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Guerrilla marketing - from 0 to 10M downloads

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For further read - http://www.startupmoon.com/the-complete-mobile-app-guerilla-marketing-guide-how-we-made-it-from-0-to-10m-downloads/
Guerrilla Marketing - How we got to ten million users without a marketing budget
- How to reach bloggers
- How to localize the marketing
- Marketing in stealth mode

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Guerrilla marketing - from 0 to 10M downloads

  1. 1. Guerilla Marketing – from 0 to 10M users
  2. 2. November 2011
  3. 3. “The world is changing,I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air..”
  4. 4. Getting to bloggers I’m a good looking, smart and fun app, Why don’t you want to write about me?
  5. 5. Bloggers are story tellersTell them a good story
  6. 6. Getting to bloggers #1Getting out of the ‘niche’ – making a vertical app horizontal boring interesting
  7. 7. Getting to bloggers #1
  8. 8. Getting to bloggers #1
  9. 9. Getting to bloggers #1
  10. 10. Getting to bloggers #2Why our product is interesting/ important/ revolutionary?Why writing about our product will drive more traffic to you?
  11. 11. Getting to bloggers #2
  12. 12. Getting to bloggers #2Aligning our story to other successful posts
  13. 13. Getting to bloggers #3Autodesk who? Are you from No Facebook, Goog Yes le, Apple or Amazon? Say who? WooHoo!
  14. 14. Getting to bloggers #3Taking a personal angle
  15. 15. Getting to bloggers #4Why now?Milestones (get creative), customer stories, data, general topic
  16. 16. Getting to bloggers #5 The ‘10 minutes mix and serve’ rule News + Great story + Beautiful images + Video + 90% baked story
  17. 17. You’re the only one getting this mailI know your blog and approaching you for a reason
  18. 18. Don’t write too much about yourself or the companyName dropping
  19. 19. Why now? Why your readers should care about Takipi? Similar to something Which worked before
  20. 20. What can your readers use Takipi for?
  21. 21. Don’t neglect your signature
  22. 22. Which blogs should I approach? Medium size blogs Small/ personal blogs Tip : Notice where your competitors are going back to
  23. 23. Localization
  24. 24. Localize content for bloggers
  25. 25. NewslettersLanguage key on the mobile deviceEmail type (qq.com, softbank.com, x.co.fr)
  26. 26. Localize the App Store/ Google Play Main Image Description Screenshots Video
  27. 27. What didn’t?Company BlogIt’s not a side kick. If you’re not willing to take it seriously, don’t bother.You’ll never have enough product related news, you should produce interestingcontent by yourself
  28. 28. What didn’t?User content
  29. 29. What didn’t?User content
  30. 30. Marketing in stealth mode
  31. 31. Test
  32. 32. Test
  33. 33. Test
  34. 34. Write, Guest post, Share, Videotape, Comment Tip : start with ‘How to’ articles
  35. 35. Personal Blog – www.startupmoon.com
  36. 36. Thanks! Iris.shoor@takipi.com @irisshoor www.startupmoon.com