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Insider Secrets to Real Estate - www.TheProcessBook.com

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Work with us and we can help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, we have the experience and ability to take your investing business to a higher level. If you qualify, you are obviously courageous, committed, and ready to take advantage of this unique new opportunity.
Why is this Program Different?
We give you MORE real life experience, MORE hands on interaction, MORE deals to work on and MORE ways to maximize your profit potential on every deal. How?
YOU GET ISHWAR "LIVE" Every week, you will participate in THREE hours of online and DVD/CD lecture/coaching and one hour of tele-mentoring. PLUS, you get ongoing email, phone and fax support. Many coaching programs rely on intensive boot camps and DVD only. Few offer "live" lecture and coaching, week in and week out. With this unique mentoring approach, we're with you every step of the way.
YOU LEARN HOW TO THINK With our experiential method, you will learn how to do deals based on the The Missing Link System and accelerate your success rate. Many gurus offer cookie cutter solutions instead of teaching students a structured way to think and apply information. Research says that only 10% of workshop students actually do something with the information.
YOU ENJOY A MORE NATURAL WAY OF LEARNING Instead of an intensive boot camp, which limits retention; you will absorb information more naturally in 21 short sessions including lecture and deal structuring. That's a grand total of over 100 hours of learning with Ishwar and your fellow students.
Assignment of Purchase and sale Agreement Rights
Purchase and Sale and Earnest Money Agreement
Real Estate Purchase Option Agreement
Fix up Estimate
Authorization to release information
Promissory Note
Trust Deed
County Property tax statement
Bargain and Sale Deed
City Lien Release Agreement
LOU for borrowing money from investor
Quite Claim Deed
Assignment of Deed of Trust
Substitution of Trustee
Lost Note and/or Trust Deed Affidavit
Department of Human Services
Smoke Dector Acknowledgment
Lead Based Paint Disclosure
Move in/ Move out form
Standard Real Estate Rental Agreement
Intent of Purchase
Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement
Appointment of Land Trust Trustee
Appointment of Land Trust Successor Trustee
Affidavit of Name
Declaration of Trust and Land Trust Agreement
Affidavit of Land Trust
Direction to Land Trust Trustee
Transfer Tax Exemption Form
Limited Power of Attorney
Management Agreement
Information Letter to Mortgage Company
Information Letter to Insurance Company
Notice of Land Trust Trustee Resignation
Assignment of Beneficial Interest in Land Trust
Memorandum of Real Estate Transaction
Standard Land Sale Contract
Memorandum of Land Sale Contract
Loan Closing Docs
Trustees Deed
All-Inclusive Trust Deed
All-Inclusive Note

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