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On these pages are collected the first edition of the
Social Pros All-Stars. Each leads social media efforts
for a major B2C brand, and each has appeared on the
popular Social Pros podcast.
Each week on the podcast, my co-hosts and I interview
a pro who is guiding social media efforts for a major
company or organization. We discuss tips, trends,
best practices and what it takes to be a Social Pro.
After 110+ episodes, we’ve gathered together this
first batch of All-Stars to provide a handy reference
for the education and employment history of some
of America’s leading social media professionals,
alongside interesting facts and their best advice for
aspiring social media managers.
Once I gathered the background data on these 27
All-Stars, four interesting patterns started to emerge.
Read on to see what ties them together, and what their
background says about the career path of Social Pros…
Jay Baer
Jay Baer
of Convince
to the Social Pros Podcast.Subscribe

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