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Outsourcing Center Serbia

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Prezentacija "Outsourcing Center Serbia" koju je Andrija Bednarik održao na konferenciji DANUB.IT u oktobru 2011. godine.

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Outsourcing Center Serbia

  1. 1. Andrija Bednarik Project ManagerDANUB.IT Conference 20.10.2011. Novi Sad
  2. 2. What is OCS-Platform – groups Serbian ITO companies, foreign project providers andexperienced IT experts and young engineers- System – identification and classification, mach-making, networking- Tool – cooperation and collaboration on projects (commercial, R&D, EUfunded), sharing resources, knowledge sharing, marketing andpromotion, HR development- Hub – connecting all stakeholders- Funded by the European Union under IPA 2007 until March 2013
  3. 3. How OCS worksUse it as: - OCS Company- Project Provider- ICT/engineering professional or studentOCS company can:- Search for new business opportunities and market leads- Post the project for which it need additional resources and/or expertisefrom other OCS companies- Apply for a posted project, either alone or as a member of project consortiaof multiple OCS Companies.- Search the HR database in order to identify new possible employees- Be informed on all news related to activities of OCS- Share information and communicate with other OCS Companies
  4. 4. How OCS worksProject provider can be:- OCS Company itself- OCT team- Reseller / Consulting company- Direct Client – ordering companyICT/engineering professionals and students post their skills in:- IT- Telecommunications- Energy- Electronics/Embedded- Mechanical engineering- Architecture- Civil engineering
  5. 5. OCS - trainings and events-Increasing the business capacities of OCS member companies- Training topics: foreign outsourcing markets and businessopportunities, legal issues, marketing and promotion, sales, outsourcingpossibilities, modern project management methods and resource sharing.- 16 training sessions, 320 people trained in next two years- Promotion on the biggest ICT events- Better insight into Serbia’s IT outsourcing market for foreign companies andinvestors- Presenting a unified and trusted face to potential partners
  6. 6. Why OCS- Enhancing cooperation among IT outsourcing companies- Increasing competitiveness and capacities- Increasing and sharing resources- Scaling for larger operations- Generating new businesses- Access to larger external projects-Increasing marketing and promotion
  7. 7. Why OCS- Increased access to educational workshops- HR capacity building- Keep talent in Serbia-Increase global competitiveness of the Serbia IT sector-Increase in value of IT outsourcing services- Increase in the number of EU funded projects- Impact on general export capacities of the country
  8. 8. Why project provider-Get project realization offer from the best ITO companies from Serbia- Each specific task of your project to be developed by the companyspecialized for that specific field- Possibility of large projects execution- Get the best possible solution in accordance to requirements-New resources always available-Guaranteed references
  9. 9. Why OCS company- Jointly bid for larger external projects through the OCS platform- Gain access to top talent through the CV database-Drastically increase your marketing and promotion (through networking andjoint marketing activities)-Increase your business capacities and competitiveness through trainingsessions and educational workshops organized by OCS- Be represented and promoted as a part of one large organization- Be part of the biggest knowledge sharing hub