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WebRTC applications for IoT

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From telemedicine to smart cars, digital homes and industrial monitoring, the explosive growth of IoT has created exciting new business opportunities for real time calls and messaging.

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WebRTC applications for IoT

  1. 1. New Opportunities for Real Time Communications Created by the Iot Explosion Ivelin Ivanov
  2. 2. What is IoT? “The Internet of Things is many things - most of them aren’t new or exciting “ Henning Schulzrinne, CTO FCC
  3. 3. Why now? ● Costs dropping dramatically ○ Internet Connectivity ○ Devices ○ ARM CPU ● Technology available for mass market apps ○ HD Video cameras ○ WiFi and Cellular components ○ Robotics components ○ Energy efficient electronics ○ Safer, lighter, inexpensive batteries ○ Multiple sources of sustainable energy
  4. 4. ● Connectivity not always available ● Occasionally connect to transmit data or media ● Graceful degradation of transmission quality ● Often on the move ● Using multiple alternative connection modes ● Varied connection speeds around the world A lot like mobile phones
  5. 5. Varied connectivity over time and geo
  6. 6. Its a gradual transition
  7. 7. Use Cases for IoT and Communications
  8. 8. Telemedicine
  9. 9. Medical Decision Support
  10. 10. In-time Logistics Coordination
  11. 11. Manufacturing Process Intervention
  12. 12. Connected Car - Roadside Assistance
  13. 13. Home and Office Security Response
  14. 14. Child Monitoring
  15. 15. Remote and harsh environments
  16. 16. IoT Big picture by FCC CTO: Sense Everything, Control Everything source: Henning Schulzrinne, CTO FCC
  17. 17. Restcomm IoT Example
  18. 18. Do it yourself on $100 budget At scale cost (10,000 units) only $10-15
  19. 19. IoT Demo
  20. 20. The Opportunity ● Legacy telecom infrastructure will remain a key asset for a long time ● Moving from traditional vendors to FOSS for lower cost and more flexible core network components ● Shift to IP communications is accelerating ● Real Time Communications is still out of reach for most Web and Mobile App developers. Enable them to build Services !
  21. 21. The Solution - RestComm RestComm is a Real Time Communications Platform for Web and Mobile Developers to build and scale Voice, Video, and Messaging Apps for WebRTC, SIP and PSTN networks.
  22. 22. Finally a Visual tool for “Copy and Paste” App Developers
  23. 23. Powered by the TeleStax Communications Platform based on Mobicents RestComm allows Operators and Service Providers to expose their core assets - either IMS or Legacy SS7 - through simple APIs that are TwilioTM compatible.
  24. 24. Moving up the Value Chain ● Mobile phones used to be perceived as plain vanilla call devices... Apple changed that ● Core Telecom Services are still stone age. ● Meet RestComm App Store*! *Patent Pending USPTO #62/017,054
  25. 25. info@telestax.com @telestax http://www.telestax.com Q & A