It is targeted to the general populace, kids, teenagers, adults. • Diabetic people.
  9. 9. The Brand Essence • The Logo
  10. 10. The Bottle Design •Aesthetically pleasing design. •Minimal approach. •Easy identification. •Differentiation.
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis Strength Taken as Pakistan’s National Drink Healthy and non-carbonated Made from Natural Mangoes (organic) Weaknesses Limited to major cities only. Opportunities Sugar free products range is less in the market. And healthy/organic juices range is very low in the market. Threats A lot of barriers to entry in the market. A lot of competition.
  12. 12. Brand Architecture • Audience Diversity • Brand Elasticity • Product Positioning • Brand Equities • Geographic Needs • Purchase Criteria • Brand Performance • Distribution Channels
  13. 13. The Creative Brief • Current Situation • Consumer Problem • Advertising Objective • Competition
  14. 14. Concept • Idea behind Naurus. • Shape/Design. • Ingredients and Taste.
  15. 15. Application Tagline Healthy Living
  16. 16. Corporate Strategy • We will meet & wherever possible exceed our customers' expectations by delivering superior quality products translating into high value for our customer's money. • We will innovate at all the levels of our operations & shall continuously strive to improve our position in the industry we operate.
  17. 17. Banner
  18. 18. Implementation • Prioritize • Pictures • Production • Printing & Programming • Protect
  19. 19. Questions And Answers?