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Generation Z and GameDuck

Telling Gen Z's attributes and introducing GameDuck with Gen Z's behaviors

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Generation Z and GameDuck

  1. 1. Gen Z & GameDuck 2016. 10. I GameDuck Ltd. !!! Gameduck Confidential !!!
  2. 2. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Introductory 1 If you think that it is interesting, you have Gen Z’s feeling Minecraft PE [GameDuck Star] Popular Contents
  3. 3. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 1. Gen Z ① Overview 2 Gen Z are born between 1995 and 2009, they prefer OTT like Youtube and are more accustomed to Smartphone. Baby boomer Gen X Gen Y Gen Z 1946 1964 1982 1995 Generation Flow - Born between 1995 and 2009 - As mobile natives, they are familiar with smartphones. • Access normal life through their smartphone • Communicate through videos and actively know and get what they want - 85% are under 35 years old - 59% use internet as a main entertainment source. - 66% are more prefer OTT service to TV. Gen C New Type of Communication Text Image GiFs &Videos Gen Z
  4. 4. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen C are always connected to smartphone and OTT services. [Reference] 3
  5. 5. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z are more mobile and video centric. However they consume less time to watch TV, which means more on OTT like Youtube and Social Media. ② Attributes 4 Media Usage Pattern ※ Source : Visioncritical, “Generation Z characteristics: 5 infographics on the Gen Z lifestyle” Mobile & Videos TV is video centric device. Gen Z is more likely video centric consumers Gen Z consume less time to watch TV compare to other Gens. Less TV Watching behaviour
  6. 6. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z’s social media are more video centric. ② Attributes 5 Top social media sites used daily ※ Source : Visioncritical, “Generation Z characteristics: 5 infographics on the Gen Z lifestyle” Focus more on text and imageFocus more on Videos and GiFs Upgrading to videos
  7. 7. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z prefer more cool experience. And intend to be more popular but unique needs based upon the branded games and purchasing preference. ③ Preference 6 Preference ※ Source : Visioncritical, “Generation Z characteristics: 5 infographics on the Gen Z lifestyle” Gen Y Gen Z Gen Y Gen Z Purchasing Preference Experience Preference
  8. 8. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z has global and innovative aspiration. ⑤ Aspiration 7 Aspiration ※ Source : Visioncritical, “Generation Z characteristics: 5 infographics on the Gen Z lifestyle” Global aspirations Positive Message
  9. 9. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Z generation is building a new market with their unique attributes as they enter the labor market. ⑥ Comparison 8 Verbal Visual Sit & Listen Try & See Teacher Facilitator Job Security Flexibility Commanding Collaborating Curriculum Centered Learner Centric Closed Book Exams Open Book World Previous Generations Gen Z Attributes “Always on and with smartphone” (90% of users are sleeping next to a smartphone) “Watching videos on YouTube more than TV” “SLANGUAGE, their own communication words” ... Gen Z can earn the money with entering labor markets.
  10. 10. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z are different. They are more mobile, are more creative and have their own SLANGUAGE [Reference] 9
  11. 11. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Attributes of Gen Z can be summarized A-B-C-D-E 2. Gen Zs on GameDuck ① Overview 10 A B C D E Active Be Famous Creative Daily gaming life vidEo centric
  12. 12. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Users explore new solution for what they want. They don’t just sit and listen in provided situation Recording with Mobizen ② Active 11 Editing with Tools
  13. 13. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Share whatever they want to do, without just provided tool. Drawing a Picture in Phone ② Active 12 Taking a hand-drawing picture
  14. 14. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Users take e-sport event which they pay for. <Special Soldier tournaments> <Minecraft tournament> <Vainglory Tournament> ② Active 13
  15. 15. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! They want to be popular with challenging new project, and make themselves with nickname as brand ‘sprout-out’ 14 ③ Be Famous Nickname as brand
  16. 16. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! They makes new contents with creativity. 15 ④ Creative Kwanghwamoon Space City Cruise Project
  17. 17. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Game is as a part of their daily lives. With smartphone, anyone can play games not like old guys just can play games with consoles and PC. Game as a part of daily lives 16 ⑤ Daily Gaming Life
  18. 18. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Gen Z are Youtube generation, so they are accustomed to communicate with video. 소통 방식은 영상 17 ⑥ vidEo centric
  19. 19. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 1. GameDuck? ① Overview 18 GameDuck is a game social media, like Facebook for game users- made more convenient with video communication. For Game Users Social Media By Video Service Concept Attributes 1 One-stop Social Media Platform - Compared to just watching videos on YouTube, GameDuck users can play, record, edit, share, and socialize. 2 Curation by users’ interests - GameDuck users can enjoy curated content and friends based on similar interests like games, friends, and team 3 Global Service - 8 languages: Japanese, English, Korean, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, and Thai
  20. 20. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Anyone can make video content about games and become a star by sharing them! Passive As-Is : 1: N • A few popular BJs make content and distribute to game users • Only a few BJs are stars, while others are viewers To-Be : N: N • Anyone can make video content and distribute to other game users • All game users are capable of becoming a star 19 [Reference] New social Media Active
  21. 21. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! ② Features_ Usage Flow 20 GameDuck users can record, edit, and share their gameplay videos as well as socialize through our one-stop service One stop solution Recording Editing Completion Playing Sharing Socializing
  22. 22. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 21 Users can download and play interesting games they see on their timeline and on other game channels within GameDuck. Social Ads Timeline Game Channel Google Play - User first sees an interesting post in their timeline, then moves to the game channel. - After browsing the game channel, user becomes more interested and clicks the install button. - User downloads the game in the app marketplace. Game Channel - User can play and record their gameplay. ② Features_ New Ads
  23. 23. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! ③ Status 22 GameDuck has hit more than 1 million downloads since November 2015, and has a 4.3/5 user review rating. Download Avg. Session Duration 19m 18m 11m 7m Source : Wiseapp Avg. Session Duration of Top Korean SNS
  24. 24. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! ④ Mobizen 23 Mobizen records your screen, integrating your mobile world into your life. Attributes 1 Global No.1 Screen Recording App - More than 25 Million Downloads 2 No Rooting Screen Recording - Users who have smartphones below android OS version 5.0 can record their screen. 3 Simple UX - With the widget, users can record their screen with just one click. Lives Recorders In & through Smartphone
  25. 25. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! ④ Mobizen 24 Usage patterns of Mobizen incited the creation of GameDuck. Mobizen GameDuck - More than 70% of recording with Mobizen is gameplay. - Inspired by how users were using Mobizen, Gameduck was born.
  26. 26. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! Our mother company, Rsupport, has strong technological base in remote control, mirroring and video recording·editing 25 • Asia No.1 in remote control [Reference] Our Technology Remote Call • Video Recording and Editing S/W for PC • Recording Android Mobile Screen in PC • More than 25million global downloads Mobizen Lite Cam
  27. 27. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! ① High engagement 26 User evaluate GameDuck as a masterpiece and propose GameDuck stuff. 2. Gen Z in GameDuck
  28. 28. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 27 GameDuck users spontaneously buzz GameDuck. ② Sense of belonging
  29. 29. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 28 ③ Crazy Creativity SpaceShip Castle Minecraft
  30. 30. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 29 GameDuck can bridge between father and son. Which role was filled with sports. ④ Generation Gap Filler I agree with your ideas that game and GameDuck can bridge father and son. Nowadays I play games with my son , which help us to talk more. As well as I can help my son to control himself, when he lose his controlablity.
  31. 31. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 30 GameDuck always communicate with users to satisfy customers. ⑤ Customer Satisfaction
  32. 32. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! If you don’t understand Gen Z, You can lose new market and their new opportunities. 5. Wrapping up 31 When it comes to 'generation,' most Koreans come up with either 'X generation' or 'Da-po generation ('Da-po' is a Korean compound meaning "give up a lot of things"). 'X generation' refers to rich youngsters in 1990s that enjoyed freedom and showed a sumptuous pattern of consumptions, unlike the previous generation. They got spotlight in the market as a new type of consumers rather than those creating a new value. 'Da-po generation' refers to the recent 20s and 30s who are forced to give up a lot of significant things such as getting married, buying houses, and having kinds due to restricted economic conditions. The young generation has been educated by previous generations believing that high SAT scores and good colleges will promise richness and privilege, only to realize that the traditional values won't bring them satiable economic compensation. The recent youngsters access world through online media platforms such as youtube and actively create their own contents using smartphones and share those on various platforms such as GameDuck. Perhaps, from the previous generations' perspectives, the young generation looks much the same as the 'Da-po generation.' However, they differ from the current 20s and 30s in a way that they do not depend on past values: rather than sitting in front of a desk to passively absorb lasting legacies, Gen Zs focus on the present and the future, pursuing what they really want in a way that they believe to be right 'The Z generation' owns a high level of self-esteem and is active & creative, free from restraints.
  33. 33. !!! GameDuck Presentation, Confidential !!! 32 [참고자료]