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PDF Presentation Settefili - Team 16 Chupito

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PDF Presentation Settefili - Team 16 Chupito

  1. 1. SettefiliCashmere GROUP  16  –  CHUPITO     Eleonora  Fanini  1343730   Irina  Ghiurova  1237833   Siyi  Ma  1571397   KrisGan  Marinov  1315910   Carla  Valeanu  1315571   Alexandra  Zlatanova  1325992  
  2. 2. Market  
  3. 3. Cashmere  Industry  Overview   RAW  MATERIALS     •  Major  Producers:  China  75%  of  world’s  total   •  Largest  importers:  Italy,  United  Kingdom,  Japan   •  Largest  exporters:  Mongolia,  Kazakhstan,  Belgium,  Turkey   MARKET  TRENDS   •  A  shrinking  industry,  while  demand  in  China  is  increasing     •  Increasing  prices  and  scarcity  of  raw  materials   •  Growing  demand  for  Label  standards   CASHMERE  PRODUCTS   •  Italy:  leader  in  luxury  cashmere  market   •  China:  a  low-­‐end  market;  expectaLons  of  cooperaLon   with  Italian  designers  in  the  years  to  follow   COMPETITORS     •  Direct:  Loro  Piana  and  Brunello  Cucinelli  +  small  cashmere  bouLque     •  Indirect:  Renowned  luxury  companies  (Gucci,  Louis  VuiSon,  Prada)   SettefiliCashmere
  4. 4.   Desires   •  Comfortable,  long-­‐lasLng  and  high  quality   fabrics   •  Unique  design  and  style   •  FuncLonal  website  with  nice  design   Qualita<ve  Research:  12  In-­‐depth  Interviews   Target     Male,  age  20-­‐40  and  age  40+   High  income  ($50,000  –  $150,000  yearly)   Intelligent,  confident,  classy,  art-­‐conscious   SettefiliCashmere Target  and  Qualitative  Research   It  is  not  who  makes  it,      but  how  it  is  made!“   ”  
  5. 5. SettefiliCashmere Strategic  Approach   7 Italianità   Discreetness   Uniqueness   Intellect   Quality   Nature   CraFsmanship  
  6. 6. Settefili v  Italian  heritage   v  High  quality  products   v  Family  company   v  Hand-­‐made  products   v  Transparent  structure   v  No  outsourcing   v  Unique    designs   SettefiliCashmere v  Low  brand  awareness   v  Poor  distribuLon   v  Low  capital   v  Weak  communicaLon   v  Low  funcLonality  of  the  website   v  Lack  of  accessibility  to  company   representaLves   v  Penetrate  new  markets  (Chinese)   v  Increase  visibility  and  loyalty   v  Enhance  brand  image   v  Develop  further  womenswear  and   accessories  line     v  Website  development   v  Presence  at  Cashmere  events   v  Dominance  of  Chinese  suppliers     v  Strong  compeLLon  among  Italian   cashmere  companies   v  Strong  visibility  of  renowned  luxury   brands   v  Cultural  and  economic  barriers   v  Increasing  raw  material  prices   Strengths SWOT  Analysis   Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  7. 7. SettefiliCashmere Focus  on  China  –  Why?   v Second  largest   market  world  for   luxury  goods     v PotenLal  to  become   the  largest  market  as   early  as  the  end  of   2012   v In  2010,  sales  of   cashmere  goods   increased  by  more   than  30%  
  8. 8. Chinese  Culture  
  9. 9. Consumer  Culture  and  Trends  in  China   SettefiliCashmere v  Standing  out,  while  fieng  in   v  Curiosity  regarding  foreign  cultures   v  High  EffecLveness  of  EmoLonal  MarkeLng   v  High  reliance  on  online  purchases  and  social  media   WESTERN   INFLUENCES   TRADITIONAL   VALUES   SOCIALIST   SYSTEM   A  Mel<ng   Pot  Culture  
  10. 10. PresLge;  dignity;  honor;  respect;  status   Importance  of  public  display   Standing  out  while  fieng  in   Mian  Zi  (Face)   “Made  in  Italy”   “Gil  giving  is   an  art”   Business   Giling   “…    Especially  Chinese  (consumers),  who  are  ready  to  pay  high   price  tags  for  a  genuine  brand  that  mirrors  the  culture  of  our   product”  (Michele  Tronconi,  president  of  SistemaModa  Italia) “A  way  by  which  Chinese  consumer  overcome  the   internal  conflicts  between  discreetness  and  luxury   aetude.”  (Pierre    X  ao  LU)     Particularities  of  the  Chinese  Consumer  Culture   28%   36%   11%   8%   Main  Chinese  ciLes   Secondary  Chinese  ciLes   Hong  Kong   Taiwan   Percentage  of  business  giFs  out  of  total  luxury  goods   acquisi<ons  2011     Source:  Analysis  by  Accenture  on  KPMG  data,     “Luxury  experiences  in  China”,  2011 SettefiliCashmere
  11. 11. Chinese  Individual  Conflicts  in  Consumption   SeQefili’s  discreet  and  clear  designs     Opportunity  to  customize  a  product  and  its   packaging  on  SeQefili’s  website   SettefiliCashmere VS   Frugal  opposed  to  extravagant  lifestyle   Desire  for  consumer  involvement  in   producLon  process   Demand  for  discreetly  designed   products  -­‐  no  overt  display  brand  logos   Fashionable   Mainstream   Exclusive   Niche  
  12. 12. Intercultural  Conflicts  and  Solutions   SettefiliCashmere A  warm  wish  (e.g.  woaini)  inscribed  on   SeQefili’s  product  packaging   An  introduc<on  of  a  cultural  mo<ve  -­‐ collabora<on  with  local  ar<sts,  who   adds  a  detail  to  the  products   EMERGING  CULTURAL  CONFLICTS   v  Possible  disturbance  of  local   culture   FAMILY  -­‐  EXPRESSING  LOVE   v  Italy:  explicitly;  customary     v  China:  not  linguisLcally,  implicitly  
  13. 13. Boutique  Level     Initiatives      
  14. 14. Catalogue   SettefiliCashmere Where   v  BouLques  in  the  Luxury  shopping  centers  (e.g.  The  MixC  Shenzhen)   v  Airport  bouLques,  (e.g.  in  Beijing,  HongKong  and  Shanghai)   Mo<ves   v  Contact  distributors    (crucial  for  development  of  the  company)   Objec<ves   v  Reaching  a  large  distribuLon   network  in  a  cost-­‐effecLve  way   v  PromoLng  brand    values  and   brand  image  effecLvely     v  Nurturing  a  relaLonship  with   potenLal  buyers  for  the  future   v  Increasing  visibility  at  the   bouLque  level  
  15. 15. SettefiliCashmere Catalogue  (2)   Core  Values   Sensual  and  Visual   Experience   Story  around  number  “7”   and  ProducLon  Process   Website   Contact  Info  and     DistribuLon  Map  
  16. 16. Hong  Kong  –  Cashmere  World  Fair     SettefiliCashmere 25  –  27  September  2013   MOTIVES   v  The  biggest  cashmere  event  in  the   world,  where  only  leaders  in  the   industry  are  present   OBJECTIVES   v  Increase  Brand  Awareness   v  Get  in  touch  with  new  trends   v  Meet  exisLng  customers   v  Capture  new  buyers  (both  B2B,  B2C)   v  Connect  with  new  suppliers/   distributors   v  Benchmark  compeLtors  
  17. 17. Consumer  Level     Initiatives      
  18. 18. SettefiliCashmere Why  a  giF  box?   v  Gil  giving  –  deeply  rooted  in  Chinese  culture   v  Habit  of  expressing  love  through  acLons   v  Curiosity  and  aSracLveness  around  “Made  in  Italy”   Objec<ves   v  Increase  Brand  Awareness   v  Communicate:  “Made  in  Italy”   and  a  presLgious  image     v  Box  collecLng  for  decoraLon   Gift  Box  –  “Gift  giving  is  art”  
  19. 19. SettefiliCashmere Gadgets   Small  size   v  Given  to  visitors  of  bouLques   v  “Made  in  Italy”  label   v  “given  with  love”   v  7  versions  with  core  values   Objec<ves   v  Brand  loyalty,  awareness,  equity   v  Enhancing  luxurious    brand  image   v  Reminder  of  the  brand  (website  link)   Chinese  consumers  are:   v  Gadget  collectors   v  Impacted  by  EmoLonal  MarkeLng   v  Curious  
  20. 20. SettefiliCashmere Collaboration  with  Local  Artists   Cultural  detail  introduced   by  a  Chinese  arLst   Subtle  introducKon  of   the  “Italianità”    by   adapKng  it  to  the   Chinese  culture,  while   solving  any  emerging   intercultural  conflicts   Personalized   Need  of  “Standing  out  ,  while  fiRng  in”   Support  of  the  local  culture   Marginally  broadening  the  design  variety     Unique  
  21. 21. Collaboration  with  Companies   Approaching  companies  with  employees  fiTng  SeUefili’s  target:     Architecture  companies       (e.g.  Wong  &  Ouyang  Group    or  Massimiliano  Fuksas  Group  )   Aspects   v  Create  purchase  incenLves  –   discounts  for    Business  gils   v  Channel  future  developed  line  of   accessories   Objec<ves   v  Increasing  sales   v  Added  brand  value   v  Increasing  brand  visibility  and  awareness   v  SeSefili  becomes  linked  to  the  image  of  a   renowned,  successful  business   SettefiliCashmere
  22. 22. v  Increase  awareness,  becoming  more  global   v  Increase  brand  equity   v  Increase  sales  (online)   v  Consumer  behavior  monitoring,  CRM   SettefiliCashmere Order  +  Customize  online   SHORT  TERM   Video  presentaLon   “Products  and  Core  Values”   Video  team  and  producLon   Comments  and  Feedback   DistribuLon  map   LONG  TERM   News  about  new   collecLons/events   Video  “CollecLons  in   CollaboraLon  with   ArLsts”   Website  Improvements    
  23. 23. Online  Customization:  Product  and  Box   Why  Customiza<on?   v  Mian  Zi   v  standing  out,  while  fiRng  in   Objec<ves   v  EmoLonal  relaLonship  with  consumer   v  Add-­‐on  customizaLon  experience   v  Gil  –  more  valuable  and  desirable     SettefiliCashmere DESIGN   ACCENT   KNITTING  PATTERN   PERSONALIZE  (opLonal)   COLOUR  
  24. 24. IniLaLve   CalculaLon   Cost   High-­‐quality  catalogues   5€  x  200  catalogues   1,000€   Cashmere  World  Fair   approx   400€   Gil  Boxes   5€  x  70  boxes  x  20  bouLques   7,700€   Gadgets   0.5€  x  1000  gadgets   500€   Website  improvement   approx   5,000€   Total   13,900€   SettefiliCashmere Budget   The  budget  was  an  important  limit  to  our  work  
  25. 25. Thank you!