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Discovery Day 2019 Sofia - What is new in SQL Server 2019

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Discovery Day 2019 Sofia - What is new in SQL Server 2019

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Discovery Day 2019 Sofia - What is new in SQL Server 2019

  2. 2. Powered by What’s new in SQL Server 2019 Magi Naumova
  3. 3. Insights in minutes and rich reports Choice of platform and language Most secure over the last 8 years5 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Vulnerabilities(2010-2017) The best of Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services in Power BI Report Server Industry-leading performance #1 OLTP performance1 #1 DW performance on 1TB2, 10TB3, and 30TB4 Private cloud Public cloud Most consistent data platformIn-memory across all workloads 1/10th the cost of Oracle T-SQL Java C/C++ SCALA Node.js C#/VB.NET Python Ruby .NET core All TPC Claims as of 1/19/2018. 1 http://www.tpc.org/4081; 2 http://www.tpc.org/3331; 3 http://www.tpc.org/3326; 4 http://www.tpc.org/3321; 5 National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database Intelligence over any data Analytics over structured and unstructured data with the power of SQL and Apache Spark Now with big data clusters Modernize on premises with SQL Server 2019 SQL
  4. 4. SQL Server 2019 big data, analytics, and AI Managed SQL Server, Spark, and data lake Store high volume data in a data lake and access it easily using either SQL or Spark Management services, admin portal, and integrated security make it all easy to manage SQL Server Data virtualization Combine data from many sources without moving or replicating it Scale out compute and caching to boost performance T-SQL Analytics Apps Open database connectivity NoSQL Relational databases HDFS Complete AI platform Easily feed integrated data from many sources to your model training Ingest and prep data and then train, store, and operationalize your models all in one system SQL Server External Tables Compute pools and data pools Spark Scalable, shared storage (HDFS) External data sources Admin portal and management services Integrated AD-based security SQL Server ML Services Spark & Spark ML HDFS REST API containers for models
  5. 5. SQL Server big data clusters Compute pool SQL Compute Node SQL Compute Node SQL Compute Node … Compute pool SQL Compute Node IoT data Directly read from HDFS Persistent storage … Storage pool SQL Server Spark HDFS Data Node SQL Server Spark HDFS Data Node SQL Server Spark HDFS Data Node Kubernetes pod Analytics Custom apps BI SQL Server master instance Node Node Node Node Node Node Node SQL Data mart SQL Data Node SQL Data Node Compute pool SQL Compute Node Storage Storage
  6. 6. The heart of SQL Server is mission critical performance, security, and availability Security AvailabilityPerformance High availability for business critical workloads Data protected at rest and in motion Breakthrough performance and scalability
  7. 7. Mission critical performance The intelligent database • Intelligent Query Processing • Gain performance insights anytime and anywhere with Lightweight Query Profiling • Tempdb: Memory Optimized Metadata The Intelligent Query Processing feature family Intelligent QP Adaptive QP Adaptive Joins Batch Mode Interleaved Execution Memory Grant Feedback Row ModeBatch Mode Table Variable Deferred Compilation Approximate QP Approximate Count Distinct Batch Mode for Row Store Scalar UDF inlining
  8. 8. Demo: The intelligent database The Intelligent Query Processing features
  9. 9. Confidential computing plaintext ciphertext Enhanced client driver Enclave plaintext Always Encrypted with secure enclaves
  10. 10. Keep SQL Server running • Accelerated Data Recovery • Availability Groups for System Databases
  11. 11. Demo: Accelerated Database Recovery Redesigned and faster database recovery
  12. 12. SQL Server R
  13. 13. Community driven improvements! Our feedback drives improvements to the SQL Server engine, tooling, and future investments
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