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Pug n tell

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Hack & Tell NYC presentation on PUG's Avatar Hot or Not. Just a small bit of stupidity.

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Pug n tell

  1. 1. Aggressively power bored + antsy.
  2. 2. Year 2000
  3. 3. Shallow, Dumb, and Stoopid
  4. 4. Interwebs = Shallow, Dumb, and Stoopid (Sometimes)
  5. 5. And we’re gamers (kindof)
  7. 7. l33t haxx0r
  8. 8. The secret ingredient is the URL
  9. 9. herp derp, thanks MSFT
  10. 10. Despite two decades of online interactions which have exposed me to the very stupidest things humanity can offer, it nevertheless manages to sneak in a surprise now and again.All the pointlessness of Xbox Live Avatars combined with the ancient (by internetstandards) practice of rating them on a one to five scale based on how "hot" or"not" they are. And yet, I still found myself clicking through half a dozen avatars(rating every one a "3" because I dont know what the hell constitutes a "hot" or"not" avatar).Its about time we stopped judging whether or notpeople were hot by how they look like and instead bywhich out of a very small selection of clothing theychoose to wear and how much money they havespent on completely useless things. Small victories.
  11. 11. http://avatarhotornot.comyip, it’s open sourced http://github.com/jgrebski/ nonsense provided by @daseinmonkey + @jgrebski