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Our Universe a School of Learning ByTrial And Error

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Newest version of the Trilogy of books the School Of Life: A Review for The Final Exam

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Our Universe a School of Learning ByTrial And Error

  1. 1. Our Universe A School Of Learning That Prepares Us For The Final exam, By trial and error, in a journey of self-discovery, where we learn from our mistakes..
  2. 2. Our Universal Experience: A Reflection Of Our Mind's Multidimensional Journey (Mirror) Where: The Big Reflective Explosion Of Love (The Big Bang) Arises
  3. 3. School Of Learning By Trial And Error Our universe is a school which prepares us for the final exam by trial and error in a journey of self-discovery, where we learn from our mistakes. Our universal experience is then a reflection of our mind's multidimensional journey, which we will refer to as our mirror. It is throughout this journey that the big reflective explosion of love, or "Big Bang," happens.
  4. 4. Within The Mind’s Magical Mirror , The Explorers Of Its Reflection, Will only see an apparent emptiness in the mirror and cant seem to grasp the unimaginable immensity of the simmering explosion of Love where they originated from. This Yin phase of the Universal experience, is where all the accumulated trial and error experiences of the previous reflective bangs are processed for the next Yang manifestation.
  5. 5. The Discovery Process In The Magical Mirror Of The Mind While in this dream or virtual state, the mind's creative process constructs all the archetypal ideas that are discovered later by other explorers within the matrix of infinite multidimensional possibilities. The explorers then go through a series of experiences until they find the one that best fits into the universal role they were created for. This is the ultimate creative act, based on love, compassion, and wisdom.
  6. 6. The Discovery Process In The Magical Mirror Of The Mind The collective experience of all the trials and errors is what we know as wisdom. Initially, it allows us to share our universal knowledge as a planetary experience, but in the end, all of this information will be carried back to the creative source, or magical mirror of our mind, until the last of the explorers returns. Then, the mind goes back to its Yin phase and sleeps.
  7. 7. The Universal Experience Is A School Where The Curriculum Is Prepared On The Go The curriculum of universal experience in the school of life gets prepared on the go. It is adaptable to the needs and potential of each student. This is necessary since in the universal classroom all students are at different spiritual levels. Therefore, the tests are tailored to each student, and the students at large cannot copy the test results from one another. There are no clear teacher-student roles because everybody needs to teach or learn from each other at different times.
  8. 8. The Only Curricular Requirements are: The curricular requirements for the universal experience in the school of life are free will and the law of cause and effect. To succeed students need to be patient with themselves while they continue with their efforts, and not get frustrated because others have reached their goals first. The students also need to be patient and have compassion for others while they experience similar situations that they were able to overcome, thanks to the support of other travelers that came before them.
  9. 9. To Be Successful In This School We Have To Answer Three Questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we heading?
  10. 10. Who are we? We are beings of light, with innumerable dimensional manifestations of the different shades of love and life. Our transitory experience within matter, time and space as a human being resides in those manifestations. This allows us the use of free will in a co-responsible way in the co-creative process of life.
  11. 11. Where do we come from? We are the children of the great explosion of love that begot the whole universe. We bear a common lineage that unites us in its interminable matrix, that manifests in all the different and infinite dimensions. Allowing us to participate in this infinite co-creation with an attitude of loving co-responsibility.
  12. 12. Where are we heading? Back to the source. Our journey will take us back to our origin.
  13. 13. Suffering, Law Of Cause And Effect and Intention Free will does not exempt us from the results of our actions. We learn by trial and error, whether we like the consequences of our actions or not. However, the right intention provides the most satisfying results.
  14. 14. Suffering, Law Of Cause And Effect and Intention Emotions, when guided by the selfish individuality of the ego, are the originators of the experience of suffering. When the ego guides an intention, its nature is all- exclusive and individual in its goal. If our inner light guides the intention, it is all-inclusive and universal in its goal. Like the three musketeers, “all for one and one for all.”
  15. 15. Suffering, Law Of Cause And Effect and Intention All exclusive (selfish)intentions although bringing pleasure to the person that created it, may create unconscious or conscious suffering on others around you. Thus activating a negative feedback in the law of cause and effect. All inclusive(loving) intentions tend to impact positively more persons in the awareness of the originator and tend to create a blend of results on the person by the law of cause and effect (the more persons benefited from our actions the more benefits we will reap in our results and viceversa). The intentional perspective will increase as our awareness of interconnectedness with our light source and fellow travelers increases.
  16. 16. Suffering, Law Of Cause And Effect and Intention This awareness grows by the experiences of suffering that generates empathy and compassion with our fellow travelers. This awareness is the wisdom that opens our intention to more inclusive levels of action (cause) and more inclusive(loving)levels of effects. These experiences I call in my books, Lessons of Love, since they redirect our paths to our original life purpose, finding the way back to our source. All these actions of awareness give rise to the forgiveness code that opens all the hidden codes on our DNA.
  17. 17. My Failures In The School Of Life The Origin Of My Books
  18. 18. Spirituality 101 For The Dropouts This book emphasizes that every failure always results in a learning process, which allows us to restructure our study plan to keep taking the tests unceasingly until we learn the lesson. These tests shouldn't be construed as a punishment from the regents of our universal school, but rather as a loving act of patience and trust in our capacity to ace them. Remember that the dropouts were those who gave up and quit taking their tests.
  19. 19. Spirituality 1.2 For The “Disconnected” Here I address younger minds whose daily perspective depends more upon modern technology, which is why we transformed the traditional scientific and religious viewpoint into a cybernetic one. In this book we became programmers and cyberdomain browsers, varying in personal experiences according to program purity and their degree of corruption. Therefore, we concluded the best way to improve our individual browsing experience is by reprogramming, updating our “softwares”, and purging our operating systems from all viral invasions. The book presented techniques that facilitates the reprogramming and learning process, and we shall go deeper into this as we publish the following volumes.
  20. 20. Spirituality 103 The Forgiveness Code In level 103 we will discover new angles to the three questions presented in level 101, and shall discuss intensely and in detail the origins and techniques that will help us effectively wipe out all viral contamination (guilt), which we have allowed into our learning programs. We could compare these alterations with emotional scars (distortions) in our mind's mirror, which have not yet healed, suffered while our soul (Warrior of Light) journeyed through the battles on the School of Life.
  21. 21. Spirituality 103 The Forgiveness Code It is a battle between the Light of your knowledge and the Shadows of your Ignorance, where this epic battle determines where we are in the road to return to our Light Source. You will learn about your Spiritual DNA, emotions, and where to find the healing code for our emotional scars: Forgiveness. The final victory of our battle is when the Warrior of the Light realizes that his Inner Peace is obtained only when he recognizes the Light within the imaginary dragons of his Warrior of the Shadows, reflecting in his mind’s mirror as the Outer Peace of our World.
  22. 22. Spirituality My Interpretation Spirituality- Arises spontaneously and gradually as we strive in the spiritualization of our humanity and the humanization of our Spirit. This will naturally, germinate, within the archetypal seed, the hidden sprouts of empathy, compassion and brotherhood that had been hidden as an undiscovered treasure since beginningless time. This is the intentionless state of awareness that will view the Universe through the eyes of the Spirit, that can only see Love. This is the final goal of our inner journey of self-discovery that will allow us to live fully our universal experience with our feet firmly on the ground but our eyes fixed on the Heavens.
  23. 23. Disconnection (forgetfulness), loneliness, Unhappiness All these spontaneously arise as our inner journey of universal discovery prolongs and our memory of our origin wavers. The disconnection that begets our loneliness gives rise to the Ego and the infinite array of emotions that generate the unhappiness as the imaginary inner battles give birth to our shadows.
  24. 24. The Triangular Origin Of Our Egos (Suffering) EGO Suffering Disconnection Loneliness Unhappiness
  25. 25. The Solution Is Remembering All Wisdom Programmed in Our DNA (Spiritual) Our common lineage of the Light And our common Purpose Which is, to discover in the Magical Display of the Mind (magical mirror),all the potential qualities of our Wisdom (Love, Patience,and Compassion which generate the Forgiveness code, the door to all secrets.
  26. 26. Links To Books Discounted $0.99 Ebook http://amzn.to/2qXxO5Z Author page www.ivanfigueroaoteromd.com Spirituality 103 page www.spirituality103theforgivenesscode.com