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Blockchain Angels & UK Business Angels Association Oct 16

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Blockchain Angels hosts a investment masterclass and pitch session in conjunction with UK Business Angels Association and EY.

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Blockchain Angels & UK Business Angels Association Oct 16

  1. 1. Agenda: UKBAA Introduction Investing Master Class |18:30 to 19:00 EY Startup Challenge Blockchain Program Introduction | 19:00 to 19:10 4 x Startup Pitch Sessions| 19:10 to 20:00 • Remitsy.com • Jaak.io • Loyyal.com • Agriledger.com • Blockverify.io Networking | 20:00 to 20:30
  2. 2. Jamie Burke Outlier Ventures + Blockchain Angels @jamie247 @blockchainangelsRise Wifi: Bar3Lay1
  3. 3. “blockchain will be to banking, law and accountancy as The Internet was to media, commerce and advertising” Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures) “I’m reasonably confident … that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange…40 years from now, blockchain and all that followed from it will figure more prominently in that story than will bitcoin.” Larry Summers, US Former Treasury Secretary “blockchains are the biggest innovation since the internet itself” Marc Andreessen (Andreessen, Horowitz) “blockchains will change everything” Goldman Sachs “blockchains – a revolutionary technology too important to ignore J.P. Morgan “open protocols and the blockchains that underlie them will be the driver of the next big wave of technology and that they will force big changes that will ultimately impact the global economy Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures)
  4. 4. $1.1bn Silicon Seed (50 VCs & 30 Angels) Specialist Generalist
  5. 5. Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Centralised, human mediated, rent seeking Decentralised Autonomous p2p
  6. 6. outlier ventures + outlier capital We invest in Europe’s 1st Web 3.0 (blockchain) venture platform & investment partnership #web3.0
  7. 7. What are ‘blockchains’? 1. Distributed Ledgers 2. Tokenization 3. Distribute Processing 4. Smart Contracts 5. Decentralised Autonomous Orgs
  8. 8. Shared Data & Asset Management Layer Automated / Collaborative Governance Decentralized Transaction Layer Decentralized Marketplaces • Secure data sharing • Asset Integrity & IP management • True p2p / m2m • Autonomous markets Key Values
  9. 9. What is the value they can bring? Provenance P2P Exchange Digital Trust Supply Chains Task Automation Distributed Database Auditability B2B Marketplaces Identity Paperless Security Transparency GovernanceRedundancyReduce Fraud Sharing Economy B2C Marketplaces M2M Liquidity Asset Integrity Back Office
  10. 10. 1.Trying to fixing legacy systems 2.Disrupting disruptors 3.Real innovation in emerging markets
  11. 11. Bitcoin Experiment BaaS ‘Open Ledger’ Standards MainstreamEarly Market Crossing the chasm Widening of use cases Use-case Crossover
  12. 12. Trough of disillusionment = Good 1. The DAO & others 2. Stop corp. brain drain 3. Consulting distraction 4. Reality sense check 5. Professionalisation 6. Learn on others money Post Peak UK
  13. 13. Phases of innovation
  14. 14. Most Excites Me 1. True P2P markets 2. Accelerator: Ability to securely scale macro trends 3. Combinator: allows macro trends to combine
  15. 15. Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things Autonomous Robotics Problem Decentralized shared data layer & marketplace for AI Secure data storage & transfer infrastructure connecting smart objects in an affordable way Transparent, auditable control & transaction system for robotic networks Augmented & Virtual Reality 3D Printing Secure content marketplace and infrastructure for a virtual economy Secure and auditable CAD-to-printer marketplace for IP management Siloed data with no economic incentive to share Centralised insecure & siloed data with limited m2m value exchange Limited mass coordination infrastructure No secure interoperable content channels No secure distribution channels blockchain potentialTechnology
  16. 16. Deal Activity
  17. 17. Fundraising Overview Coindesk tracking 138 VC-backed total BCA Tracker has 1,100 VC and non-VC backed Circle Series D @ $60m Ripple @ $55m Juzhen @ $23m The DAO @ $160m ICO
  18. 18. Enterprise Led Venturing Santander UBS Barclays Accenture IBM Citigroup & Visa Cisco
  19. 19. Market Insights
  20. 20. Economic Sector blockchainangels.eu/startups
  21. 21. Domain blockchainangels.eu/startups
  22. 22. Geography blockchainangels.eu/startups
  23. 23. We invest in www.outlierventures.io/convergence-wp #web3.0 What’s in it for us? Download Whitepaper: