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PPt on 220 kV substation

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PPt on 220 kV substation

  1. 1. 220kV Substation, Nawbasta,Kanpur By Ishank Ranjan 1006421033
  2. 2. Substation  An Electrical Substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity Generation , Transmission And Distribution System where voltage is transformed high to low or reverse using transformer.  Examples of Substation: 400kV/220kV substation  220kV/132kV substation  132kV/33kV substation  33kV/11kV substation  33kV/.4kV substation
  3. 3. 220kV Substation  It is devided into two(2) parts:A. Panel Section A. Control Panel Section B. Relay and Protection Panel Section B. Switch Yard A. 220kV Section B. 132kV section C. 33kV section C. Battery Room (Extra)
  4. 4. A. Panel Section It is a room which contains all types of panels.  It has two sections:  Control Panel Section It contain panels related to controlling of instruments. E.g.:- feeder panel, X-mer panel, etc.  Relay And Protection Panel Section It contains panels related to relay systems and protection systems. E.g.:- Relay panel, line protection panel, etc.
  5. 5. B. Switch Yard It is the field where components used in controlling supply and measuring supply(incoming and outgoing) are placed.  Some of these many components are:      C.Bs Isolators C.Ts P.Ts L.As
  6. 6. 220kV Substation ,Kanpur Incoming line 220 kV from(i) Bhauti {PGCIL} (ii)Fatehpur Outgoing lines 132kV to (i) Krishna Nagar (ii)Malwah (iii)LML 33kV to (i) Harish Ganj (ii)Anandpuri,etc.
  7. 7. 220kV Section It works on 220kV.  There are two bus bars in which one is main bus and the other is transfer bus of 220kV.  It has two 220kV incoming feeders i.e. From PGCIL ,Bhauti and Fatehpur.  The incoming 220kV line is from the Northern Grid. 
  8. 8. 132kV Section It works on132kV.  It has two buses i.e. Transfer Bus and Main Bus.  220kV voltage is converted to 132kV voltage using a 160MVA transformer.  In other words it is 220kV /132kV substation.  This line is directly feded to many industries like LML , etc. 
  9. 9. 33kV Section This section works on 33kV.  It has three feeders of 33 kV.  One from 63 MVA transformer and two from 40 MVA transformer.  132kV/33 kV conversion is done using 63MVA transformer and two 40MVA transformer.  In other words it is 132kV / 33kV substation. 
  10. 10. Important Terms Tripping – Power goes due to over load . It is for the protection of components.  Shut down – Power is cut due to maintenance in progress. It is done manually.  Break down – Power goes due to any fault in the line. When fault is removed , power is back.  Rosting – Power is cut deliberately on order of higher authority due to shortage of power. 
  11. 11. Conclusion One must have never thought that so many things are required for just switching on a television or a refrigerator or say an electric trimmer. The three wing of electrical system viz. Generation, transmission and distribution are connected to each other and that too very perfectly. Lots of labour, capital and infrastructure is involved in the system just to have a single phase,220V,50Hz power supply at our houses.
  12. 12. At last I would say... Energy Saved Is Energy Produced...! Thank you