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Understanding Data Management Platforms (DMP)

A brief overview of Data Management Platforms (DMP)
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Understanding Data Management Platforms (DMP)

  2. 2. What is a DMP? Source: The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement (IAB and Winterberry Group)
  3. 3. DMP – A Workflow You buy an Android tablet from Best Buy. Some of your personal information is with BB You visit the brick and mortar store to make a further purchase or return something. BB stiches your offline and online identities. You may be classified into a profile like Male between age group 25 and 35, residing in NY interested in electronics You see a BB display ad showcasing various offers for iPad accessories; but you didn't click it. However DMP captures the impression You see a 10% discount ad on an accessory and clicks it, but didn't make the purchase. DMP captures the profile as Male between age group 25 and 35, residing in NY interested in electronics and stylish covers Since DMPs create individual profiles, an integration with DSP enables the company to display targeted customized sequential ads for you You are shown an irresistible offer on the headset, you click and make a purchase Based on these individual engagement tracking and probabilistic modeling, DMPs create further audience segments This analysis is fed back into the system for enhancing the segmentation algorithm
  4. 4. Resulting Example Profile From IgnitionOne DMP Source: IgnitionOne presentation
  5. 5. DMP – Use cases? • How many users that bought a 42” LED also searched for high end digital home theater in last 7 days – What is the average buyer’s credit score and household income. Aggregate Data Sources Integrate Data Sources Deploy Actionable Insights
  6. 6. Market Players / Differentiators • Krux • Lotame Pure-Plays • Audience Science • Turn Add-On • Xaxis • AllState Agency (Internal)
  7. 7. Benefits of DMPs Data Integration Personalization Media Buying Audience Selection Analytics
  8. 8. DMP v/s TMS v/s DSP • DMP v/s TMS – Audience is different • DMPs are normally purchased with AdTech use cases (i.e. paid media) in mind and the typical buyers (e.g. Media Agencies, VPs of Acquisition & Publishers) reflect that. By contrast TMSs are typically purchased with MarTech use cases (i.e. owned media) in mind. • DMP v/s DSP – A DMP is used to store and analyze data, while a DSP is used to actually buy advertising based on that information.
  9. 9. How are you classified? Source: http://www.bluekai.com/registry/index.php