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Windows Azure Bootcamp - Microsoft BI in Azure VMs

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This is the presentation from the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp event in Sofia, Bulgaria. The presentation covers topics regarding Business Intelligence components for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 on Windows Azure Virtual Machines.

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Windows Azure Bootcamp - Microsoft BI in Azure VMs

  1. 1. Business Intelligence in Azure VMs Ivan Donev | HP
  2. 2. Agenda • Windows Azure Virtual Machines • Licensing SQL Server for BI • BI Components in the VM • Building your VM for BI
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Where to start • Windows Azure account • Windows Azure Virtual Machine o SQL Server 2012 SP1 on WS 2008R2 o SQL Server 2012 SP1 on WS2012 • Cloud application • Storage account • Endpoints (+Windows Firewall)
  5. 5. Features available in Windows Azure VM SQL Server BI Feature Installed on the gallery image Notes Reporting Services Native Mode Yes Installed but requires configuration. Reporting Services SharePoint Mode No The Windows Azure Virtual Machine gallery image does not include SharePoint or SharePoint installation files. Analysis Services Multidimensional and Data mining (OLAP) Yes Installed and configured as the default Analysis Services instance Analysis Services Tabular No Supported in SQL Server 2012 images but it is not installed by default. Install another instance of Analysis Services. Analysis Services PowerPivot for SharePoint No The Windows Azure Virtual Machine gallery image does not include SharePoint or SharePoint installation files.
  6. 6. Reporting Services
  7. 7. Reporting services in Azure VMs • SQL Server Reporting Services o Native mode – files only – configuration needed o Sharepoint and PowerPivot – not available in Azure VMs • Configuration o Endpoints o Windows Firewall o Service accounts • Deployment o SSDT o Report Builder o VHD (CSUpload)
  8. 8. DEMO • Create a VM • Configure endpoints and firewall • Configure RS
  9. 9. Analysis Services
  10. 10. Analysis Services in Azure VMs • Analysis Services o Multidimensional o Tabular – new installation from the media in the VM • Configuration o Default instance o Service accounts o Endpoints (+Windows Firewall) • Deployment o SSDT o Deployment wizard o Scripts
  11. 11. DEMO • Installing Tabular AS instance
  12. 12. Network FW and Endpoints summary • VM Firewall o 1433 TCP (DB Engine) o 1434 UDP (SQL Browser) o 2382 TCP (SQL Browser) o 80 (SSRS Web) o 2383 (SSAS) o XXXX (SSAS fixed port) • Endpoints o VPN/Domain o Global • Same as VM FW
  13. 13. Deployment scenarios • Single VM • Two VMs – reporting and sources
  14. 14. Deployment scenarios (continued) • Mixed azure
  15. 15. Deployment scenarios (continued) • Data On Premise
  16. 16. Best practices and recommendations • Size of the VMs o Large or Extra large o Pricing • Disk management o Do not use C: and D: drives • Stop or uninstall services you are not using o SQL Server Integration services o AS/RS if not used • Updates, updates, updates!
  17. 17. Summary • VMs with BI components installed • Customizable VMs • Licensing and deployment models
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  19. 19. THANK YOU