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Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. 1. By Eduardo Lacave and Jaime Cervera
  2. 2.  Periods of his life - Childhood - Death  Important Works  Questions
  3. 3.  He was born in Eisenach (Germany) in 1685.  His parents were Johann Ambrosius Bach and Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt. They died when Johann was 10 years old. Johann Ambrosius Bach
  4. 4.  Before his father’s death he taught Johann to play some instruments like the violin.  At the age of 14 he could study in the prestigious St. Michael’s School and he could play the famous organ of the church of St. John.
  5. 5.  Bach died the 28th of July of 1750 at 8:00 pm.  He died by apoplexy* after a failed operation in his eye. This operation was done by an English doctor called John Taylor that had already operated Haendel with the same consequences. * Apoplexy:The apoplexy or cerebral spillage is a cerebral hurt provoqued by the interruption of the supply of blood to the brain.
  6. 6.  Prelude  Tocatta i fuga  Coral http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTO557jWn5s
  7. 7.  Where was Bach born? a) France b) Holland c) Germany d) Italy  When was Bach born? a) 1680 b) In the 17th century c) 1673 d) 1685  Because of what disease died Bach? a) Leukaemia b) Heart Attack c) Apoplexy d) Cancer
  8. 8.  Which of this ones isn’t a Bach’s work? a) The magic flute b) Prelude c) Tocatta i sonatta d) Coral  Who was the doctor that operated Bach? a) John McGregor b) John Smith c) John Taylor d) John Barley