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Packaging as a marketing tool - Why this is important!

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Packaging is arguably the most important tool in the brand marketers tool shed. You should be thinking of packaging as a marketing tool. Especially in an FMCG environment where consumers have become less and less brand loyal.

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Packaging as a marketing tool - Why this is important!

  1. 1. jamandco.com.au Packaging as a marketing tool
  2. 2. Product packaging is arguably the most important tool in the marketers tool shed. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  3. 3. Think of packaging as a POWER marketing tool. Marketing tool box
  4. 4. Especially in an FMCG environment where consumers are becoming less and less brand loyal. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  5. 5. According to Forbes: Consumers are LESS brand loyal with the products they purchase frequently. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  6. 6. Seems counter intuitive right? One would think that consumers would be loyal to the products they purchase frequently. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  7. 7. Because the majority of supermarket products are actually low- involvement purchases…. All have a plethora of competitors. As a result, consumers are quite happy to try an alternative.© Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  8. 8. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au This poses a significant problem for marketers.
  9. 9. You can spend millions of dollars on creating need & demand… - advertising campaigns, - promotions, - raising brand awareness to send people in-store to buy your brand, only to lose the sale in the shopping aisle. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  10. 10. Why? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  11. 11. jamandco.com.au Simply because someone else was smarter with their number one marketing tool… their packaging!
  12. 12. Packaging is your final sales pitch… © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  13. 13. You need to start seeing packaging as a marketing tool & not just something that looks pretty & houses your product. © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  14. 14. The core issue is that many marketers don’t hold packaging design in the high esteem it should be. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  15. 15. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | Packaging is a crucial element to driving sales for your brand. Yet, unfortunately, too many marketers still view packaging as a burden! (Something that just has to be done.)
  16. 16. Worse still… is when marketers see packaging mainly as an opportunity to showcase their products exhaustive list of features & benefits for their product. © Jam&Co Design 2017 |
  17. 17. jamandco.com.au This signals to consumers that you don’t know who your brand is and what it stands for. If you don’t know what you stand for, then why would a consumer purchase your product?
  18. 18. Consumers only read on average only 7 words in an entire shopping trip!!!! Therefore simply listing features & benefits means you are likely to miss the sale! © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  19. 19. Using packaging as a marketing tool. Marketing tool box © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  20. 20. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | Use your packaging to demonstrate you care about them as individuals.
  21. 21. Today’s consumers demand that brands be relevant to them as an individual. (For example a shared belief in something EG: sporting team, lifestyle choice/lifestyle, age, suburb, gender etc.). © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  22. 22. Digital printing allows for personalized messaging on packs. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.a
  23. 23. Personalized packaging creates Emotional Connection
  24. 24. Packaging design developed for a strong EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with the target consumer is an extremely effective marketing tool. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  25. 25. CASE STUDY: Bills Organic Sourdough Bakery built Emotional Connection through packaging © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  26. 26. RESULTS • Sales results: An increase of 25% in the first 2 weeks on- shelf. • Not a single dollar spent on additional marketing. • Get the full case study PDF here © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  27. 27. • Do you know who your brand is? What’s the heart and soul of your brand? • What does it stand for? This MUST be emotional… • What is the one key emotive value that sets you apart from all of your competitors? Are you making emotional connections with your packs on shelf? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  28. 28. Maybe it’s time to consider a heart centred pack design refresh? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  29. 29. jamandco.com.au So how do you know if your pack requires a refresh or not? Here are some key questions to consider…..
  30. 30. Points of consideration when planning a refresh: © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au  Your brand's history and heritage  The effectiveness of your current brand message  Your existing customers needs and desires  How compare on-shelf with your competitors'  The current retail environment your products are sold in  The main objective of a refresh
  31. 31. 15 refresh question checklist: © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  32. 32. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au 1. What problem are you attempting to solve with a refresh? 2. Will a refresh compromise your brand equity? 3. Is your brand’s story still relevant? 4. Has your target demographic changed since your last pack redevelopment? 5. Are any of your brand’s/pack’s colors, fonts, or graphics outdated? 6. Can people understand the pack message at first glance?
  33. 33. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au 7. Does your pack create a memorable impression that will STICK with your target customers? 8. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting your product’s growth potential? 9. Have you been pigeonholed as something that both you and more importantly your target customers have outgrown? 10.Have your target customers needs, or the way they define them, changed?
  34. 34. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au 11.Is your brand/pack associated with something that is no longer meaningful? 12.Is your brand/pack out of step with the current needs and desires of your customers? 13.Are we leading or following with your brand/pack direction? 14.Should you consider a stepping stone (evolutionary) or a milestone (revolutionary) approach to your pack refresh? 15. If you were starting your business today, would this be the brand/pack solution you would go to market with?
  35. 35. All too often brand marketer’s look at their brand and pack’s with only a 2D superficial perspective. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  36. 36. In reality, we should be answering the above “refresh” questions from the heart of the brand… the core essence that you love and feel connected to. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  37. 37. If you answered the above refresh questions from a heart centered point of refence…then…you’re onto a winner. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  38. 38. Pretty packs on shelf don’t equate to sales NOTE: If the most beautiful packaging design in the world doesn’t translate into sales… then it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on! © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  39. 39. If your agency or designer doesn’t truly understand the heart of your brand, then the design won’t translate to your packaging design. © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  40. 40. Don’t miss the crucial opportunity to hero your number one tool in the marketing mix…
  41. 41. Emotional Connective Packaging.
  42. 42. Are you making emotional connections with your packs on shelf? © Jam&Co Design 2017 | jamandco.com.au
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. 44