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some thoughts on      life in perpetual BetaHarold Jarche             jarche.com
Giving up control is the first step  in the journey                    jarche.com
Increasedcomplexity   needs simplified   design             jarche.com
If humans had to be taught       how to learn,      we would never       have survived Learning is natural                ...
in an open environment  learning will flourish,  as it has on the Web                     jarche.com
Training is a solutionlooking for a problem              jarche.com
It’s time for a serious redesign   of how we structure work                          jarche.com
There is no normal    anymore                 jarche.com
a job is not the same as meaningful work                    jarche.com
the Internet      makes  “time at work”an antiquated notion
networks    subvertstandardization                  jarche.com
Social learning is how people workand share knowledge      to becomebetter practitioners                 jarche.com
In a knowledge economy,     the individual is the knowledge creator   and relationships   are the currency                ...
A dysfunctionalcompany culture does     not improve  with transparency it just gets exposed                    jarche.com
the largest barrier  to meaningful workis the organization itself                         jarche.com
change management       meanschanging management                 jarche.com
In a creative economy         it is only throughthe self-selection of the best tools   that more productive work          ...
Innovationis not so much about     having ideas     as it is about making connections                       jarche.com
The duty of being transparent         in our work and sharing our knowledge     rests with everyone                       ...
openness   enablestransparency    which   fosters innovation       jarche.com
social business is a shift in how we work -from hierarchies to networks                        jarche.com
trust emerges fromopen, transparent & diverse         networks                       jarche.com
work is learning         &learning is the work                    jarche.com
some thoughts on      life in perpetual Beta                       Music       “Blue Like Venus” by spinningmerkaba       ...
Harold Jarche   jarche.com
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There is no normal anymore Some thoughts on perpetual beta

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There is no normal anymore jarche.com

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