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iris Annual 2014

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iris Annual 2014

  1. 1. a guide to THE WORLD’S most powerful PARTICIPATION BRANDS www.iris-worldwide.com One year in the life of:   adidas Barclaycard Britvic Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism Diageo Domino’s Heineken MINI Philips Reckitt Benckiser Saks Fifth Avenue Shell 20 14
  2. 2. www.iris-worldwide.com
  3. 3. 2 3 Some call us an ad agency. Others a digital shop, content publisher, social engagement outfit, PR company and retail marketer. We just call ourselves iris. All of the above rolled into one, neat, networked agency. We blend all the strategic, creative, technology and production skills clients need if they’re going to win in the modern, networked economy. Think of it as an agency with no borders, no boundaries, no barriers (and as importantly, no bullshit). HI, WE’RE IRIS THE GLOBAL CREATIVE INNOVATION NETWORK You’re a consumer. So think about it for a second. Who would you rather get involved with: a brand that spends its marketing monies on mundane jingles and expensive corporate selfies? Or a brand that does extraordinary, imaginative things for you and with you? Yup, that’s what we think too. That’s why we build Participation Brands. Brands that are reinventing the ways consumers get involved across all kinds of categories. Brands that play an active and meaningful role in culture. And brands that are created with people – not just for them. And it’s why today, many of the world’s biggest and bravest names are working and growing with us right across the globe. WE BUILD PARTICIPATION BRANDS
  4. 4. These days every major car brand has its own fun-size car and super-sized budget to promote it. As MINI’s sole creative agency partner we’ve been busy reminding the country what makes the MINI experience unique. From a reinvention of MINI’s iconic cultural status for the social age to mobile experiences that get you closer to the cars without getting off the sofa, we’ve driven a 7% year-on-year rise in new car sales. Getting people intoaMINI
  5. 5. 6 7 PacemanThe campaign that bites back The new MINI Paceman is a sleek, urban vehicle that combines
 a sophisticated design aesthetic with MINI’s mischievous streak. But at first glance, it’s just another MINI in a growing range. Design With Bite was packed with the latest pioneering innovations in tech and digital advertising – including MINI’s first use of Shazam, which took punters directly to chasethepaceman.com from the TV ad. Once there, you could explore a full 360° view of the car’s interior and exterior, play a game to win a trip to Tokyo and – most importantly – request a brochure or book a test drive.
  6. 6. 8 9 PARTICIPATION: 300K+ Unique visitors explored the desktop and mobile platforms. 100K+ Explored the mobile experience. 10K+ Shazams on a single TV spot. PERFORMANCE: 63% Of Paceman yearly leads were delivered in the first month. x2 Doubled previous conversion rates for digital. 5% Rise in MINI’s core brand measure of ‘Inventive’.
  7. 7. 10 11 Not NormalPaying homage to MINI drivers’ creativity MINI owners have a quirky, inventive, NOT NORMAL relationship with their MINIs. To launch MINI’s first brand activity in six years, we celebrated the love for their cars with hundreds of authentic MINI inventions (such as MINI furniture, costumes – even body art). Sourced by iris, the images became the heart of a participation campaign that spanned OOH, digital, social, TV, PR and events. A call to arms film asked the public to help track down these creative fans and inspired thousands of others to create their own NOT NORMAL MINI inventions via #MININOTNORMAL.
  8. 8. 12 13 PARTICIPATION: PERFORMANCE: 230K Social engagements through Facebook, Twitter and Buzzfeed. 2,217 NOT NORMAL images created. x3 Trebled MINI’s Twitter following over the six weeks of the campaign. 3,853 People went online to look for a new MINI at mini.co.uk. 432 Leads generated.
  9. 9. 14 15 NOT NORMAL SaluteA digital high five from MINI For one week in August, a unique live event along London’s Cromwell Road updated the tradition of saluting oncoming MINI drivers: any MINI driver passing the five giant consecutive digital posters was greeted with a real-time, personal salute. We used a bespoke technical platform and specially trained spotters to salute drivers with a cheeky personal message, give them a bacon butty treat, car wash or bunch of flowers. PARTICIPATION: 1,942 Drivers saluted. 40K Shared the online film. PERFORMANCE: 77 Pieces of PR coverage. 18% Uplift in ‘MINI is like a friend’.
  10. 10. 16 17 Topical Beef Hidden Horses The horsemeat scandal was taking Europe by storm. We bolted before the stable door shut by cooking up a tasty bit of Urgent Genius. Written and designed within a day, our tongue-in-cheek ad, promoting the new MINI Roadster, featured in full-page spreads across all major nationals within three days of being presented to MINI. The ad caused quite a buzz on social networks and received extensive PR coverage. PARTICIPATION: 1,755 Shares in five days. 4,426 Post likes. 1M+ Views on BuzzFeed. PERFORMANCE: x200 Search traffic on MINI JCW the weekend the ad ran. PR The ad received extensive PR coverage.
  11. 11. 18 19 No matter who you are or what you do – an athlete, the most successful footballer ever, or just a kid wanting to have fun with your mates – adidas wants to encourage you to give it everything, leave nothing behind and go all in. We deliver this idea to youth audiences the world over through digital, social and experiential participation programmes. EVERYONE ALL IN
  12. 12. 20 21 Team MessiTeam work and a genuine love for the beautiful game Partly a social media programme and partly a series of high-profile campaigns for product launches, Team Messi is a global fan movement, founded by adidas to celebrate everything “Messi”. It’s the place where Leo’s fans can connect and get closer to their enigmatic hero. Through content and experiences that give new perspectives on Leo, exclusive rewards and the chance to get their creations in his hands. And, most importantly, we’ve been able to turn fan’s passion into measurable value for adidas, driving brand attribution and commercial sales. With Team Messi we’ve turned 30 years of sports marketing convention on its head.
  13. 13. 22 23 PARTICIPATION: 2.3M Fans across Twitter and Facebook Team Messi platforms. 22 years Of YouTube video views. PERFORMANCE: 60% Of Team Messi customers are new to adidas. €99.43 Average order value of Team Messi fan (in database) - higher than the adidas average.
  14. 14. 24 25 adizero F50 messi Our audience of 14-19 year old players expect entertainment. We showed them Leo Messi, and his football genius, in a manner his fans have never seen before. A custom adidas LED suit, ball and boots were created, the lights turned down and the camera rolled at 1000fps. The New Speed of Light captured Messi’s every twist, turn and touch. And the beautifully shot film lead viewers to click through to ecommerce to buy the boot. The New Speed of Light
  15. 15. 26 27 PARTICIPATION: 3M YouTube views in under a week, without a penny of paid-for seeding. 3rd Most shared ad in the world that week. 10K+ Extra Facebook likes and 33k clicks through to adidas Football Facebook. PERFORMANCE: + Overwhelming positive response in consumer and trade media, including pieces on Mashable, Hypebeast and the Mirror. 1 Lovie award in the Branded Content category.
  16. 16. 28 29 The world’s first socially curated fashion show To launch the adidas NEO SS ‘13 collection at New York Fashion Week, Selena Gomez asked our fashion-forward 14-19 year old audience to “rule the NEO runway” on social fashion portal, Polyvor. The show, styled by 12 teen fashion bloggers and tweeted live by Selena, broadened the reach of the event beyond the US, gained global media exposure and provided a digital platform that allowed teens to get involved. #NEO Runway PARTICIPATION: 2M+ Views of campaign content. 55K Facebook fans gained during the campaign period. 21,640 Entered the competition on Polyvore and it received 7.6 million views. PERFORMANCE: 65% Increase in searches on adidas.com for NEO during the campaign period. 28% Sales increase in NEO stores in Germany after the event. 589 Pieces of global press coverage across 15 key markets and 600K reach for bloggers.
  17. 17. 30 31 Going all in for Murray Wimbledon is a really big deal; and so is Andy Murray. To create social buzz for adidas we launched #hitthewinner – a Twitter game within a tennis match that asked fans to “go all in for Murray”. To play, fans selected one of nine targets on the court by tweeting a corresponding hashtag. Each time Murray hit your target with a winner, you’d stand a chance of winning adidas swag. Immediately after each set, we posted a visual showing where all the winning shots landed alongside the Twitter handles of all the winning players. We also created a series of Vine videos to spice up the Twitter feed with cheeky animated representations of Murray’s awesome power. #Hit the winner PARTICIPATION: PERFORMANCE: 44,200 Participants in #hitthewinner. 35K New Twitter followers. 72M #hitthewinner impressions. 635K+ Reached through PR. no.1 Talked about brand during Wimbledon. 2 Lovie awards won.
  18. 18. 32 33 BoostRunning a truly unique launch In early 2013 adidas launched Boost, a revolutionary running shoe that absorbs and returns energy to the runner more effectively than any other. Instead of just telling people about Boost, we showed them how this energy return felt. We created an installation at the entrance of the Santiago Marathon expo that was capable of harvesting the energy from the footsteps of the 25,000 runners arriving to pick up their race packs. This energy was then stored in a battery and used to power motivational messages displayed in the final kilometre of the race. The messages were synchronised with the unique bib numbers of every runner, allowing friends and family to personalise messages and upload photos right when the runners most needed a boost. PARTICIPATION: 25K+ People passed the walkway and generated enough power to transmit messages for over six hours. 700 Friends and family members engaged with the stand and wrote personalised messages. PERFORMANCE: 500K+ People reached through PR. 90% Of Boost inventory was sold on-site over the three days that the expo ran.
  19. 19. 34 35 A real-time reaction to real-world events In June 2013, mass burning in Indonesia turned the skies in Singapore black with smoke. The Pollution Standards Index (PSI) broke a 16-year high and it was considered unhealthy for Singaporeans to exercise outside. We teamed up with adidas and one of Asia’s largest fitness groups, True Fitness, to help Singaporeans continue their training despite the haze. Through the adidas Singapore Facebook page, we offered fans free one-day gym passes. The number of passes given away matched the PSI level (which reached 200 per fitness centre). And as well as free, safe day’s training indoors, everyone was given a go all in(doors) t-shirt to boot. All in (doors) PARTICIPATION: x5 The average viral reach on adidas SG Facebook. 36K Fans reached per post. PERFORMANCE: + Picked up by international newspapers, media sites, blogs and fan communities across the world.
  20. 20. 36 37 Heineken is on a mission to establish itself as the brand of choice for aspiring ‘men of the world’. Of all the things valued by this premium market, design is high on the list. So, we made design the central platform and invited the audience to engage with the brand. Not only have Heineken’s fans jumped in feet first with our design competitions and experiences, the platform has also created higher levels of brand visibility and recall. Now, the beer competes for consumers at the top level, against champagnes and premium spirits – not just other beer brands. Open your world
  21. 21. 38 39 Remix our FutureTurning an anniversary into cultural conversation For the first time, fans and followers of Heineken could immerse themselves in a rich brand archive containing 140 years’ worth of design assets and inventions to use as their inspiration in creating the next Heineken bottle. The winning design was chosen at a live judging event at Milan design week and turned into a real bottle, sold around the world.
  22. 22. 40 41 PARTICIPATION: 150K+ Unique visits to the Facebook hub, smashing Heineken’s target. 2K Innovative designs were created by inspired designers. 1K Bottle design shares directly from the Facebook app. PERFORMANCE: 1M Anniversary bottles sold. 600+ Articles talked about Heineken’s innovative design credentials.
  23. 23. 42 43 140 years of heineken Lighting up the night on Heineken’s birthday We opened Amsterdam’s Light Festival in style, with the world’s first socially interactive bottle installation – on the exterior of the iconic Heineken brewery. The spectacular bottle wall – made of 5,000 glass Heineken bottles – created a giant video screen. Images from the brand’s 140 year history were shown alongside birthday messages left by fans on Heineken’s Facebook page. The celebrations went on for three weeks – with a live stream of the wall appearing on Facebook, ensuring fans across the world could view their message in real-time. Happy birthday Heineken – proost! PARTICIPATION: 500K+ People saw the wall in action in Amsterdam. 2K+ Heineken bottle wall messages recieved. PERFORMANCE: 135+ Articles celebrated the event (ranging from Wall Street Journal to Esquire) across 20 countries.
  24. 24. SERVING UP SMILESDomino’s is the world’s leading pizza delivery company, but in the UK and Ireland it had been sucked into a discounting war. We took them from hangover cure to a meaningful brand full of feel-good moments with TV ads, live-gaming rewards and even entertaining packaging. We call it Greatness from Domino’s.
  25. 25. 46 47 Gaining a bigger slice of the market Domino’s now delivers more than freshly made pizzas – they also promise to put a smile on your face. How? With a fully integrated campaign that includes, but goes way beyond, TVCs. If you were second screening with The X Factor on a Saturday night, you could win insanely delicious offers through the show’s sponsored app. While, #gamefuel rewards gamers live with tasty treats – beat the Domino’s team at Call of Duty and you received a voucher message. And for one chilly day only, we asked pizza lovers to Tweet the Heat and guess when a giant delivery man ice sculpture would drop the box in the #DominosMeltdown to win a year’s supply of Domino’s pizza. Greatness from Domino’s
  26. 26. 48 49 PERFORMANCE: 8% Uplift in sales for the year. Record Breaking Weekly sales performance. PARTICIPATION: 200% Growth in average social engagement rate. 12K Fans took part in #DominosMeltdown 13 mins Average viewing time of live stream.
  27. 27. Shell is one of the world’s biggest retailers and, as their lead agency partner in digital, retail and sponsorship, we are making Shell the active choice for motorists – rather than a place to pull in based on convenience or habit. We do this by enhancing the experience of motoring and shopping with Shell, adding value to services, creating digital content and running their social media programme. Destination Shell
  28. 28. 52 53 Driving sales with three leading global brands Shell V-Power fuel is a premium product sold at a premium price. In the highly competitive and cost conscious fuels retail market, saturated with cheap promotional giveaways, we needed a compelling reason for drivers to upgrade. We brought together three leading global brands – Shell, LEGO and Ferrari – and designed (exclusively for Shell) The Ferrari Model LEGO collection. The range of six, collectable model cars was only available to V-Power customers refueling at Shell forecourts. Alongside the smallest pullback motor LEGO had ever made, we developed a truly multi-channel campaign for TV, social, digital, experiential and traditional print starring Ferrari’s F1 team and LEGO’s playability. THE FERRARI MODEL LEGO COLLECTION PARTICIPATION: 5K User generated videos with the cars from this promotion. 52% Increase in customer loyalty in some markets. PERFORMANCE: $116M PR value equivalent achieved. 7.5%+ Global average sales volume uplift. x25 Cars sold for 25 times face value on ebay when stocks ran out.
  29. 29. Everything Barclaycard do is designed to give their customers a hand. We develop and promote innovative ways for them to do it. We’ve saved people time in their lunch hour with contactless technology, launched a pre-loaded wristband that pays for drinks at festivals and we engage customers through the brand’s social media. MAKING LIFE EASIER
  30. 30. 56 57 Spreading awareness by spreading smiles Unwind is an exclusive entertainment perk for Barclaycard customers, which sells tickets for gigs, shows and sports events. We gave customers #reasonstosmile to let them know how good Unwind is. It’s an expression of what Unwind gives you – the acts, the experiences and the value. Customers received emails offering access to events, discounts like ‘Fee Free Friday’ (where the booking fees are on Barclaycard) and exclusive pre-sale tickets. Those following Unwind on Twitter were monitored and if anyone tweeted unhappy updates Unwind could send event tickets to cheer them up – just one of the simple, but effective ways of spreading #reasonstosmile. Unwind
  31. 31. 58 59 PARTICIPATION: 88% Of PayBands were used for fast-track entry. PERFORMANCE: 5% Increase in awareness of the Unwind service over the last year – a significant improvement. 6% Penetration to the customer base.
  32. 32. 60 61 Philips knows that all great innovations start with people. So, we spent time with mums to develop the global brand positioning for Philips AVENT; inspired
 a community of music lovers all obsessed with sound and brought the brand into the connected age by launching Philips hue, the clever light bulb taking the world by storm. Altogether, by combining social analytics, content publishing and the latest technology we’ve built a brand that means more in the lives
  33. 33. 62 63 PHILIPS HUESee the world in a whole new light The first product of its kind, hue is a clever LED light bulb that can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Its millions of colours can wake you up, help protect your home and even improve your mood. We gave hue a beautiful, cool product identity, iconic packaging, intuitive app and a website with a story, then launched it all with a smart strategy to reach early adopting bloggers. PARTICIPATION: 500+ IFTTT recipes have been created in two months. 30K+ Likes in the first six months. 7K+ Followers on Twitter for customer service. PERFORMANCE: 75 Countries installed Philips hue in the first six months of activity. 26% Philips brand preference achieved in the US at launch. 200M Global views of the Apple ‘Brilliant’ ad, in which hue featured.
  34. 34. J2O was originally developed as a soft drink for people
to enjoy as an alternative to alcohol. We create unique and playful experiences, both on and offline, to make get-togethers between friends more enjoyable and more sociable. GET TOGETHER WITH J2O
  35. 35. 66 67 SPIN 2 WINThe world’s first human fruit machine Our 21st century re-working of the old pub favourite was powered by a J2O punter and three mates. Using a free app and special edition beermat as AR markers, the mates became the reels of the Spin 2 Win fruit machine, playing for thousands of prizes from the J2O Kitty. And if they won, the nifty photo upload tool allowed them to share their moment instantly. The campaign rolled out across 21,000 pubs, PR and a partnership with Heart FM, putting J2O at the heart of modern British get-togethers in pubs and bars. PARTICIPATION: 50,696 Site visits. 14,404 Downloads over the three months (optimistic KPI’s were set at 7,200). 151,653 Game plays. PERFORMANCE: 21K Spin 2 Win POS featured in 21,000 pubs nationwide, 161% more outlets than previous campaign periods.
  36. 36. Johnnie Walker is the most popular Scotch whisky in the world, with over 15 blends for different tastes and occasions. But over the years, the traditions and craft of Johnnie Walker had been left behind, as drinkers switched to more stylish and luxury-laden pours. Through its F1 sponsorship, global travel retail and iconic new products, we have given the brand a new, sociable sophistication. UPDATING A STYLISH CLASSIC
  37. 37. 70 71 Responsible drinking with Formula 1 stars Johnnie Walker sponsors the Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Formula 1 team. To make this sponsorship accessible to our drinkers, we created branded content, parties and promotions inspired by driver Jenson Button’s affluent lifestyle. This sponsorship was coupled with a rebooted ‘Join the Pact’ campaign – a commitment to never drink and drive. Our powerful Glass Car film, alongside F1 drivers Mika Häkkinen and Sergio Perez launched the campaign with a promise of one million kilometres of safe rides home from the brand. Step inside the circuit
  38. 38. 72 73 PARTICIPATION: PERFORMANCE: 4M+ Engagements with our branded content and digital platforms worldwide. $1M PR value from the #imNOTdriving launch at Singapore GP. 100K KM of safe rides home already provided in Asia. £170M Viewers in 150 countries – equivalent to £41m in media value.
  39. 39. 74 75 SHAKING UP THE COCKTAIL MARKETParrot Bay is a new kind of cocktail. Frozen at home, it is a simple way to serve your own cocktails without the fuss, equipment or long list of ingredients. And, as the first of it’s kind, it has created a new drinks category for Diageo.
  40. 40. 76 77 Parrot bayFreeze, squeeze and enjoy Meet the Frozen Parrot, a brand icon who introduces Parrot Bay to our stay-at-home drinkers and educates them on how to use this innovative product. Our loveable Parrot fronted a disruptive, humorous and informative TV, OOH, in-store and online campaign in Western Europe and North America. He also drove active trial of the product with thousands of slurpers on a shopping centre roadshow. PERFORMANCE: 5M+ Parrots have already flown across Western Europe since launch. x2 Awareness in GB during the ATL according to early YouGov results. x3 Awareness in Spain during the ATL according to early YouGov results. PARTICIPATION: 1M+ YouTube views of the launch TVC across Western Europe. 56K Consumers sampled in GB.
  41. 41. As sex has become a mainstream part of popular culture, sexual expectations have moved further and further from reality. We took Durex’s functional condom manufacturer site and filled it with sexual well-being expertise and sexual reality. Its new purpose? Help Durex’s consumers navigate the minefield of the bedroom. SEXPERTS
  42. 42. 80 81 DUREX.COMFrom safe sex to great sex with Durex The new Durex site is a smart, sexy and fully responsive design. We give vertical scrolling a new meaning in the How to put it on page, while the Part Gallery uses horizontal scrolling to show off the best in creative anatomy. Searches can even be tailored to your own level of sexual experience via the home screen filter. And in the US, The Liberating Side of Being Together aims to give you the confidence to ‘sexplore’ with your partner. You should check it out. You know, just to see the cool design. PARTICIPATION: 400K+ Social views in first two months of site launch in the US. 10K+ Facebook interactions in first two months of site launch in the US. 50K+ Visitors to digital hub. PERFORMANCE: 35 The website is now being localised for 35 global markets from Chile to New Zealand and everywhere in between.
  43. 43. 82 83 On 22 February 2011, Christchurch changed forever. A massive 6.3 earthquake tore the city apart, killing 185 people and injuring thousands. Christchurch was classed a disaster zone. Not exactly the top place to go on holiday. Australian tourists represent Christchurch’s largest tourism market at 44%. By the end of 2011, despite the rest of the world flying in, Aussie arrivals were down to 32%. We needed to turn Aussie sympathy into visits to Christchurch. Bringing Aussies back to christchurch
  44. 44. 84 85 Bob thinks big To convince Aussies it was ok to come back to the city, we repositioned Christchurch as an ever-evolving city. And turned the problem of 24/7 media coverage into our solution. Mayor Bob Parker was the face of Christchurch during the earthquakes. We made him the voice of Christchurch, wondering where Australian tourists were and how he could get them back. His solution? Ask Aussies if he could borrow their big icons (the Big Pineapple, Cow and Merino sheep) to promote the city. He wrote open letters in Australian newspapers and filmed his quest in a three-part online series. Once we had Australia’s attention, we introduced them
to the big things constantly happening in Christchurch. The ‘Discovery Stream’ on christchurchreimagined.com uses people’s holiday snapshots to show the Christchurch tourism experience. It is the first web and mobile site to use social media images in real-time. Christchurch reimagined PARTICIPATION: 246% Increase in unique site visitors to Christchurch digital platforms (target was 50%). 30K Images uploaded and tagged #chch on the Discovery Stream. 25 Countries used the global TV/ cinema creative. PERFORMANCE: 540% ROI generated. $2.7M Injected into the Christchurch economy. 12.5% Increase in visitor arrivals to Christchurch (target was +2%).
  45. 45. At Christmas time, retailers and marketers alike watch the performance of their respective businesses with baited breath. The last three months of the year can make or break a business and it’s no different for those on Fifth Avenue, New York. For the fourth consecutive year, iris has helped Saks Fifth Avenue achieve stand-out in one of the most competitive retail environments in the world. Turning retail into a holiday destination
  46. 46. 88 89 Saks fifth AvenueThe world’s ‘biggest’ 3D projection mapping spectacle As part of Saks Fifth Avenue’s holiday programme, we put on a dramatic light show that brought Fifth Avenue to a virtual standstill every night for six weeks. Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, we created a vivid 3D projection of ice skaters, Saks gifts and a larger than life yeti to tell the holiday story across the store’s facade. And, if you couldn’t be in New York to see it, QR codes on every Saks store around the world allowed customers to experience the show on their smartphones. PARTICIPATION: 100K+ Visitors saw the magic live in New York. 1.5K+ People around the globe interacted with the QR code to watch the spectacle. 5M People viewed the show online. PERFORMANCE: 8.4% Rise in sales from previous year over the same period. $10m+ PR media value. TV Coverage as far afield as Japan.
  47. 47. 90 91 We’ve a few secret ingredients that make iris the Global Creative Innovation Network it is today. From investing in our own original research studies to embracing the power of news-jacking and nurturing extraordinary talent, we are on a mission to deliver competitive advantage for our clients. iris Nursery: a grown-up incubator Our global network of 900+ creative, ambitious people bring fresh, start-up style ideas to existing brands and create new business concepts to accelerate client’s ideas. We’re also active seed and early stage investors. Now, iris Nursery brings this bubbling pot of ideas and funding together to go beyond communications and bring innovations to life. Content that POPS Purpose, Originality, Participation & Storytelling is our approach to help clients navigate the noisy world of branded content. It covers guiding principles and strategies, plus tactical and operational advice on making 21st century content marketing. Planet Hyperconnected In partnership with the Global Web Index, we spoke to 6,000 mums and Gen Y around the world about the details of digitally-influenced attitudes and behaviours. And, we spent a week studying the lives of the most hyperconnected audience to understand the underlying needs and motivations behind their behaviour. The Outsellers Which retailers outsell the competition and how do they to do this, beyond just ‘out-discounting?’ We commissioned an in-depth study and discovered how different retailers give compelling reasons to buy on the spot, rather than leave the store to consider the purchase. On top of this, we looked at how retailers overcome discounting to maintain healthy margins and brand equity. Our People Ok, every company has them. But the secret of our success is our people and the way they work together. Keeping our nation inspired is an important part of our company ethos. Google, Getty Images, Kids Co charity and many more come in and keep extraordinary inspiration flowing. We also have our very own training and career development programme: Me, Myself & iris. It ensures our people are getting the best support they need to reach their career aspirations, through regular review and objective settings, internal and external training, mentoring and reward. iris potential Our vision hasn’t changed since iris was founded: to be the Agency of Choice for the best clients in the world. And this means being the agency where the best talent want to work. So, we have an amazing graduate programme, iris Potential. Designed to find the best up and coming talent across a range of different departments. With bespoke training, buddies and monthly lunches, we make sure they have the stimulation they need to flourish. For creative folk, we have an excellent placement programme – Academy of Extraordinary. Urgent Genius Urgent Genius embraces the power of news-jacking to create content for our clients. If it’s trending, we can generate and execute ideas at the speed of culture. Project 72 What’s the best way to develop insightful global ideas at speed? Follow the sun. During Project 72, our creative development orbits the globe three times as a single brief is hot-housed in key regional agencies and passed on to the next region as dusk falls. As a result a single brief can receive 72 hours of solid development, with nuanced insights from Atlanta to Singapore baked into the final output. SECRET INGREDIENTS WHERE IDEAS NEVER SLEEP
  48. 48. 92 93 GIVE IT A GO Lots of agencies say nice things about themselves. But if we’ve learnt anything since we founded iris back in 1999 it’s this; what you do matters far more than what you say. So why not drop in and see us in action? Thanks for having a little look at iris. www.iris-worldwide.com TODAY THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF BRANDS: PARTICIPATION BRANDS AND DYING ONES
  49. 49. 94 95 S Y D N E Y M E L B O U R N E J A K A R T A S I N G A P O R E S T O C K H O L M S T U T T G A R T P A R I S N E W Y O R K M I A M I S A O P A U L O A T L A N T A S A N D I E G O M E X I C O C I T Y L O N D O N A M S T E R D A M S H A N G H A I B E I J I N G D E L H I D U B A I
  50. 50. www.iris-worldwide.com