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  1. 1. * GB780049 (A) Description: GB780049 (A) ? 1957-07-31 Improvements in and relating to domestic firegrates Description of GB780049 (A) PATENT SPECIFICATION 780,049 Date of filing Complete Specification: April 20, 1956. Application Date: April 22, 1955. No. 11661/55. % Complete Specification Published: July 31, 1957. Index at acceptance:-Class 126, B44E1. International Classification:-F24b. COMPLETE SPECIFICATION Improvements in and relating to Domestic Firegrates I, ALLAN FOREBES URE, a British Subject, of Springbank Ironworks, 'Keppochhill Road, Glasgow, N, Scotland, do hereby declare the invention, for which I pray that a patent may be granted to me, and the method by which it is to be performed, to be particularly described in and by the following statement:- This invention has reference to domestic firegrates of the type provided with an oven and a chamber located below the oven, said chamber being open only at the front thereof and extending downwards beyond the fire bars to the ash pit. The present invention has for its object to provide improvements in such domestic firegrates by which the oven will be better heated than is the case in such firegrates as previously constructed. According to the present invention a domestic firegrate of the type set forth is characterised by the provision of a baffle located at the front of said chamber and extending upwardly from the firegrate to form a passage below the bottom of the oven whereby part of the gaseous products of combustion are drawn downwardly between the fire bars, upwardly to the rear of the baffle into the chamber and then through said passage to unite with the gaseous products of combustion passing upwardly from the fire bed. The invention further consists in a firegrate as set forth in the
  2. 2. preceding paragraph wherein the baffle is in the form of a plate having a transverse slot therein, the upper peripheral edge of such slot registering with the bottom of the oven and the slot forming the passage through which pass the gaseous products of combustion from the chamber. The lower edge of the baffle may be provided with a flange projecting into the chamber so as to deflect the gaseous products of combustion towards the rear of said chamber. The invention further consists in a domestic firegrate as set forth in any of the three preceding paragraphs wherein the baffle is provided; with a flange which supports a transversely extending firebrick facing the combustion chamber. [Price 3s. 6d.] The invention is particularly, but not exclusively, adapted to back-to-back firegrates and the invention will now be described as applied to such firegrates and as shown in the accompanying drawings wherein: Figure 1 is a sectional side elevation of a back-to-back grate with the present invention applied thereto; and Figure 2 is a similar view showing a further construction of baffle. In a back-to-back firegrate there is the grate proper A which is provided with a suitable surround and which is used to heat, say, a living room, and an oven B and hot plate C located at the rear of the grate proper and which constitute a cooker. According to the invention as shown in Figure 1 a chamber 1 is positioned below the oven B, the bottom of the oven constituting the top of said chamber., Said chamber is closed at its rear and the bottom thereof slopes downwardly and forwardly as at 2 towards the ash pit 3, positioned below the grate 4. The usual hot water boiler 5 is located at the rear of the grate and forms a passage 6 for the gaseous products of combustion between the boiler and the rear of the oven, the boiler being somewhat lower than the bottom of the oven. Extending transversely of the grate is a baffle 7 which terminates at or near the rear of the grate 4 and extends upwardly therefrom at the rear of the boiler 5, to form a transverse slot or passage 8 between the top thereof and the bottom of the oven. This baffle may have a rearwardly directed flange 9 extending along its lower edge or it may have a forwardly directed, flange 10 extending along said edge and supporting a firebrick facing 11, see Fig. 2. Or the baffle may be provided with both a forwardly and rearwardly directed flange, the former supporting the fire brick. When the improved firegrate is in use the greater part of the products of combustion will pass below and upwardly to the rear of the boiler and in its upward passage will heat the 'oven, 'Part of the gaseous products of combustion will, by chimney draught, 'be drawn downwardly
  3. 3. between the fIrebars of the grate 4 then into the chamber 1 below the baffle, upwardly to impinge on the bottom of the oven and then forwardly through said passage 8 to join the products of combustion passing upwardly between the oven and boiler. The gaseous products of combustion pass upwardly through the passage 6, then below the hob C and are then conducted to the usual vertical flue or uptake as shown, for example, in our prior patent No. 630,340. By forming the baffle with the rearwardly extending flange 9 the products of combustion which pass therebelow are deflected to the rear of the chamber before passing through the passage 8. The baffle may extend below the level of the grate, of if desired, it may be formed integral with the grate. * Sitemap * Accessibility * Legal notice * Terms of use * Last updated: 08.04.2015 * Worldwide Database *; 93p