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Pres 124 evren ay may 18 2016

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ISSIP Service Innovation Weekly Speaker Series

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Pres 124 evren ay may 18 2016

  1. 1. Evren M. Ay evren@motaword.com The World’s Fastest Human Translation Platform
  2. 2. Translation Industry Global outsourced translation industry was $37 billion in 2015 growing at an annual rate of 12%, driven primarily by globalization Pg 2 • Top 50 providers control only 18% of the global market • The market is very fragmented - 82% of the market is made up of ~30,000 mom-and-pop shops each with revenues less than $1 million.
  3. 3. Slow Cumbersome Expensive Inconsistent Opaque Local Typically 24 hours or more for just 1 page Manual process for clients, translators, and translation firms Typical prices of $45 per page Widely variable quality given fragmentation; small companies Limited insight into project flow International service may be obtained from large LSP’s at very high costs due to customer service costs, driving companies to find local alternatives Client Agency Translator Proof Reader Agency sends document to translator for quote Client approves the quote Agency delivers to client for approval Agency sends client the quote Client send document for quote Agency sends PO to translator Translator sends translated document to agency Agency sends document to proofreader Proofreader sends it back to agency Pg 3 Current Process Current translation process is expensive, slow and opaque
  4. 4. Client MotaWord Collaborative Translators Fast No hassle Low cost Consistent Transparent International 10 minutes for one page (typically) Fully automated process for client and translator; translators work on easy-to-use tool without anything to download or buy Prices as low as $13 per page Global network of translators, statistical translator quality analysis and translation memory ensure high-quality Intelligent Project Manager and database- driven engine provides client with ongoing status reporting MotaWord currently serves in 55 countries and 60 currencies Pg 4 MotaWord Solution MotaWord is a multi-sided platform for seamless service to both clients and translators
  5. 5. Pg 5 A different approach Translation industry is filled with fallacies and is resistant to change and innovation brought about by technology • Belief in translation being best done when assigned to a single translator • Resistance to technological translation tools such as Translation Memory • Resistance to streamlined and computer aided translation management process Traditional Way • Collaborative Translation Mode ○ Allows higher-quality, faster speed and cost benefits through gamification • Translation memory, Style Guide and Glossaries seamlessly incorporated • Fully automated project management and quality control through algorithms MotaWord Innovation
  6. 6. Pg 6 Collaborative Translation MotaWord allows translators to simultaneously work on projects on its cloud based platform • MotaWord provides 20x faster service than its closest competitor Fast • Translators check each others’ work and a proofreader is assigned to work simultaneously bringing everything together in real-time Higher Quality • Translators are not held to a deadline, rather they work on projects in their idle time for the proposed rate Low Cost • The whole process is visible to the clientAccountable
  7. 7. Pg 7 IPM Intelligent Project Manager handles all tasks related to project creation and completion • IPM can provide instant price quotes for documents of all types - even image based documents Quote Generation • IPM handles translator invitations, follows up on their work and handles any issues in project cycle Project Management • IPM gets fed translator quality data from TQS algorithm with this information it can suspend or promote translators Quality Control • IPM works around the clock with no human intervention 24/7
  8. 8. Pg 8 TQS Translator Quality Score is a data driven algorithm which provides real-time and constant quality gauge of every translator • TQS gathers data on the contributed translations vs. the edited ones and plots a data point for each translator in each project. Then the data is analyzed, outliers eliminated and a confidence score is given to each translator on each project. • This data is fed to IPM for decision making. • All edits for translator contributions are communicated to translators for training purposes. Real-time quality analysis
  9. 9. Pg 9 In Closing Building an ideal human translation solution • All process has been modeled through a different approach to what a traditional translation agency does Translation industry roots • Unique document processing, collaboration and Intelligent Project Management Capability. Fully scalable and deployable on a global level Technology in support • MotaWord has a high-quality & vetted linguistic talent of over 9,500 translators. Our success rests on providing a seamless working platform to them - just like we do for our clients Seamless for all
  10. 10. Pg In Closing Questions?