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Masters of Marketing -- Blogging for SEO

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In the June 18, 2015 Masters of Marketing webinar, SEO Assistant Josh Bowe discussed the best ways to blog to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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Masters of Marketing -- Blogging for SEO

  1. 1. Blogging for SEO How to increase traffic & rise up search engine ranks Josh Bowe SEO Assistant/ITC
  2. 2. Blogging is Fast, Simple and Proven • Creating unique content for your website works for customers and search engines • Give people a reason to visit and stay on your site
  3. 3. Why Blogging Works • Blogging shows search engines you’re current • Blogs contain keyword rich content • Blogs give customers a reason to come back
  4. 4. Getting Started • Set up your blog • Each new post is a new page • Creates new linking opportunities
  5. 5. Have a Strategy • Know your keyword strategy • Focus on important lines of businesses • Promote through social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
  6. 6. Tips for Posting
  7. 7. Tips for Posts • Embrace keywords but don’t spam • Links! Links! Links! • Develop a voice or personality • Get to the point • Answer questions about your lines of business • Don’t be too general. There’s lot of insurance options. Blog about what sets you apart or matters to your set of customers.
  8. 8. More Posting Tips • Don’t be text heavy • Change up formatting • Tag your posts
  9. 9. Make Sure to Follow Through • Keep up a schedule for posts • Focus on unique content • Don’t abandon your blog
  10. 10. SEO Friendly Blogging • Titles and subheads important • Each blog post should focus on a particular subject or keyword (EX: Dallas Auto Insurance, New York Home Insurance) • Search engine’s love organic traffic – keep up unique content
  11. 11. Thank You! Join us for July’s Masters of Marketing webinar “The Ins and Outs of Managing Your Agency's Email Marketing” presented by AgencyBuzz Coordinator Sophie Massie.