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9/13 PPT on Blog Marketing

  1. Marketing in Social Media Marketing via Blogs Created by Jan Ahrens [email_address]
  2. Blog Statistics in Fortune 100 Global Companies
  3. Blog Statistics in Fortune 100 Global Companies
  4. Blog Statistics in Fortune 100 Global Companies
  5. Categories of Media
  6. More “How To” Help Created by Jan Ahrens
  7. Blog Awards

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  1. Top 100 Blogs: Best Blogs of 2010:,29569,1999770,00.html
  2. Burson-MarstellerEvidence-Based Communications
  3. Burson-MarstellerEvidence-Based Communications
  4. Burson-MarstellerEvidence-Based Communications
  5. MONITORING AND TEXT MINING Can review blogs and summarize what is being said about a company or topic Can rank author authority, conversation relevance, competitor analysis Other providers: Brandimensions, BrandsEye, CyberAlert, Factiva, Magpie, MotiveQuest, Nielson BuzzMetrics, Onalytica, Radian6 BLOG SEARCH ENGINES Blog search engines are different than conventional search engines which use spiders to check websites. The spiders index the information on the website. These are comprehensive but slow. Blog search engines work differently. They watch for RSS updates and when they receive one, it is immediately indexed. These are fast. Many blog search engines index social media sources only. What is the authority level of the blog? Some blog search engines offer photo or video results Features vary by blog search engine
  6. Advantages: Easy to create and update Inexpensive Wide reach; niche markets Viral potential Flexible format Search engines “like” text-heavy blogs and natural search results can be very good for blogs Allows readers to engage via comments and dialogue Integrate with other media and methods Credible (?) Disadvantages: Must be vigilant about updating and adding current information; time requirement and resources Can be hard to measure effectiveness and ROI Others can blog about your company and you can do little about it Content strategy must be targeted; tone difficult to get just right