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Six Social Media Platforms for Paid Advertising

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Now that another year has ended and 2016 has begun, it has become quite evident that the aforementioned platforms, and new ones that have emerged (such as Pinterest and Instagram), have become crucial to web marketing strategies for certain businesses. Is a portion of your marketing budget for 2016 dedicated to paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms? Is tweeting and community management even a part of your digital marketing mix in the new year? If the answer to either question is no, don’t fear – there is still time to adjust your strategy and utilize social media marketing to make an impact in the coming months.

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Six Social Media Platforms for Paid Advertising

  1. 1. S I X S O C I A L M E D I A P L A T F O R M S F O R P A I D A D V E R T I S I N G Social media marketing is no longer a novelty for brands. The ability to target niche audiences gives companies tremendous opportunities to generate a significant ROI. Outlined below are six social media platforms from which you can launch paid advertising campaigns to generate brand awareness, increase traffic and capture new business. Facebook Whether it's local or international, Facebook's sophisticated advertising platform allows you to promote content, drive traffic to your website, advertise app installs, or make memes go viral. Twitter While promoting a hashtag is a costly endeavor, Twitter Cards provide great opportunities to increase email databases and remarket to custom audiences. Promote tweets & accounts to increase engagement. Instagram Piggybacking on Facebook's advertising platform, Instagram provides brands with an opportunity to increase awareness on mobile devices and push traffic to websites. Just don't spend money on selfies. LinkedIn Catering to a B2B audience, LinkedIn is an effective platform for companies looking to generate leads by targeting niche users based on job titles & skills. It can also make headhunting fun for recruiters (seriously!) Pinterest Only accessible to U.S.-based businesses, this powerful platform for retailers can generate even more referral traffic for ecommerce brands, leading to more sales during the holiday season...and more recipe pins (YUM!) Prepared by Jonathan Berthold Foursquare Purely a local marketing play, Foursquare ads allow you to push your business in front of potential customers searching within or for products/services in your area. Also it's fun to scare users with ads when they end up in a specific geographic area. WWW.RANKMEDIAAGENCY.COM