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Artist Mise-En-Scene

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Artist Mise-En-Scene

  2. 2. MISE-EN-SCENE (SMALL THINGS) • Frequent change in usual costumes that have been worn by well-known artists of the pop genre e.g. Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Chris Brown • Use of mobile phone that have been seen in other music videos e.g. Chris Brown, Tyga – Ayo music video.
  3. 3. MISE-EN-SCENE - PROPS • I will be developing the use of mobile phones (possibly an iPhone), to make it easier for my target audiences to understand the narrative and what the song is trying to say. The shot of the mobile phones of the boys allows the audience to see that the new generation are very social and all they think about is communication where they are able to send messages to their relatives and friends. This is similar to the way Tyga and Chris Brown has used at the start of their music video to signify that they are wealthy, by taking photos of their gold toilet and their money being poured on the swimming pool.
  4. 4. MISE-EN-SCENE ACTORS • For my music video, I will be using the traditional representation of actors in a pop genre music video of two boys showing off their money, jewelleries and cars. This will be the same as what Tyga and Chris Brown has done in their music video “Ayo”. This type of technique would boost up the word-of-mouth as more and more male audiences would be keen to see luxury cars and find out how they have become successful even though they have came from a family that was known for being poor as one time.
  5. 5. MISE-EN-SCENE COSTUMES • I have challenged this convention of costume due to the weather. I was able to have our actors to dress up in fashionable clothes as it would be summer when we shoot the music video. This would include: Chinos Shorts, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, Nike Airmax and lots more. I had to ensure that the clothes I will be using for my music video have to be suitable for my actors and suit the Pop genre as it would be appealing when my target audience watch the music video. In Tyga’s and Chris Brown’s video, they wear typical young adult outfits, until the end where they shoot in winter with long wolf skinned jackets to signify that they would spend a lot of money in order to purchase an outfit that would suit the weather.
  6. 6. OUTFITS FOR ARTISTS • For the female artists, the hair and make-up will be used as a reflection of the artist feelings in the music video. • Both artists will be wearing bright coloured clothes to reflect on the positive attitude/vibe of the music video. • The male artists will be wearing stylish and often designer clothes but they make it seem casual and laid back. • The male artists will have beards and/or tattoos to reflect an edgier side. • The female artists may have a few tattoo however, they won’t be wearing any wigs but dye their hair to match a tend or to express their feelings.