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Personalizing to create wow

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When you only have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab your targeted customer’s attention, the big question is how do we create packaging that makes the consumer go….WOW!

How do we get them to choose your product and put it into their shopping trolley?
You do this by PERSONALIZING the packaging.

Personalization of packaging is the process of tailoring product packaging design to individual target market or person’s name, characteristics or preferences.

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Personalizing to create wow

  1. 1. jamandco.com.au Creating WOW packaging by personalizing!
  2. 2. Why has personalizing packaging become such an important avenue for sales success on the retail shelf? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  3. 3. What is Packaging Personalization? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  4. 4. Personalization packaging is: The process of tailoring product packaging design to individual target market or person's name, characteristics or preferences. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.a
  5. 5. New consumers are the foundation for the long-term success of a brand. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au No news here right?
  6. 6. The challenge for Brand marketers is to break the consumers entrenched shopping habits and ferret out new first-time customers successfully …Then… © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  7. 7. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Convert them across to regularly buying their product/s and brand.
  8. 8. We operate in a highly complex retail and multiple platform shopping environment … © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  9. 9. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au The result: Success of products on shelf have been taken out of the hands of marketers with factors such as distribution, retail pricing, shelf placement, POS displays, etc. becoming the keys to on-shelf product success.
  10. 10. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au That said, packaging design is still seen as one of the very few tools that brand managers can still control.
  11. 11. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Therefore YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR PACKAGING COUNT!!!!!
  12. 12. If we only have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab our targeted customer's attention…. Then… © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  13. 13. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au How do we create packaging that makes the consumer go….? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  14. 14. How do we get them to choose your product and put it into their shopping trolley? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  15. 15. Phillip Kotler's: Marketing 4.0, suggests 3 key characteristics which make a consumer go WOW! © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  16. 16. 1.Surprise (See the blog on creating surprise HERE) 2.Personalization 3.Contagious. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au The Kotler’s 3 WOW’s
  17. 17. Personalization
  18. 18. Personalization is the key WOW'ser which can only be triggered by the person experiencing it!
  19. 19. When it comes to designing a product pack that say’s “personal”, there are 3 key elements that must be considered. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  20. 20. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au 1.Understanding your target customer 2.Calling directly to them from the shelf 3.Make “me” feel special
  21. 21. So…Does “personalization” really make a difference? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  22. 22. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Everyone is the star of their own story!
  23. 23. That’s the reason that personalized packaging works so well. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  24. 24. Marketing your product to specific individuals, targeted groups and even geographic areas can create an instant connection to your product.
  25. 25. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au The shrinking costs of digital printing has meant that more and more companies have been able to take advantage of the technology and variable data to creatively to engage individually with their customers.
  26. 26. The personalization trend began with direct mail and evolved to where 2016 saw household names like Coca- Cola, Heinz, Nutella, Heineken and other brands using smart personalization campaigns to target audiences. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  27. 27. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Personalization is not just about the individual's name!
  28. 28. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au There are many other avenues for personalization... Target specific groups: • teenagers, • office workers, • sporting teams, • suburbs, • music genre’s • sexuality • events • etc.
  29. 29. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au All are great opportunities for companies to create really innovative, engaging packaging promotions.
  30. 30. How irritated do you get when someone spells your name wrong?
  31. 31. Engaging customers on a more personal level is what they really want.
  32. 32. jamandco.com.au Enter…Digital printing technologies….
  33. 33. jamandco.com.au
  34. 34. jamandco.com.au Digital printing technologies allow consumers the opportunity to customize products for themselves.
  35. 35. jamandco.com.au The technology allows consumers to feel as though they are putting their personal mark on a particular chosen brand.
  36. 36. Personalization has the potential to create brand new sources of revenue for brands. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  37. 37. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  38. 38. According to research, “Almost a quarter of Chinese customers said they would pay more for personalized packaging (Mintel), and 61% of US customers feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized (Forbes).”
  39. 39. 89% of Millennials want personalization & relevance when they visit stores
  40. 40. Personalizing packaging brings brands and shoppers closer together. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  41. 41. Digital printing technology allows brands to capture individuals attention using personalized packaging that can feature the consumer's name, individualized designs and even photographs. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  42. 42. Digital technology now allows for niche and startup brands to get upfront and personal at a low cost of entry.
  43. 43. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Digital printing now allows for true one:one communicatio n with full color variable data and messaging.
  44. 44. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au The technology allows for highly personalized and customized…. • seasonal promotional offers • & easily testing of new formats without having to generate huge & costly print runs.
  45. 45. Personalization elevates the consumer's experience.
  46. 46. Know your audience…
  47. 47. For a pack design to be successful on shelf it must speak to the targeted audience and to speak to them in ways that builds a connection with the brand. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  48. 48. Brands large & small can now easily specifically target not only their audience needs and interests, but also how they want to be personally recognized….. For a fraction of the cost!!! © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  49. 49. Digitally printing short runs allows for true market place testing at the register… © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au Where it really counts!
  50. 50. Satisfying consumer needs is best done by figuring out what appeals and engages best with the consumer. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  51. 51. Digital printing technology allows the Brand and Category Managers to test various pack designs on shelf allowing the consumer to decide which design is most engaging and most likely to end up in the shopping basket © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  52. 52. Today, the best tool a smart marketer their packaging designer can use is crowdsourcing. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  53. 53. By utilizing survey sites and targeted online communities of those consumers who match your target customer demographic, your packaging designs can be placed literally in front of thousands of perfectly matched consumers. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  54. 54. Have your targeted demographic profile vote on what they think is the most engaging packaging design.
  55. 55. You can be armed with real survey results from 1000’s of potential target customers within 48 hours.
  56. 56. With real data you can now make better decisions.
  57. 57. When 72% of a surveyed audience point to “design number 1” as being “the best” it’s hard to argue against hard data like that.© Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  58. 58. No amount of subjectivity or seniority or pure passionate intensity for a particular design says WOW like real hard core data feedback.
  59. 59. The numbers don’t lie! © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au The numbers don’t lie!
  60. 60. Using digital printing to own the consumer.
  61. 61. Traditional paid marketing relies heavily on above-the-line marketing strategies which are often saturated and challenging to get cut through to the targeted consumer. Traditional paid marketing methods are also hard to measure effectiveness. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  62. 62. Today’s savvy marketers and brand managers are beginning to leverage consumer exposure that comes from earned media. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  63. 63. Brand marketers are taking advantage of the promotional publicity and exposure gained through digital printing’s ability to create one- to-one communication on the retail shelf.
  64. 64. Creating a Wow pack on shelf that converts new customers, means that… Marketers are then able to leverage their packs as direct communication channel…. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | …..with specifically targeted markets.
  65. 65. Now your personalized packaging design is now not simply another pretty pack on shelf surrounded by a sea of other pretty packs
  66. 66. jamandco.com.au Now your packaging has evolved to become a powerful marketing tool with direct contact with the targeted consumer.
  67. 67. jamandco.com.au ROI tracking available by printing digitally, means brands can quickly identify if a campaign is effective or not …and easily pivot
  68. 68. jamandco.com.au Earned media now becomes measurable where it counts…at the checkout.
  69. 69. Personalization creates brand loyalty...even with Gen X, Y’s and Millennials
  70. 70. Most marketers have now become attuned to the fact that Gen X, Y’s and Millennials are no longer loyal to specific brands. © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  71. 71. Digital printing can speak directly to your target group’s “language and motivations”, thus increasing engagement and ownership.
  72. 72. Packaging is media. Your packaging is a billboard. © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  73. 73. It’s just a matter of rethinking what it can do. How often you can change it? & what content can be most suitable for what target?...When? © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  74. 74. Packaging designers need to be looking at digital printing as an effective tool which can add real value to the brands they work with. © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  75. 75. 4 Ways to Leverage Digital Printing for Pack Design © Jam&Co Design 2017 | 1.Short & long term focus 2.Responsiveness 3.Designing For Trust. 4.Brand evolution
  76. 76. Share-worthy packaging makes it personal
  77. 77. To dominate the social media landscape your products MUST have “share worthy packaging”.
  78. 78. Individualized packaging encourages consumers to get fired up and share images of their purchase
  79. 79. Social Sharing (free brand and product promotion). Website traffic, brand awareness and in store purchases can increase exponentially based on social shares.
  80. 80. jamandco.com.au “Packaging MUST deliver share-worthy signature moments”
  81. 81. jamandco.com.au Creating a signature moment means thinking through the whole purchase process from… catching the eye; engagement of the product on the shelf; & all the way through to the unveiling & unpacking of the product at home.
  82. 82. Switched on marketers see real value in making the extra investment to develop personalized packaging that creates an experience more likely to be shared. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  83. 83. jamandco.com.au “Brand’s get shared not because they like it or because of loyalty, rather because millennials like and are loyal to their friends.”
  84. 84. Using personalization to Wow!
  85. 85. There is still huge substantial opportunity for personalization growth right across the supermarket and hardware category
  86. 86. The planning and strategizing process for a successful personalization campaign may be significant due to the research and strategy required to create a targeted, unique & engaging personalization and ultimately successful campaign.
  87. 87. To remain competitive you are going to update your update your packaging anyway. That being the case it may well be a boon for a lagging product or brand to activate a personalization strategy. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  88. 88. That said, the design must still stay true to the core values of your brand…
  89. 89. The personalization design must still maintain your brand's familiarity and relevance with it’s target audience whilst still driving change to engage a whole new set of consumers
  90. 90. 90
  91. 91. 91