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Ambient intelligence: designing intelligent environments for everyday life

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Conference presentation by Paul-Jervis Heath given at the J. Boye Aarhus 17 conference

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Ambient intelligence: designing intelligent environments for everyday life

  1. 1. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE DESIGNING INTELLIGENT ENVIRONMENTS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Paul-Jervis Heath: Founding Principal, Modern Human
  2. 2. Paul-Jervis Heath Founding Principal, Modern Human MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  3. 3. MODERN HUMAN Imagine what’s next… We’re a boutique design practice and innovation consultancy that specialises in imagining disruptive new products, services and experiences then making them a reality. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  4. 4. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Embedding technology into our environment changes our relationship with that technology, that environment and with each other.
  5. 5. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Technology is becoming ambient. Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are designed to disappear into the background, becoming part of the environment.
  6. 6. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman EARLY ADOPTER EARLY MAJORITY LATE MAJORITY LAGGARDS Adapted from: Diffusion of Innovations, Everett M Rogers. (1962). Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore. (1991).
  7. 7. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Buying smart tech was not about fulfilling a need in the household, it was about aligning oneself with being modern, demonstratively embracing the new, connecting oneself to tech culture. An initial smart device purchase quickly led to a proliferation of smart technology in the home. Gateway Gadget is novel or performative Savvy and inquisitive. They enjoy exploring the technology’s capabilities. Playful Experimenters are more discerning of their tech choices, tend to have specific functional requirements and are less accepting of the restrictions that come from platforms. Gateway Gadget is the latest or most versatile. Start off their smart home device journey with purpose -  to reduce cost and waste, enjoying the control aspect of the technology.   Gateway Gadget: is a smart meter, thermostat or a smart switch. IDENTITY MAKERS PLAYFUL EXPERIMENTERS ECONOMISERS
  8. 8. At the wrong time; in the 
 wrong place. It could get so much worse than mobile phones at the dinner table. http://modernhuman.co @modhuman MODERN HUMAN
  9. 9. The current generation of devices are insensitive. Are you the type of person who would wake a sleeping baby? Or, interrupt a conversation? Alexa is. http://modernhuman.co @modhuman MODERN HUMAN
  10. 10. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  11. 11. The brief: Design two new appliance lines: a high- end suite of appliances for dedicated cooks and an entry-level suite for ‘millennials’. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  12. 12. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman In home interviews & diary studies Why do people cook and what is a meal? What do they cook and for who? How could their appliances help them to be better cooks?
  13. 13. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman * *** 1 5 6 10 11 17 2 19 4 7 8 9 13 3 22 1824 26 1416 2012 15 21 23 25 0
  15. 15. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  16. 16. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  17. 17. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  18. 18. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  19. 19. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  20. 20. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Imagine kitchen appliances that make you a better cook _ Remote control is quickly becoming a necessary feature, despite it not fundamentally changing the relationship between the cook and the appliance; _ Full autonomy is neither totally desirable or totally possible; _ Semi-autonomy can be massively helpful, if designed sensitively to augment human ability and correct common human failings; _ For kitchen appliances: new, direct interaction mechanisms both create theatre and improve control much more than remote interaction mechanisms.
  21. 21. The brief: Reimagine the shopping experience by integrating online and in-store customer journeys, to create a deeply compelling shopping experience and drive customer loyalty. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  22. 22. Diary studies & shadowing Why do people shop? What is the full shopping journey? What is the role of the store? MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  23. 23. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman What is an experience map? _ An experience map is a strategic tool for capturing and presenting key insights into the complex customer interactions that occur across experiences with a product, service, or ecosystem. _ At the heart of an experience map lies the customer journey map or model, an archetypal journey created from an aggregate of all customers going from point A to point B as they attempt to achieve a goal or satisfy a need.
  24. 24. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  25. 25. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  26. 26. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Over to you… 20 mins _ Nominate someone in your group who has bought an item of clothing recently _ Ask them to walk you through the experience _ Follow up with questions about the experience _ Build an experience map of their experience
  29. 29. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Why use an experience map? _ The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across teams and stakeholders, _ The map as artefact allows you to create and support better customer experiences. _ Experience mapping is a journey that can involve and impact the entire organisation.
  30. 30. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Incorporate clear takeaways _ Takeaways are typically added to the map late in the process. _ They become apparent as you pivot from understanding the current state of your customer experience to envisioning the future state. _ There are different takeaways you could include, but they should answer the questions “So what?” and “What now?”
  31. 31. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Build the map around a strong central storyline _ Decide what will be included in the final map and what won’t _ Separate the important insights from the nice-to-have details _ Prioritise the key story components _ Take a step back and walk through your key points
  32. 32. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman A good experience map… _ has a point of view _ considers the audience _ is designed for impact
  33. 33. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Alternative orientations _ Action oriented: using your customers’ actions across time as the spine of the story is the action oriented approach. _ Emotion oriented: take feeling and draw the emotional journey of your customers. _ Place oriented: choose place and organise your key insights by decision points within a physical context.
  35. 35. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Over to you… 15 mins _ Choose one of the moments of your experience map: how could you augment this part of the experience with technology? _ What is the potential solution? What is it, how do people interact with it, what does it do? _ What are the potential advantages? _ What are the potential disadvantages? TOUCHPOINT INTERACTION MECHANISMS PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT SOCIALITY TEMPO STAGE GOAL OR 
  36. 36. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  37. 37. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  38. 38. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman Imagine the perfectly integrated shopping experience _ The role of the physical store has changed radically and the retail environment needs to work much harder to create engagement and loyalty; _ Smart retail environments can be integrated into existing stores to provide a personalised experience; _ Linking online and in-store environments enables new store formats and can drive customer loyalty; _ Merchandising online still has a way to go. In the medium-term Artificial Intelligence can support buying and merchandising both online and offline.
  39. 39. MODERN HUMANhttp://modernhuman.co @modhuman 01_ Help people do what they already want to do. 02_ Help people feel successful. 03_ Simplicity changes behaviour. Fogg’s Maxims
  40. 40. MODERN HUMAN Paul-Jervis Heath pjh@modernhuman.co +44 79 7456 7823 @pauljervisheath