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Google Grants for Nonprofits: Lasa webinar

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The Google Ad Grants programme gives charities up to $10,000 per month of advertising spend using Google AdWords. This is a great way for charities to promote their websites and raise awareness of their mission and services. In this webinar with freelance web developer, Jason King, we will cover applying for a Google Grant; writing eye-catching ads that appear in Google search results; and good practice for choosing keywords that work. We'll also look at how the Quality Filter and Adwords policies can frustrate Google account holders, and how to overcome them.

Watch the webinar recording at https://kingjason.co.uk/lasa-webinar-google-ad-grants-nonprofits/

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Google Grants for Nonprofits: Lasa webinar

  1. 1. GOOGLE GRANTS A Lasa webinar Presented by Jason King October 2017 WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  2. 2. Based in France, works with charities in the UK, USA and Australia Google Ad Grant management Social media training WordPress website support Co-organiser of NTEN's WordPress Community Ex-librarian JASON KING WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  3. 3. IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME Is not a viable approach to website promotion WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Google Search Console Google Analytics Google My Business Referral building Yoast plugin for WordPress SpyFu YOUR WEBSITE PROMOTION STRATEGY SHOULD INVOLVE MULTIPLE TOOLS Email newsletters Facebook                                      Print (remember that?) Twitter                                            Google Plus Instagram                                       Reddit                    + Google Ad Grants WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  5. 5. It's one of the Google for Nonprofits offerings $10,000 of free digital advertising per month You create ads using the Google Adwords tool Which are shown in search results And are triggered by keywords that you choose Your ads compete with other nonprofits and businesses to be shown - this is a bidding war HOW THE GOOGLE GRANT WORKS WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  6. 6. POORLY STRUCTURED ACCOUNT with low quality website pages WELL OPTIMISED GOOGLE GRANT with ads leading to quality landing pages Based on stats for month of August 2017
  7. 7. Case study: The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust goo.gl/nEpyoT OPTIMISATION TAKES TIME A long-term look at a Google Grants account, over four years, seeing clicks and CTR rise, and cost per click fall.
  8. 8. THE AVERAGE GRANTEE ONLY USES $330 PER MONTH OF THE $10,000 - searchenginepeople.com
  9. 9. HOW TO APPLY THE GOOGLE GRANT Be prepared, stay calm, follow instructions
  10. 10. 1. APPLY TO GOOGLE FOR NONPROFITS Check eligibility for your country. The following applies to England and Wales. You must be registered with the Charity Commission; and/or with HMRC as tax exempt. And not one of the following:     - Governmental entity or organization     - Hospital or health care organization     - School, academic institution, or university (philanthropic arms of educational     organizations are eligible). Sign up with tt-exchange, the local partner of TechSoup. On doing so, you are given a validation token. Complete the application form on the Google for Nonprofits website, entering your validation token when prompted. You should get a decision within 10 business days. support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/3367631
  11. 11. 2. THEN ENROL TO GET A GOOGLE GRANT You enrol to use specific products, of which the Google Grant is one. Others include YouTube for nonprofits and G Suite. 1. Set up a correctly configured Adwords account. 2. Make a note of your Adwords customer ID. 3. Login to your Google for Nonprofits account at google.com/nonprofits/account 4. Click to enrol in the Google Grants programme and enter your customer ID. You should get a response in 1 - 3 days. support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/3367461
  12. 12. support.google.com/grants/answer/1689506 DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE, OR YOU MAY HAVE TO START OVER C O R R E C T L Y C O N F I G U R E Y O U R A D W O R D S A C C O U N T
  13. 13. MISTAKES CHARITIES MAKE WHEN THEY SET UP THEIR ADWORDS ACCOUNT Creating their account without clicking the button on on support.google.com/grants/answer/1689506 Choosing a currency other than US dollars. Entering billing information. That could be an expensive mistake, and Google won't refund money. Don't! Not even if Adwords prompts you to do it. Not using manual bidding, or setting bids to over $2. A daily budget that adds up to over the $329 limit. Once it's set up, not logging in every 30 days, or making at least one edit every 90 days... you risk losing the Grant.
  14. 14. HOW TO USE YOUR GRANT TO PROMOTE A SECOND DOMAIN Use the Additional Domain Name(s) Request form, but read the policy first. You must own the domain and the website, and can't point ads at social media. support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/1657899
  15. 15. USING ADWORDS THE GOOGLE GRANT How to structure your ad campaigns
  16. 16. BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, STOP AND CONSIDER THE BIG PICTURE Who are your audiences? What are they searching for? What action do you want them to take? Which landing pages on your website encourage those actions? Therefore, how will you structure your ad campaigns?
  17. 17. LET'S LOOK AT A LIVE GOOGLE GRANT ACCOUNT TO SEE HOW IT'S BEEN STRUCTURED. Watch the webinar recording, the live demo starts at the 38 minute mark. But watch the rest too! goo.gl/UK9unU
  19. 19. In response to studies that showed that Ad Grants ads were disproportionately of a lower quality than standard, paid ads, in June 2017, we implemented a quality filter on Ad Grants in the Google Search ads auction. This filter helps keep the quality of Ad Grants in line with standard ad quality, so Ad Grantees can continue to enjoy free advertising and a great product experience. goo.gl/BRTNeu Google's announcment
  20. 20. EFFECTS OF THE QUALITY FILTER Typically, click Through Rate (CTR) increases, but impressions decrease.  The better quality your website content and code, and the better optimised your ads and keywords, the less you should be affected. Below, this charity's website was so badly built using Wix, that their Google Grant became completely ineffective.
  21. 21. KEYWORD QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER Check your Quality Score for keywords. If you don't see it, use the icon (of three vertical lines) to modify your columns. If the score is low, delete the keyword and/or improve the landing page.
  22. 22. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR WEBSITE'S LANDING PAGES SSL security certificate and HTTPS Fast loading - tools.pingdom.com Mobile friendly - search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly Well coded Well written for SEO. If you use WordPress, install the Yoast plugin to help you - yoast.com Landing pages should include similar words to your ads And use the same keywords as your ads A call to action on every landing page Landing page best practices: goo.gl/bswfCX Landing page examples: goo.gl/eyXFwY
  23. 23. ADWORDS POLICIES Falling foul of and what to do next
  24. 24. Has an ad or keyword been disapproved? You might get an email to warn you. Or you might notice a notification in the Adwords dashboard. Hover over the ad status to see the pop-up information. Click "Read the policy" to find out what's wrong. Rewrite the ad slightly. It will be automatically re-reviewed and might be allowed this time. On that policy page there's a button to request a review. I tried it. A Google employee phoned me the next day, said he understood that no policy was really being broken, but couldn't over-ride it.
  25. 25. ADWORDS POLICIES: WHAT CAN YOU DO? Adwords is a sales lead tool, that has been offered free to non-profits. Policies keep sellers within the laws of the country where their ads are shown. But the awareness raising mission of nonprofits is very different to selling products. Some examples: - A nonprofit helping youth in gangs breaks the rule on promoting hate crime by using the word gang in an ad. - A pregnancy loss charity's ads are not shown in some countries because Adwords wrongly assumes the word pregnancy means it's selling birth control products. - A mental health charity cannot point ads at one of their website pages because the page mentions the name of a depression medication. If it's a keyword disallowed you can tick a box to request an exemption. If it's an ad you can fill in a forum to request a review. If it's a website page, you could reword it. But don't expect to always get your way, or for reason to prevail. And be aware that Google warn you that repeat offenders risk losing their Adwords account.
  26. 26. NEW POLICY ON ADS AND DONATIONS Simple solution: state your charity registration number in the footer on all website pages.
  28. 28. OFFICIAL GOOGLE GRANTS FORUM Particularly helpful for problems with application and setup and policy issues. goo.gl/uPir8B CHARITY IT ASSOCIATION Volunteers provide tech surgeries and IT consultancy and projects. charityithelp.org.uk Forums for Data, WordPress, Women in Nonprofit Tech, Drupal, Tech Decision Makers... and being planned now: digital advertising. community.nten.org NTEN ONLINE COMMUNITIES
  29. 29. JASON KING Google Ad Grant management Social media training WordPress website support Co-organiser of NTEN's WordPress Community Ex-librarian WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING