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Innovation in 6 slides - The New Reality

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This presentation shares the key points from the Innovation theme in The New Reality online report about digital transformation for non-profit organisations.

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Innovation in 6 slides - The New Reality

  1. 1. HOW THE NEW REALITY AFFECTS: Innovation In 6 slides
  2. 2. To get most value from digital transformation – and to keep up with the rapid pace of technology change – organisations must invest in structured research and development (R&D). #1
  3. 3. Three models for successful R&D were identified in the study: •  R&D labs •  Innovation partnerships •  DIY Startups #2
  4. 4. R&D labs: •  Focus on solving one problem at a time •  Use small cross discipline teams •  Have a creative space separate from the main office environment •  Are free from the everyday constraints of the organisation #3
  5. 5. Successful innovation partnerships are not treated as client-supplier relationships. They work best when the partner is a connected to the most senior levels of management, and given permission to question elements of core strategy. #4
  6. 6. A DIY startup is where an established organisations sets up a small, separate part of the business designed to challenge existing practice and thinking. It takes bravery to do it – but success stories like FutureLearn and TeamUp show the potential gains. #5
  7. 7. Get a bunch of smart people in a room and generate some new ideas” Steve Rogers, Director EMEA, Google “ Credit: Gruff Ywain
  8. 8. Thank you JulieDodd http://thenewreality.info Insights taken from The New Reality digital transformation report: #NewReality