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BYOiPad Parent Briefing, July 31, 2012

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This presentation was given to Year 7 2013 parents during an information evening about the Year 7 2013 BYOiPad program at St Luke's Grammar School by Mr. Jason Arruzza, Director of ICT.

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BYOiPad Parent Briefing, July 31, 2012

  1. 1. Year 7 2013 BYOiPadSt Luke’s Grammar School Parent Information Evening 31 July, 2012
  2. 2. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:• Significantly reduce weight of textbook load
  3. 3. • Current (total) weight of Y7 texts >10KG
  4. 4. SECONDARY• Used as a toolset by teachers to assist in OBJECTIVES differentiating the curriculum• Majority of students and teachers will increase fluency of ‘working well digitally’: • use Internet for research and school tasks appropriately; • Take notes in and out of class; • Capture, edit & share images, sound and video; • Draw/sketch/create artworks; • Find, collect and analyse data; • Stay organised!
  5. 5. What will it look like?• Families will provide their Year 7 students with an iPad for use at School• Students will load their prescribed textbooks onto iPads• School-provided FAST WiFi Internet access
  6. 6. 2013 Year 7 BYOiPad at St Luke’s• Based on Danebank’s successful 7-10 compulsory iPad program: http://ipad.danebank.nsw.edu.au/• A two-year program over 2013 & 2014• Vision: “Fully” BYOT 7-12 in 2015
  7. 7. BYOT: 5 Year Plan• Continue Y10-12 BYOT• BYOiPad Year 7’s 2013, 2014• MY 2013 & 2014: Evaluate progress• Establish ‘true’ BYOT for 2015 7-12 going forward
  8. 8. BYOT Fundamentals:• Personal choice of the technology by the student or family, although schools can advise.• The enhanced facility for the personalisation of teaching and learning in and outside the school walls.• The recognition that the in-school use of the students’ digital technology is an extension from students’ existing use of that technology to assist their self-teaching and learning• The home and students having their ownership of the technology and the information stored thereon respected.• Authentic home-school collaboration is integral to the school’s achievement of the normalised usage of the students’ technology SOURCE: Lee, 2012
  9. 9. BYOiPad v. BYOT Same device Student chooses device Same OS Family-owned Student chooses OS Family-supportedPrescribed Apps Student chooses software Prescribed texts loaded Quasi-SOE approach Tools-based approach
  10. 10. BYOT Continuum“Working well digitally” Year 7 BYOiPad Program 2013-2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  11. 11. Towards a ‘Cloud-based’ approach• Old Way: • New Direction: • Standard Operating Environments (SOE) • Tools-based software approach • Only School-owned technology • Student-owned technology on School Infrastructure • Data ‘in-house’ on file servers • Data in “the cloud’ • Software programs • SaaS - through the browser -licensed
  12. 12. Why iPad?
  13. 13. Why the iPad?• excellent as an eReader• largest market share• most developed “ecosystem,” stable OS• largest uptake in Schools• robust, well-engineered device• weighs ~600 grams• exceptional battery life• “instant on”
  14. 14. Costings: student texts Publisher Title KLA Format Paper 1 Yr edn $ license $Oxford myWorldAtlas Geography App or web $62.95 $19.90Pearson Global Explorations Geography ePub $69.95 $34.98Pearson Touche Stage 1 Languages pdf $36.00 $18.00Pearson Science Focus Science ePub $71.20 $35.60Jacaranda Artwise Visual Arts pdf $67.95 $33.98Pearson Heinemann Poetry 1 English pdf $32.70 $16.35RWP Trash English epub $17.95 $8.25RWP Boy in the Striped Pyjamas English ePub $23.95 $9.63MacMillan A Midsummers’ Night Dream English epub $17.95 $0.00Jacaranda Retroactive Stage 4 History pdf & web $69.95 $48.50 Total: $470.55 $225.18
  15. 15. Costings: Apps• TBC. Looking at ~$60 budget for Prescribed Apps
  16. 16. iPad Pricing• iPad 2 still available from $429• “The new iPad” 16GB WiFi from $539• An appropriate protective case should cost $40-$60 depending on model• iPad 1’s are acceptable for 2013 (depending on condition of battery)
  17. 17. Expectations of Students• Open and manage their own iTunes account• Come to school with a charged battery• Have all prescribed texts and apps loaded
  18. 18. Expectations of Parents• Support the program• supervise appropriate use at home• decide how to help manage student’s App purchases
  19. 19. Expectations of Teachers• Support the program• Invest time in building fluency in iOS to support teaching & learning• Learn along with students about new new ways of working well digitally
  20. 20. End Presentation