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Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Customers will LOVE, in 7 Steps

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Here's how to create a content marketing strategy your customers will love, in 7 steps. This presentation from global content marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer will help you craft a winning content marketing strategy for your brand or organization. The principles in this presentation are used by Jay Baer and his Convince and Convert consulting firm on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world. Learn how corporate objectives, audiences, audience inquiries, metrics, content execution, and even social media work together to make content marketing programs successful. You'll want to print this one out and/or share it with your team.

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Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Customers will LOVE, in 7 Steps

  1. Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Customers Will Love, in 7 Steps
  2. ConvinceAndConvert.com
  3. Content Marketing Isn’t New
  4. How to keep your plants watered on vacation, circa 1910 (from U.K. cigarette company)
  5. How to keep your plants watered on vacation, circa 2013 (from Lowe’s, via Vine video)
  6. Content Creates Trust, and This Has Always Been True
  7. And Trust is the Filter Through Which All Business Success Must Pass
  8. Our Emphasis on Content is What’s New
  9. Nearly a third of B2B marketers are spending 25% of their budget (or more) on content marketing Content Marketing Institute, 2014
  10. Why? ! The Old Ways of Marketing Don’t Work (like they used to)
  11. Top-of-mind Awareness is Difficult and Expensive
  12. Inbound Marketing is Only Half the Battle
  13. Inbound marketing doesn’t create demand for your products, it simply fulfills it. Nobody goes to Google and says “just surprise me.”
  14. Content Marketing Works if it is Useful, Inspirational, Motivational.
  15. if you have a documented strategy
  16. 83% of B2B marketers have a content strategy, but only 35% have it documented Content Marketing Institute, 2014
  17. let’s fix that also, my company - Convince & Convert - creates killer content marketing strategic plans for some of the most interesting companies in the world. ! ! ConvinceAndConvert.com
  18. Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps objectives 1 what’s your one thing? 2 measurement 3 audiences 4 audience needs 5 content executions 6 content amplification 7
  19. 1 Objectives
  20. Why are you doing this at all?
  21. Is Content Marketing going to increase awareness?
  22. Is Content Marketing going to increase sales?
  23. Is Content Marketing going to increase loyalty?
  24. Content objectives are all over the board. Don’t do that. Pick a rationale for content marketing and stick with it.
  25. Remember: the goal is NOT to be good at content. ! The goal is to be good at business because of content.
  26. document this: Because of content marketing, our customers will _______, our prospective customers will ________, and our business will _________.
  27. 2 What’s Your One Thing?
  28. Guess what? Someone has already thought of your great idea.
  29. What’s special about YOU and YOUR content?
  30. It’s usually not your products and services
  31. Your “ONE THING” is the soul of your company that shines through all your content marketing
  32. Give yourself permission to make the story BIGGER
  33. How to buy a used car infographic….from a locksmith!
  34. document this: People will care about our content because of _______. Our content will inspire and motivate them because of _________.
  35. 3 Measurement
  36. Your objectives dictate your metrics
  37. If your objective is brand awareness, you must measure that, not something else
  38. The 4 Categories of Content Marketing Metrics
  39. Remember: if you want to track behavior, you have to do something that is trackable
  40. ! ! ! ConvinceAndConvert.com
  41. Don’t track everything. Track a few things that actually matter
  42. document this: We will know our content is working because we will track _______, ________, and ____________.
  43. 4 Audiences
  44. Your objectives also dictate your audiences
  45. Use personas to model your desired audiences
  46. Who are they? What do they like? How do they spend their time? What influences them?
  47. document this: The audiences for our content marketing are described by this persona (_______), this persona (_______), and this persona (_______).
  48. 5 Audience Needs
  49. What content do your audiences WANT from you? ! What is Youtility for them?
  50. Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it ! ! ! YoutilityBook.com (free resources)
  51. Multiple sources to find audience NEEDS: ! • Web analytics (popular content) • Internal search data • Search analytics (popular search terms) • Social listening • Sales/customer service • Customer interviews
  52. Remember: don’t settle for data. ! Get real insights.
  53. Organize your audience needs by persona and buying stage
  54. Awareness! Confirmation! Interest! Purchase! features price suitability and risk avoidance
  55. How much content do you need?
  56. Personas X Buying Stages X Questions per Stage
  57. Personas (5) X Buying Stages (4) X Questions per Stage (5) = 100 pieces of content
  58. Don’t be afraid to pursue Cooperative Content
  59. Instagram photo posted by dog lover, and noticed by NestlePurina’s Beggin Strips brand
  60. With permission, Beggin re-crops photo and posts to it own Instagram account
  61. Beggin then re-crops again, adds watermark and headline, and posts to its Facebook page. Cooperative Content at work!
  62. Employees are also a great source of Cooperative Content
  63. document this: Our buying stages are_______, _______,_______ and ______. We have listed all the questions our personas need to move through each stage here: _______.
  64. 6 Content Executions
  65. Remember: don’t do this step out of order. ! You don’t have to have a blog, you have to satisfy audience needs.
  66. Use personas and audience research to determine optimal content types
  67. What works in content marketing varies considerably. Content Marketing Institute, 2014
  68. Remember: don’t rely on other people’s case studies…do your own research
  69. Remember: if you only pay attention to averages, you’ll always be an average marketer
  70. Two main types of content executions: Bricks Feathers
  71. Bricks are: ! • Heavier • More permanent • More production value • Passed along and saved • Usually targeted closer to decision
  72. Awareness! Confirmation! Interest! Purchase! features price suitability and risk avoidance
  73. Feathers are: ! • Lighter • Disposable • Less production value • Usually targeted at initial stages
  74. Awareness! Confirmation! Interest! Purchase! features price suitability and risk avoidance
  75. This very detailed research report is a brick
  76. This blog post is a feather
  77. Unless personas have VERY clear content format preferences, consider atomizing content across multiple types
  78. Remember: you can take your bricks and turn them into many feathers, in many places
  79. The BBC now creates 15-second news stories with Instagram video. A BBC television broadcast is a brick. This is a feather.
  80. Create a content planning worksheet: Date Format/Channel Author Description Persona(s) Audience Need(s) Funnel Stage Call-to-Action Measurement
  81. Remember: define WHAT you want content consumers to do next !
  82. Put your content strategy on a detailed calendar with views by week, month, quarter, year
  83. Excel or Google docs at first, dedicated software eventually for calendaring
  84. document this: For each audience need, we will create content in one or more ways, and will create a worksheet to organize content, timelines, and calls-to-action.
  85. 7 Content Amplification
  86. The fact that you created some content does NOT mean anyone will see it (or care about it)
  87. Remember: Content is fire. ! Social media is gasoline. !
  88. You must market your marketing and create a distribution plan for each piece of content
  89. Amplification options: Employees’ social Customers’ social Email (internal + external) Organic search Paid search Display ads Organice social Paid social Guest posts Earned meda (PR) Offline ads
  90. document this: For this piece of content, we will amplify it with ______, ______, and ______.
  91. Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps objectives 1 what’s your one thing? 2 measurement 3 audiences 4 audience needs 5 content executions 6 content amplification 7
  92. Remember: your job is not to make brochures ! Your job is to tell interesting and informative stories.
  93. ConvinceAndConvert.com how can we help you?