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CC In Korea

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CC In Korea

  1. 1. Welcome to Creative Commons
  2. 2. CC in Korea Jay Yoon Project Lead of CC Korea [email_address] www.jayyoon.com
  3. 3. <ul><li>CCL was ported to Korea </li></ul>March 2005
  4. 4. <ul><li>driven by inspired young commoners </li></ul>introduced by KAFIL which is a academic society for the Information law supported by community
  5. 5. CC Community Art Science New Media Traditional media CC Developers
  6. 6. 2 years later
  7. 8. 3 years later
  8. 11.
  9. 12. CCL adopted by dCollection system for academic theses by 206 universities (www.dcollection.net)
  10. 13. CCL adopted by the Newbank Image, which is run by over ten major newspaper companies (image.newsbank.co.kr)
  11. 14. All photos are CCL ’ d with Ad. attached
  12. 15. 3 usage of photos can be traced
  13. 16. provided with the commercial license
  14. 17. CCL implemented in the Office Software (http://haansoft.softinfo.co.kr)
  15. 18. Web Service ICL implemented in the hardware
  16. 19. New album of Bust This licensed by CCL
  17. 20. daily average duration time on the internet is about 80min.
  18. 21. Portal sites Portal sites’share of TTS(total time spent) is 57.3%
  19. 23. Total Members 31M, Total Blogs 3.5M, Daily UV is 2M and Daily PV is 30M Tatal Cafés 7.3M, Daily UV is 4M and Daily PV is 300M Daum
  20. 24. Daum ’ s CCL adoption (1) adoption of CCL in Daum Blog Feb. 2006 default adoption of CCL adoption of CCL in Daum Cafés Mar. 2008 daily 2~3M new contents CCL’d
  21. 25. Daum ’ s CCL adoption (2) adoption of CCL in some affiliated sites Especially as of June 2008, 12K blogs CCL’d among 160K Tistory blogs, which have a great influence on blogger circles.
  22. 26. Total Members 32M, Daily UV is 17M and Daily PV is 1,000M Total Blogs 14M, Daily UV is 7M and Daily PV is 110M Tatal Cafés 4.3M, Daily UV is 6M and Daily PV is160M NAVER NHN was the fifth ranked search property worldwide by ComScore. <Source: ComScore>
  23. 27. Naver ’ s CCL adoption (1) Hoping to enable users to share self-made skins with others if they want... Hoping to enable users to customize shared skins on user needs (blog’s traits)… 1 st trial: Naver Blog Season 2 Episode 1 – 2007/3 “ Enable users freely make blog skins” Enable users to specify CCL when sharing skins in Item Factory 1. Users can select CCL when sharing 2. The shared skin shows granted permission
  24. 28. Naver ’ s CCL adoption (2) Full scale adoption: CCL in Naver Blog/Café contents, 2008-2-26 As of  May 2008 over 100 thousand Blogs and 200 thousand Cafés licensed by CCL. Started with services with the biggest impact.
  25. 29. CC Salon in Seoul
  26. 30. for promoting creativity and networking in various areas
  27. 31. 1 st for musicians 2 nd for developers 3 rd for media arts
  28. 33. CC Hope Day for celebrating CC birthday and gathering all the CC community
  29. 35. CC Korea 1 st International Conference for boosting Open Culture and PR
  30. 36. http://cck-conference.tistory.com/ http://www.creativecommons.or.kr/blog/article/51 http://www.creativecommons.or.kr/blog/article/50
  31. 37. 4 th ccSalon in Seoul Performance of CC musicians Promotion of ccMixter Korea for music remix
  32. 39. www.ccmixter.or.kr
  33. 40. future projects
  34. 41. http://eng.copyright.or.kr /
  35. 42. Archiving of CCL’d contents On the http://freeuse.copyright.or.kr
  36. 43. with broadcasitng company with public sectors with academic sectors
  37. 44. www.creativecommons.or.kr
  38. 45. Consist of about 40 members with various backgrounds, such as developers, bloggers, artists, reporters, lawyers, college students and even high school students
  39. 46. No part time job No fulltime job All members are volunteers
  40. 47. for consistent identity new legal entity independent of KAFIL
  41. 48. CC Korea Board Coordinator CC Korea Planning Section Research External Relations CC Secretariat management 심의준 Study Developers Media Arts Budget PMO 안수혁 임효준 민은식 안수혁 심의준 강현숙 안수혁 임효준 민은식 이희욱 이미영
  42. 49. Each projects with a core volunteer as a leader decentralized organization
  43. 50. volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer CC Korea volunteer volunteer volunteer
  44. 52. http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=_9IInYcUS20 free music 2 - CC Korea theme song -
  45. 53. Song by Cho PD music video by Jongeun Lee, volunteer 76 pictures from Flickr sax added by moshang
  46. 54. Copyright by Jay Yoon Licensed under CC attribution 2.0 Korean license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/kr) except images captured

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