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Google analytics 101 fundamentals, key concepts and reporting basics


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Google analytics 101 fundamentals, key concepts and reporting basics

  1. 1. 1 #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Matt Trimmer
 Principal Consultant & Managing Director These Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/ivantage Google Analytics 101 - Fundamentals, key concepts and reporting basics © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  2. 2. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 2 Google Analytics & Tag Manager curriculum • Google Analytics 101 - Fundamentals, key concepts and reporting basics • Google Analytics 201 - Goals, events, views, basic filters, segments, alerts and best practice campaigns • Google Analytics 202 - Analysing organic search, paid search, in-bound social media and attribution modelling • Google Analytics 301 - Architecture, processing, configuration, extending and auditing • Google Tag Manager 101 - Fundamentals, key concepts, basic tagging and advanced event listener tagging © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  3. 3. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer slideshare.net/ivantage 3© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage 3
  4. 4. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Timings and housekeeping • Start 9:30 • Break 11:00-11:15 • Lunch 12:45-13:45 • Break 15:15-15:30 • Wrap-up 17:00 • Nearest fire exit • Toilets • Please ask questions! 4© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  5. 5. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 5 Session 1 – Mastering the Google Analytics Interface • Introductions, your objectives and building your 101 action plan • Defining paid search (cpc, ppc & pfp), organic search, structured search and SEO • Accessing Google Analytics with your Google account • Google Analytics accounts, web properties and views • The Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) • Exploring and understanding real-time reporting • Exploring and understanding standard reporting – the ABC model • Creating, using and sharing annotations • Defining and understanding pageviews and unique pageviews • Defining and understanding users and sessions • Exploring and understanding audience reporting • Defining and understanding dimensions and metrics • Introducing regular expressions – or (|) • Understanding cross segmentation and pivot views • Creating, using and sharing shortcuts • Introducing, applying and understanding system segments • Creating, using and sharing custom segments • Understanding and defining bounce and bounce rate • Identifying high-bouncing landing pages with the landing pages report • Powerful analysis with weighted sort • Defining and understanding exit and exit rate © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  6. 6. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 6 Session 2 – Measuring your success with goals funnels, transactions & KPIs • What is possible with web analytics? • What is possible with Google Analytics? • Defining and understanding goals • Goals as a way of prioritising your work • Google Analytics and your website’s goals • Setting engagement goals • Setting a simple destination goal * • Introducing E-commerce • Measuring how your traffic sources convert to goals and transactions • Understanding and defining key performance indicators (KPIs) • Your KPIs and Google Analytics • The three organizational objectives • Introducing intelligence events • Creating, using and sharing powerful dashboards • Exporting, emailing and scheduling reports and dashboards © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  7. 7. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 7 Session 3 – Reporting and measuring devices, users, sessions and traffic sources • How Google Analytics measures users, sessions, browsers and devices • Understanding why Google Analytics uses cookies • Complying with the Google Analytics terms of service and the cookie law/DNT initiatives • Exploring and understanding your acquisition sources and mediums • Understanding and defining direct, referral and search traffic • Identifying high-bouncing traffic sources • Identifying high-bouncing traffic to landing pages with cross segmentation • Using the URL builder and defining source, medium, campaign, content and term • Measuring e-mail marketing campaigns with campaign tracking • Measuring banners and display advertising campaigns with campaign tracking • Measuring in-bound social media campaigns with campaign tracking • Measuring off-line campaigns using vanity URLs and QR codes with campaign tracking • Creating, editing and sharing a custom report for organic keywords • Creating, editing and sharing a custom report for campaign tracking (URL builder) © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  8. 8. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 8 Session 4 – Understanding user engagement and content interaction • Exploring and understanding behaviour reports • Exploring and understanding site content and content drill down • Exploring and understanding user and behaviour flows • Exploring and understanding goal flows and funnel visualisation • Exploring and understanding navigation summary and entrance paths • Exploring and understanding in-page analytics • Improving in-page analytics • Exploring and understanding page title and its significance for SEO • Creating, editing and sharing a custom report for landing page efficiency • Adding custom reports to dashboards • Wrap up, conclusions, your action plan and feedback • * Google Analytics edit access required © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  9. 9. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Keeping up to date • Official blog • https://analytics.googleblog.com/ • Google+ • https://plus.google.com/+GoogleAnalytics • Twitter • https://twitter.com/googleanalytics 9© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  10. 10. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Introductions • First • Me (Matt Trimmer) & ivantage overview • In a moment • A little bit about you • Your name • Your role • Your organisation/department/site/site area • Your objectives for attending today 10© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  11. 11. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Me • Founder, Principal Consultant and Managing Director of ivantage • 14 years old • Digital agency, now training specialist • Technical and Marketing background • One of 15 Google Accredited Seminar Leaders Globally 11© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  12. 12. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer You • A little bit about you • Your name • Your role • Your organisation/department/site/site area • Your objectives for attending today • Experience with Analytics 12© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  13. 13. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer History • Google acquires Urchin, March 28th 2005 • Google Analytics launched November 2005 • Free to all! • February 2006, First Google Analytics Summit • ivantage become 1 of 4 UK Google Analytics Authorised Consultants (GAACs) • 54.3% of all websites use GA (w3techs.com) • 34.9% don’t use anything! • 83.4% market share • Google Analytics Premium launched September 2011 • Google Analytics 360 Suite launched March 15th 2016 13© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  14. 14. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 14 Why would you not use Google Analytics? • Possible privacy/security concerns about data? • Web analytics data travels over Internet • Can be secured, however • Web analytics data is secured by policies and procedures • No data-sharing without consent • Except when required by US law • Ongoing investment in security • External and internal threats • Employee access controls • Policy enforcement • Auditing to check compliance • You do own your data • Realistically difficult to export • Lack of Service Level Agreement? © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  15. 15. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 15 Google Analytics and other Google products • Google Analytics • Google Analytics 360 (Paid product) • Same user interface • Designed for very busy websites • Google Analytics does have some processing limitations • Reduced sampling • Service Level Agreements • Collection, Processing & Reporting • Google Tag Manager & 360 • Google Optimise & 360 • Google Data Studio & 360 • Google Attribution 360 • Google Audience Center 360 • DoubleClick by Google © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  16. 16. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Some early definitions • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Paid search (cpc normally in Google Analytics) • Also known as ppc or pfp • Advertising • Organic search • Also know as known as Natural search • The process of improving organic search - SEO • Search Engine Optimisation • Relevancy • Structured search • Also known as paid inclusion • Google Shopping • Product Listing Ads (PLAs) 16© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  17. 17. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 17 Accessing Google Analytics • Log in to Google Analytics • http://google.com/analytics or • Via Google Account or • Via Google Adwords © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  18. 18. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 18 Accessing Google Analytics •Best not to share a log-in with colleagues! •Best not to use a generic team-based log in! •Security and confidentially issues •GA has “personal” features • Dashboards • Annotations • Shortcuts • Custom alerts • Segments • Custom reports • Scheduled emails • Channel groupings • Create a Google account • https://goo.gl/fOQPXp © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  19. 19. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 19 The structure of Google Analytics • Google Account • Google Analytics Account • UA-123 • Google Analytics Web Property • UA-123-1 • Google Analytics View (Profile) • Where your data is viewed © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  20. 20. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 20 How does GA measure visitors? • JavaScript (not Java) page tagging • Known as the GATC • 1st Party Cookies • An image request to the Google Servers © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  21. 21. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 21 Installing Google Analytics • Sign-up • Get the code • Install on to every page on your website! © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  22. 22. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 22 Agree the ToS © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  23. 23. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 23 The Google Analytics Terms of Service • 2. Fees and Service. Subject to Section 15, the Service is provided without charge to You for up to 10 million Hits per month per account. Google may change its fees and payment policies for the Service from time to time including the addition of costs for geographic data, the importing of cost data from search engines, or other fees charged to Google or its wholly-owned subsidiaries by third party vendors for the inclusion of data in the Service reports. The changes to the fees or payment policies are effective upon Your acceptance of those changes which will be posted at http://www.google.com/analytics. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Any outstanding balance becomes immediately due and payable upon termination of this Agreement and any collection expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by Google will be included in the amount owed, and may be charged to the credit card or other billing mechanism associated with Your AdWords account. © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  24. 24. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 24 The Google Analytics Terms of Service • 7. Privacy. You will not (and will not allow any third party to) use the Service to track, collect or upload any data that personally identifies an individual (such as a name, email address or billing information), or other data which can be reasonably linked to such information by Google. You will have and abide by an appropriate Privacy Policy and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the collection of information from Visitors. You must post a Privacy Policy and that Privacy Policy must provide notice of Your use of cookies that are used to collect traffic data, and You must not circumvent any privacy features (e.g., an opt-out) that are part of the Service. You may participate in an integrated version of Google Analytics and any DoubleClick product or service or any other Google display ads product or service ("Google Analytics for Display Advertisers"). If You use Google Analytics for Display Advertisers, You will comply with the Google Analytics for Display Advertisers Policy (available at http://support.google.com/analytics/bin/ answer.py?hl=en&topic=2611283&answer=2700409 ) and, as set forth in the policy, disclose in Your Privacy Policy (i) Your use of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and its features You use, and (ii) how Visitors can opt-out from Google Analytics for Display Advertisers. Your access to and use of any DoubleClick or Google display ads data is subject to the applicable terms between You and Google. © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  25. 25. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 25 The tracking code (GATC) © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  26. 26. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 26 The GATC - your version? • Oldest to newest • To find •View source •Ghostery •Google Tag Assistant •More options •https://goo.gl/xRzePd ga('create', 'UA-XXXX-X', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXX-X']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); _uacct ="UA-xxxxx-x"; urchinTracker(); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-xxxxxx-x"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  27. 27. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 27 Key metrics defined • Users • People using browsers on devices (cookies) • Sessions • People interacting with your content (JavaScript) • Pageviews • All loads of a JavaScript tagged page • Unique Pageviews • Unique loads of a JavaScript tagged page in a given visit • Bounces (Bounce rate) • A visit with one pageview • Entrances • Sessions to landing pages • Bounce rate • The rate of bounces from entrances as % © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  28. 28. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 28 Dimensions and Metrics • Dimensions (Green) • Objects • Metrics (Blue) • Calculated numbers • Full list • https://goo.gl/GWNW4v © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  29. 29. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Regular expressions • Powerful way to extract data • | or (france|germany) • ^ at the beginning you will find (^/sport/) • $ at the end you will find (pdf$) • . matches any single character (1. matches 10, 1A etc) • treat the next character as a non-regex character • Useful when keeping the . in for example page1.html • More information • https://goo.gl/nCXXIF 29© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  30. 30. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Break time 30© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  31. 31. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 31 What’s possible with Web Analytics? • How visitors found your web site • What visitors are doing on your web site • Not WHY they are doing it! • Domain of usability/customer experience • Onsite surveys • Sampling visitors arriving/leaving • Heuristic reviews • Experts reviewing your site against a set of criteria (heuristics) • Conversion Rate Optimisation • A/B testing • Multi-variate testing • Usability testing • Representative customers completing tasks • Resources • https://goo.gl/uc4hal © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  32. 32. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 32 What’s possible with GA? • How visitors found your website • What visitors are doing on your website • Not why! • Outcomes focused • Goals © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  33. 33. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 33 Goals • Goals should be commercial • The commercial goals of your website • Goals should map to visitor tasks • Visitors visit sites to accomplish tasks • Tasks normally have a series of steps • Funnel • Measure conversion through the task • When goals match user tasks • Conversions! © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  34. 34. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 34 The importance of goals for you? • Justify your website work • Focus your website work • Prioritise your website work © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  35. 35. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 35 The importance of goals for you? • Goals map to business metrics • Enable you to build a business case for • Analytics investment • Analysis investment • Action investment • Goals focus on important paths and entrances • Enable you to analyse progress along desirable paths • Goals focus on value • Add a pre-defined value to a goal © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  36. 36. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 36 • User exhibits behaviour: • Page 1 = /index.html • Page 2 = /category-footwear.html • Page 3 = /category-clothing.html • Page 4 = /category-headwear.html • Page 5 = /products/kangol-tropic-player-trilby.html • Page 6= /cart/basketview.html • Page 7= /cart/registration.html • Page 8 = /cart/paymentoptions.html • Goal = /cart/salesorderconfirmation.html • Configure your goal funnel: • Step 1: index.html • Step 2-4: ^/category- • Step 5: ^/products- • Step 6: ^/cart/basketview.html • Step 7: ^/cart/registration.html • Step 8 : ^/cart/paymentoptions.html • Goal: ^/cart/salesorderconfirmation.html Goal and funnels © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  37. 37. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 37 Zoom into important behaviour to identify problems 6.77% funnel conversion rate © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  38. 38. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 38 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? • A metric • Miles per Hour (mph) • Defining progress to an objective • To reach the legal motorway speed limit of 70 mph • Enabling you to take corrective action • Accelerate or brake • Speedometer • Web Analytics package © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  39. 39. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 39 Common KPIs © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  40. 40. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 40 The big three organisational goals? • Raise revenue • Lower costs • Increase customer satisfaction • Raises revenue • Lowers costs © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  41. 41. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 41 Your site’s goals? • Take a moment to think about what your site’s KPIs should be? • Take a moment to think of some goals for your website • Complete like a user would • Write each URL step down in notepad • If you have goals • Do you understand them? • Are they useful? • What are you recording as a final step • Use Goal URLs report © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  42. 42. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 42 Configuring a simple “Goal” • Go to www.ivantage-training.com and complete the simple goal • Observe while your tutor configures • Two Engagement Goals • One URL Destination Goal © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  43. 43. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer E-commerce • Code placed on your confirmation pages • Sends order information to Google Analytics • Populates ecommerce module • Standard or enhanced • More info • https://goo.gl/ndSqmQ 43© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  44. 44. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Lunch time 44© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  45. 45. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 4558 How does GA measure visitors? • JavaScript (not Java) page tagging • 1st party cookies • Image request to Google servers • Transmit visit information • Your stats will miss some devices that do not execute JavaScript and/or accept cookies • Search Engine bots :-) • Generally • Mobiles (1st generation) :-| • Accessibility devices :-( © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  46. 46. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 46 Install on every page of your site Website © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  47. 47. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 47 How Google Analytics works Website © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  48. 48. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 48 How Google Analytics works Website cookies © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  49. 49. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 49 What are Cookies? • Named after Fortune Cookies • Text files sent to browsers by websites • Session and persistent Google Analytics Cookies • Session • Expire after 30 minutes of inactivity • or expire on browser close • Persistent • Lasts for 2 years © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  50. 50. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 50 Browser web server New Visitor Browser web serverCookie Returning Visitor GA Cookie present GA Cookie not present Google Analytics __UTMa or _ga Page cookies © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  51. 51. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 51 Google Analytics cookies - Classic Analytics __UTMb - Visit cookie, lasts for 30 minutes from every hit __UTMa - Unique visitor cookie, lasts for 2 years from set or update on every hit __UTMc - Visit end cookie, not set to expire, does so when browser closes __UTMv - Requires the _setVar() command or Custom Variables __UTMz - Campaign visit tracking cookie, determines traffic sources, lasts for 6 months from set or update on every hit © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  52. 52. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 52 Google Analytics cookie - Universal Analytics _ga- Unique visitor cookie, lasts for 2 years from set or update on every hit. Name can be changed, might not be used! • UTMa Visitor cookie, lasts for 2 years from update, updated every page view • Visit properties now set server side in the User Interface • 30 minute default session timeout © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  53. 53. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 53 Key traffic (acquisition) concepts • Google Analytics allocates traffic to three distinct mediums • cpc or paid search • organic • Google, bing, yahoo, etc • (none) • Source of direct • Visits when the web address is used directly in the browser without a search • A component of “brand awareness • referral • Sites with links to you, that provided visits © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  54. 54. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 54 Campaign tracking and the URL Builder • Use Google Analytics Campaign Tracking by finding “The URL Builder” in the Google Analytics help centre • Build a Campaign Tracking URL for an Email campaign • https://goo.gl/BySjCr © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  55. 55. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 55 Campaign Tracking and Dimensions © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  56. 56. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 56 Campaign Tracking example • One campaign • Many mediums © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  57. 57. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 57 Tracking off-line campaigns • Use vanity urls • mysite.com/bus • 301 redirecting to Campaign Tracking URLs • http://www.mysite.com/landing-page.com? utm_source=Route-21- bus&utm_medium=outdoor&utm_content=AdBU123&utm_campa ign=summer © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  58. 58. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 58 Tracking off-line campaigns • Use URL shorteners • URL builders offers to shorten • Use http://bit.ly/ or http://goo.gl/ • Generate QR Codes with Campaign Tracking URLs • http://www.mysite.com/landing-page.com? utm_source=Route-21- bus&utm_medium=outdoor&utm_content=AdBU123&utm_camp aign=summer © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  59. 59. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 59 Google Adwords and Google Analytics • Common user (Google Account) • Administrator in AdWords • Edit permission in Analytics • View your Google Analytics AdWords Account Linking settings • One GA account, many Adwords accounts © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  60. 60. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 60 Auto-tagging in AdWords • No need for the URL builder • Use Auto-tagging • Unique ?glid paramaters is automatically added to your AdWords landing pages • http://www.mysite.com/landing-page.html • Becomes • http://www.mysite.com/landing-page.html?gclid=CHcnd7rxKUCFc9a7AodKGU6Zg • Manual tagging (URL Builder) • Not recommended • Loose data and accuracy © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  61. 61. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 61 Acquisition, goals and E-commerce • Key concept • Combining goals and/or E-commerce with your traffic sources is one of the most powerful reports in Google Analytics • Enables you to make decisions about marketing spend and channel contribution © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  62. 62. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Break time 62© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  63. 63. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 63 URLs in Google Analytics • Exercise and key concepts • Google Analytics splits a URL www.ivantage- training.com/page1.htm into: • Hostname - www.ivantage-training.com • Request URI-/page1.htm • Compare All Pages and Content Drilldown • Understanding the Title report • Landing Pages helps analyse bounce rate with weighted sort © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  64. 64. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer 64 Your 101 action plan • Check your development process for tagging • Think about deploying Google Tag Manager • Start to think about your website’s commercial objectives/ goals • Start to think about KPIs for your site • Start to build a dashboard around the KPIs • Use a mobile/tablet segment • Tag your email campaigns using the URL builder • Ensure your AdWords account is connected • Aim to use All Traffic Sources report by Goal/E-commerce • Look at your busiest, highest bouncing landing page • Why are they bouncing? © ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage
  65. 65. #GoogleAnalytics101 @ivantage with @matt_trimmer Feedback please • www.ivantage.co.uk/feedback 65© ivantage Limited slideshare.net/ivantage